What to make after lvl 90?

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What to make after lvl 90?

Post by cougar6032 »


I just hit lvl 90 on my structures trader and after I fishied making all the harvesters and factories I will ever need, I made the switch over to SW. I was told by a friend about this site and so here I am. My question is, what sells the best for you guys? I need to start making a profit from the compenets I am producing. Lucky for me some guildies are providing me with lots of RE materials, so many in fact that I had to start storing everything in my alts house. Thanks for any insight you can provide.
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Re: What to make after lvl 90?

Post by maxmillian »

Not a SW but can give some general advice. The market is super competitive people are only interested in buying things that are among the best. Stats are king. Find out which are most important for each specific component, and look at the global bazaar and find out what the best available is for each component. Then equal or beat those and you will have stuff people want to buy. And don't be too cheap in your pricing. People know what the price range is for a given high quality product and they use price limits when searching the bazaar to help them find what they want. If you are too far below or above existing competitive pricing then most literally won't even see that your products are out there for purchase.

Good Luck!
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Re: What to make after lvl 90?

Post by Savacc »

Start off by making missiles. Missiles have always been my number one seller.

Maximillian is correct that, in general, the pilot community is pretty demanding and only interested in "capped" products. It is very difficult for a new shipwright to break in to the profession, because it takes several years to harvest all of the resources needed to "cap" everything a shipwright can make. Then there is the issue of crafting suits.

There is a market for less then perfect parts for the pilot who is grinding his way up the profession. Start there.
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Re: What to make after lvl 90?

Post by Silith »

I agree with starting with missles, the resources for them are fairly easy to ge, when I first started that is all what I made they werent capped but I had alot on my vendor at once, people kept coming back even tho i was 1200m from a shuttle and there were heaps of vendors with capped missles, Like I am starting out again and thats what I am making missles while selling space loot and some other stuff and harvesting for stuff so I can start to craft other stuff (my resource vednor went poof :oops: ) good luck

also if you are not become a pilot not all the way to ace even but just so you can get a feel for parts, had a few shipwrights in the past not no what I wanted tho they had only been in the "business" for a few mnths
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Re: What to make after lvl 90?

Post by mysterymantis »

Welcome to the frustrating world of being a SW! 8)

First and foremost, you will need resources, and a lot of them. Use the resource tracker on this site to find what is in spawn. Here are just a few things to look for...
1. Steel. Specifically, steel with OQ and UT over 960, and CD over 610. If you can also find one with an SR of 960, along with those other stats, then that is good too. The majority of your schems will need steel with at least one or two of these stats (CD, OQ, and UT are the most often paired). OQ is the most common stat for steel. Also, a steel that's only good stat is a high OQ is good too, since there are a few items that only need OQ, and you don't want to waste your good multi-stat stock on these items. Your best bet is going to be Duralloy and Mustifarian steel for multi-stat, capped steel.
2. Radioactive. Any rad that has PE and OQ over 960 is desirable. You would think that with only 3 stats, good rad would come along more frequently, but it really doesn't. Class 7 and Mustifarian is your best bet for high quality in both those stats. High Grade Polymetric Rad is also something to look for. If you can find that with PE 960 or better, and an OQ of at least 900, you can make some pretty good missiles when mixed with a steel that has a high OQ.
3. Low Grade Ore. This stuff appears in 3 of the best selling items that a SW can craft; the booster, weapon capacitor, and droid interface. These three items are very good crafted parts, when made with high quality resources, and are typically better than the RE versions. OQ and UT over 960 for boosters and caps, and also with SR for DI's. (Not sure why DI's need the SR as a requirement too, but it does.) Extrusive or intrusive will likely be what yields these results. And Mustifarian.

Resources are the make or break of any crafter. As an SW, our requirements are usually a large amount of resources, with at least 3 stats for quality. Until you have the resources to cap lines to 100%, you likely won't have much of a market to sell to. If you can hit 94-98%, then you can probably sell to leveling pilots, that have little creds, and need better gear then they have, but can't afford what is out there. I personally made a chart that has all the resources I need, the stats they require, and what schems they go in. As I filled my stocks, I listed priority levels for what I still needed. The more schems something goes in, the higher priority it should be.

The consumables, chaff and missiles, are a good market. Mostly because you don't need to be able to cap them to sell them.

Chaff is the only countermeasure you should ever make, and all that matters is the ammo count. The effectiveness does nothing in the game, a chaff launched in time will decoy a missile 100% of the time. You will need a steel with a high OQ and CD, and then any metal with an OQ and CD of 960+. There are a couple of ways to accomplish this...
1. A steel with 960+ OQ, and 610+ CD, mixed with any metal that has 960+ OQ, and 960+ CD. (probably will be JTl steel, JTL alum, or polysteel copper).
2. A JTL steel that has 960+ CD and OQ.
At cap, these have 16 charges. If you can make them with 14, then you can sell them well. If they have 12-13, they will still sell, but you will likely have to lower your price, probably quite a bit.

Missiles. Make Mk III and IV protons, MKIII concussion, and image REC IIs. Nothing else really sells, only make if someone is requesting them. You will need to get a steel with OQ over 960, but the closer to 1000 the better. You will also need High Grade Polymetric Radioactive with a PE of 960+ minimum. The OQ can be a bit lower, depending on your steel's OQ. See, the weight of the steel is much heavier in these schems than the Rad, so it will actually "raise" the rads OQ. To learn more about how that works, you should read about weights and averaging, and also how the expertise bonus affects these things.

These are just a few of the things that I can think of. Take notes, try things out, and see how you like it. If there was one type of part you wanted to focus on, then that is fine too. Just keep in mind that your resources are probably the most important thing, since you can't just go and get what you need whenever you want. You have to wait for the system to spawn it.

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