Schem Requests for GU16

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Schem Requests for GU16

Post by DeathTrooper »

Anyone know details on who can craft these, SW or DE or what? If nobody knows I'll make a trip to the station later and try to find out, but I haven't done any of the GU16 content so I may not have access. I'm assuming they are bought with Duty Mission tokens or something similar.

HotFix 16.2: "The schematics for the Interdiction burst Generator and the Droid Interface Scanner can now also be purchase from Kash Nunes on the Nova Orion Station. "

*added: Went to the station but could get no option to buy the schems. Went to Watto and did get the options. Each schem costs 50 Space Duty tokens.

Droid Interface Scanner: 10 use schematic but can be made into 10x1000 with factory schems, listed under "Ship Tools/Container" next the Comp. Analysis Tool in SW crafting tool. Max charges of 20, which I got with 11 point crafting and resources with good stats but less than 960 (mine are in 950's).

Interdiction Burst Generator: 5 use schems, no factory uses, requires 1 crafted Mk I reactor, no stats or experimentation. Any quality will do. Listed in SW tool under "Ship Tools/Terminal" which appears to be a new category for the SW tool.

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Schematics and Screenshots (pending) added to Database.

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