Obtaining Ingredents or Resources

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Obtaining Ingredents or Resources

Post by Branchh »

Where is the best place to obtain ingredients, like Meat and Hide, etc.? :D
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Re: Obtaining Ingredents or Resources

Post by Zimoon »

Glad to see you managed to survive Han Solo's scary piloting you down to Mos Eisley, he might be grumpy at times, nothing to worry about.

OK, resources. Everywhere I would say.

However, I interpret your question that you never found your way to Beginners Guide for Traders. Not only is it a good starting point for any crafter but it is good to know that "this subject, what was it now..." and easily find it again.

To be frank, your question is answered to in the first few chapters more than one time.

To be frank again, Traders is one of those professions where a little reading takes you from novice to top-notch Master. If you refuse to read or skim through a guide you will just level up to master, but no more 8)

I hope you followed the advice and got yourself the pistol from the Imp/Rebel quest, did you??? For meat and hide, take it with you and just walk outside Mos Eisley, you will see herds of animals. Focus on just one kind because they have different kinds of meat and hide which makes it harder for you to get the amounts you need. Be careful, some of them do not like that you kill its mate, and Traders are not too good to survive a massive attack.

How much meat and hide do you need? It is also in the guide 8)

Good luck

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Re: Obtaining Ingredents or Resources

Post by Savacc »

Branchh wrote:Where is the best place to obtain ingredients, like Meat and Hide, etc.? :D
Specific answer: You go outside of town and kill creatures, then target the "corpses", bring up the radial menu and select "Harvest". You can also buy or trade with other players, either in person, on the bazaar or from a player vendor.

There have been some proposals, from time to time, to create a "Farm Harvester", similar to the other resource harvesters, to gather Meat, Hide and Bones. After all, in our world, very little of our meat or hides come from hunting wild animals. So why does that galaxy far far away, with their other advanced technologies, only rely on hunting for their supplies? Dont expect it anytime soon though, the Devs like the interactivity between combat chars, who have the time and skills to hunt, and the crafters, who need need the animal products. This is an MMO after all. :D

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