crash n burn

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crash n burn

Post by kamakaze »

Hello everyone, just to give everyone a bit of background. I'm a old vet from before nge. At that time I was smuggler/ BH well I made a bunch of spices but left the game after nge but I left my harvesters on. Well I came back after years and I find a bunch of crash n burn in these harvesters. Oh and the worst I find out that spices are extinct. Well now that I gave everyone a little background. My question is what is a good selling price for crash n burn?
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Re: crash n burn

Post by fridge33sam »

welcome back! (yes!!! the first to get it in!!!)

I'm post NGE so I never got the pleasure of spice. I don't know if it's still usable. Price, however is going to vary from server to server. I could only suggest to put out a post on the swg forums for your galaxy as aprice check/interest check.
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Re: crash n burn

Post by Zimoon »

First, welcome back :D

Then, I guess you meant factories, not harvesters ;)

So, I read a post the other day and ... let us just say that these oldies are now your retirement fund :mrgreen:

I would not be surprised if you can sell them one by one for about the same price you charged for a crate pre-NGE, possibly with yet another zero :P


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