Since it was brought up in another thread..

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Since it was brought up in another thread..

Post by fridge33sam »

Let's start comparing notes on what sells by what vendors and where...

SERVER: Flurry
TOP SELLER: Pet Food Sample Bags
VENDOR NAME: Fishboi, Inc
Iron Chef Slakkarr CEO, Fishboi Industries

Guild Joker Nagurra CFO, Wookhunter Enterprises

All Vendors located in Ft Revolt, 800 Meters from the Rebel Outpost on Rori, Flurry Server.
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Re: Since it was brought up in another thread..

Post by Onyx »

:) Definately post this info please.

I'm going to start compiling data next week -- basically give GU9 a couple weeks on live -- and will be asking everyone to send in information on their sales, etc., so we can create a new "Current Hot Sellers" list.
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Re: Since it was brought up in another thread..

Post by Arriene »

Hi there, I would be happy to add my info :)

SERVER: Bloodfin
VENDOR LOCATION: -1199,13,-1045...Unforgiven (1500m from Vice city..they have a shuttle)
TOP SELLERS: Daneelian fizz pudding, Bespin Port, Starshine Surprise... Pet food, Mark 3 Bacta kits
VENDOR NAME: Dunnegael Food and Drink

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