Hand sampling issues

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Hand sampling issues

Post by Zbignew »

Is anyone else experiencing problems AFK sampling on Mustafar? After several hours (3 1/2-4) of AFK sampling, I get a message which says "Unable to find the specified resource type. Please survey again." After resurveying (93% spot) the resource is still there and the macro works fine. This happened last night as well as after I left for work!!??
I also seem to be getting an unusually large # of failures for such a high concentration, anyone else? or just my good fortune?

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Re: Hand sampling issues

Post by Zimoon »

I have not been sampling in quite some time so ... no.
I recall I recently read that SOE addressed the action drain so full expertise is now working; or did I hallucinate? You might be on to a new bug ... check out the officiall forums and see if it reported.
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Re: Hand sampling issues

Post by Onyx »

Odd. That's the message you normally get when the resource is shifting out of spawn. I've not heard of any other complaints and I do know a few who've been sampling up a storm lately due to 3 really nice Musty spawns.

I'll try myself tomorrow though and see if I can get this to happen.
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