Guide to Crafting the best basic crafting tools.

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Guide to Crafting the best basic crafting tools.

Post by Suge »

Alright I'm a complete noob, but after many hrs of research and playing around I finally managed to figure out how to make crafting tools with a Tool effectiveness of 14-15. Thought I'd share it with people since I had trouble finding all the information I needed in one place.

NOTE---> Don't bother trying to craft a good generic crafting tool. You cant experiment on these. Just use the no trade one that is given to you by Han Solo when you first start the game as a trader. It is called the Tuned Crafting Tool. It has a default tool effectiveness of 0.00. If you don't have one, any old one will do. We are going to use this to construct a Weapon,Droid,And General Item Crafting Tool. It's from this tool that all your other tools will come. You'll see that as you read.

By the way I'm a level 90 trader. I'm not sure what level is required for the information below to work for you as it did for me. All that being said, I'm going to assume you are level 90.

Step 1.) In order to make high end crafting tools you need some high conductivity metal and some chemical. Copper is usually your best bet for finding the high conductivity stuff. Overall quality (OQ) shouldn't matter. For the Chemical, don't worry about getting anything fancy. You will want to find copper with a conductivity between 960-999. 1000 is great if you can find it. This stuff doesn't come cheap by the way. You can search on a bazaar terminal under; resource container/inorganic/mineral/metal/non ferrous metal/copper. Make sure your search includes the entire galaxy. Look at the stats of all the coppers listed and see if you can find something with a conductivity of 960-999. If you can find 999 conductivity, it will make a perfect 15 Tool effectiveness. I'm uncertain as to whether or not 14.83 tool effectiveness is all that much different from 15 (the highest you can make it) Which is likely close to what you'll end up with if you use anything less than 999 conductivity metal.

Step 2.) While we're here at the Bazaar terminal. See if you can buy some Bespin Port. This is a drink that when consumed, will give you an experimentation bonus. Use one dose before EACH experimentation. I believe the dose is consumed when you push the button to experiment. (more on experimenting later) Bespin Port is located in Misc/Drink

Step 3.) Source out a city that has a research center. These cities will be player founded towns only. Some can be research and some manufacturing. It will say when you enter the town. This will increase your chance of hitting the exceptional roll on the experimentation vs the good roll. You will also want to source out a public crafting area in that city that has good crafting stations. I'm not knowledgeable on the specifics of that, so perhaps do your own research on crafting station stats in relation to the finished product.

Step 4.) Now that we have our resources/drink and sourced out the place where we will be crafting, find a popular cantina and go get buffed. Find an entertainer in there and send them a tell. Ask them for inspiration buffs.

Step 5.) Now travel to the place you have decided to craft at. If you don't already have one, Craft a Weapon,Droid,And General Item Crafting Tool using your Generic or Tuned Crafting tool, with the resources you purchased. The tuned version is the better one, which you get from Han Solo at the beginning of the trader profession. Use this one if you still have it.

Step 6.) Take a swig of your Bespin Port. Remember that you will need to use a dose each time before you experiment.

Step 7.) Go stand in front of the Weapon,Droid,And General Item Crafting Station and open your Weapon,Droid,And General Item Crafting Tool that you just made.

Step 8.) Craft another Weapon,Droid,And General Item Crafting Tool. Now you can experiment, which you could not do before using the tuned or generic item Crafting tool. Reason being, you can only experiment while standing in front of a crafting station that corresponds with the crafting tool you are using. There is no crafting station that matches a tuned or generic item crafting tool. Anyways...If you are at the experimenting screen, experiment until you cant anymore, OR until you reach your desired goal which is a tool effectiveness of 15.

That's it! Now you can use your new uber Weapon,Droid,And Item Crafting Tool, to craft all your other tools. Go ahead and destroy all your old crappy ones.
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Re: Guide to Crafting the best basic crafting tools.

Post by Savacc »

Did you read the guide I suggested in your first post? You still should.

You have made this simple crafting session way more complicated then you needed to. You dont need the Bespin Port, you dont need the entertainer buff, neither do you need to find a Research City. There will be times when all these will be useful to you, but not for a simple crafting job like this.

You do need metal with CD 1000. If you take the expertise boxes known as "Resource Refinery" you can use metal with CD as low as 960. The stats on the Chem do not matter. Chemicals have no CD stat (see the above guide for more info on why).

You are correct about needing to make a W/D/G tool, then using the W/D/G Tool to experiment your new Tools.

The number one key, always, is the quality of your resources and using the experimentation process to reach the potential of your resources.
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Re: Guide to Crafting the best basic crafting tools.

Post by Mibeo »

More exspensive to, for what you pay for the bespin port you could most likely buy every +15 tool you would need.
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Re: Guide to Crafting the best basic crafting tools.

Post by Suge »

LOL no doubt. At the time I had not yet discovered the vendor location tab on the bazaar terminal. So I couldn't find any. It was a nice learning experience to craft them though.
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Re: Guide to Crafting the best basic crafting tools.

Post by Zimoon »

There is an item in the FAQ area og Beginner's Guide for Traders about making an uber crafting tool. But I had a good smile readingbyour post so it served at least one purpose :lol:

In the end of the day we play to have fun, don't we? And when not playing we troll the forums :P


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