30k crate of resources as survey tool - answered

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30k crate of resources as survey tool - answered

Post by Cherisse »

I have seen this mentioned numerous times in different threads both on the SOE forums and these forums and I was wondering if someone could please give me a step by step guide of how to use this as a survey tool? It would be much appreciated.

I have two of these crates that I've been holding onto, because it seemed kind of senseless to me to use them for resources when all they give is 30k units, and it's nice to see they have a better use than that, but I don't understand how it works.

I have clicked the 'ok' button up to the point of the second step in the resource tree, but am afraid to go any further as I don't know at what point it's going to actually give me the resource and take the crate away.

Edit: BTW, I did already download the SWGCraft and ressisdeed.zip file, but when I try to view the tutorial it keeps saying my macromedia flash player is outdated yet I have the most current flash player installed, so I can't learn how to do this from that tutorial as it is not working.

Edit: Question answered by Sambril on SOE forums here: http://forums.station.sony.com/swg/post ... id=1127542
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Re: 30k crate of resources as survey tool - answered

Post by Savacc »

It was my suggestion to the Senate that got the confirmation screen before a 30K resource crate is used. Used to be, once you got down to the resource (could read the stats) all it took was to hit Enter and the crate was used up. I know I accidentally used a 30K resource deed on something I didnt want. :( Back then, every veteran player I knew had too. But it is idiot proof now, so go ahead and use it find new resource spawns and stats.

Here is a detailed description on how to use the 30k deed to update our site

Now that you know how, maybe you can update those 4 resources you submitted without stats. :D Im just kidding, we greatly appreciate any effort to help update our site. Those 4 resources you updated are 4 more then most users ever report. :wink:

Just noticed that was your first post. :D Welcome to our forums. Please continue your involvement and contributions to our site. :D
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Re: 30k crate of resources as survey tool - answered

Post by Zimoon »

First off, welcome around :)

Second, congratulations to a bright mind and realizing that 30k is a spit in the ocean and there must be better ways to use this awesome "device" :mrgreen:

Third, you do not have to go out of site to find tips: Site/Forum Discussion » Resources Discussion » How to Update SWGCraft - a Guide



PS: The SOE Devs actually added a confirmation button so the risk for accidents are minimal.
I double click my way, class » class » class » NAME » and here you should see all stats. At this point I rather hit keyboard Esc to back out, I have sometimes pressed OK rather than Cancel, for some reason I feel they are oddly ordered. If you use SWGAide to update resources, either manually or by ISDroids, you will find that they are ordered the same way as in the 30k device.

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