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GU15: GCW Crafting Guide

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ATTN: This will cover various roles available to any and all Crafters, regardless of CL or Faction. While you do not learn the schematics until CL46, there are other helpful tasks lower level traders can do. There is a role for everyone that wishes one.*

By now most of you Grunts have heard of the City Invasion system from GU15, and yeah you know you can craft some bantha dung Tool Kits so the big guys can PvP each other and PvE everything else while you're NOT out shaking your money makers or tending to your OWN "mine fields", but HEY, what do us crafters care about those jarheads? What does this fighting have to do with us? We're traders, we bake cookiees and are afraid of Blistmoks. Face it, we're squishy! Well no more, I say! In a galactic war you don't always have the luxury of staying out of the fray. Just ask those Gungans. Now you can run with the pack and fight like Xandanks with the best of them, and you don't even need an uberlicious gazillion credit equipment setup. All you need is the basic tools, the appropriate skills, and the desire to get your dishpan hands a little dirty.

So what can I say to whet your appetites? Zimoon found this argument of mine in his GU15 Release thread pretty persuasive, so he asked me to include it here...

"Well, as some may know I'm a bit of a GCW fan now, so I had to come show my support for it here (I hope this is a good place for it). I have 3 traders right now, and I've been running as many battles as I can on them.

There are noble ways to earn tokens and rank as a trader if the battles are good. You can also have multiple wins within a 30 minute battle phase at 1000 GCW points per win, not including the building, repairing, and fighting points and tokens you'll earn. Really, a trader can always earn GCW and tokens building assault pylons and repairing "damaged vehicles" even if nobody else is around, but it's not a place I'd go SF unless you know you're guarded, otherwise safe, or don't mind getting killed a lot.

Don't be too reluctant to go SF as a trader in a well defended city. Even as SF you are immortal within range of a barricade (you'll have the Barricade Protection buff icon), and if you build quality Kits for others and save your own fatigue during the build phase you'll be able to repair that much more quickly. You can also repair while in combat, meaning you can keep your own defenses strong and guard that General while you help take out grunts, elites, bosses, and even other players for great GCW points and tokens. Plus, how often does a trader get to rake in the PvP kills and Rank Badge collections?

I got 12 PvP kills on 1 trader in 2 weeks of battles defending Generals, the highest number on any of my 8 toons since I never cared for PvP. You don't have to be grouped or outdamage your fellow SF's, just contribute to the kill as best you can. I highly recommend a rifle and a launcher pistol (special heavy weapon with 64m range, 1300+ DPS, up to 216 Heat damage, and no profession restrictions), but I noticed the launcher pistol does eat my traders' action pool leaving me "Too Tired" to fire so have that rifle handy as well. Another of my traders only has 3 PvP kills but over 1000 tokens. Honestly, if you're supporting a good group under good conditions then 3000+ GCW points and 100+ Tokens in a single 30-60 minutes is not unreasonable even for a trader. I think these GCW invasions raise us from modest "Jawa" traders to a cool "General Lando Calrissian" status. Anyway, just wanted to spread a little support for the GU, and I hope I've piqued some interests.
:mrgreen: "**

Okay, so now you are thinking about that day you first signed up with that recruiter in that city on that planet representing that faction, aren't you? You're thinking about how it made you feel like you were part of something bigger than your love for surveying ore and milking banthas combined, right? Well, now you can support your comrades in the <insert faction here> like never before. Welcome to the Army!


Chances are, if you show up with no GCW experience but good crafting experience, you'll fall right into step and feel right at home. Anyone who has even a little experience on the battlefield probably has a pretty good idea what is going on. Some details are not so clear, either in the information in the GU Release Notes or from the Supply Terminals themselves. Hopefully this will help you contribute the most you can to your side's cause, and get you some good rewards which make it worth your effort and your time away from your personal business. So, let us look at what we will be learning.

I. Where to go: Orientation

II. What to do: Boot Camp

A. Before Build Phase
B. During Build Phase
C. During Battle Phase
D. After Battle Phase

III. How to do it: Physical Training

A. Prepare Yourself
B. Get Your Supplies
C. Make Your Tools
D. Share Your Tools
E. Build Pylons
F. Repair Structures - Part I
G. Repair Structures - Part II
H. Repair Vehicles
I. Monitoring and Receiving Rewards

IV. How to do it better: Survival Training - see Appendages (next post)

A. Quality Control
C. Right Tools for the Right Jobs

V. How to get the most out of it: Rations

A. GCW Points for Ranking Up
B. GCW Tokens for Purchases
C. GCW and PvP Collections

VI: Why you want to do it, or not: Walk-Ins and Wash Outs - see Appendages (next post)

A. New Friends & Contacts
B. Galactic Control & Role Playing
C. Cool Stuff

VII. SPECIAL FORCES: *CLASSIFIED* - see Appendages (next post)


I. Where to go: Here's a quick reference. Keep in mind that while the Offensive Camp waypoints are accurate, the actual pylons to be built can be a few hundred meters or more away but will be found in long lines or moderate clusters of Offensive Patrol and Combat Vehicle pylons. Battle Build Phases begin every 3 hours, with the entire battle lasting up to 1 hour (30 minutes Build Phase, 30 minutes Battle Phase). 1:00 GMT is a good time reference for knowing when you need to show up, repeating every 3 hours at 4:00, 7:00, 10:00, 1:00, and so on. Add or subtract according to your own Time Zone, and if possible show up at least 5 minutes before so you can coordinate with others on the scene before the Build rush, make groups, figure out which traders will be making which Tools at what qualities, and see if anyone needs to focus on certain Collections. If you've finished your Siege Vehicle build collection, leave those pylons for those who need it, as they are the least common of the bunch. When you arrive before the build phase or after the battle phase you will see no signs of the Officers, Camps, or Pylons. These will spawn at the top of the hour, convert from Construct Pylons to Spawn Points at mid-hour, and all structures and NPCs will disappear at the bottom of the hour or when the defending General is killed.

Keren, Naboo: South Camp is a good area for collections and launching assaults.

/way Naboo 1786 2511 General Keren;
/way Naboo 1820 2192 Camp South;
/way Naboo 1211 3053 Camp North West;
/way Naboo 2131 2765 Camp North East

Dearic, Talus: North Camp is a good area for collections and launching assaults.

/way Talus 479 -3007 General Dearic;
/way Talus 355 -2605 Camp North;
/way Talus 0 -2803 Camp West;
/way Talus 889 -2993 Camp East

Bestine, Tatooine: North Camp good for vehicle repair but close to enemy

/way Tatooine -1214 -3626 General Bestine;
/way Tatooine -900 -3782 Camp East;
/way Tatooine -1253 -3348 Camp North;
/way Tatooine -1184 -3821 Camp South

Access your GCW Screen by typing /GCW or through your Menu list. Click the tab for Naboo, Talus, and Tatooine to see where you can go to build Defenses or Offenses. Keep in mind that getting from Starports to safe locations may be difficult for us during the Battle phase.

II. What to do: Okay, now we're getting to the heart of the matter. As a trader, there's only one significant thing you can do that combatants cannot, and that's make Tool Kits. As a SKILLED trader, the only thing you can do that other traders cannot is make BETTER Tools. However, there are other advantages to being a trader, like we only gain 1/5 the Fatigue of non-traders, making us the most efficient at all Construct and Repair tasks. Let us make a nice little list of just what a trader needs to do, should do, and can do.

A. Before Build Phase:

*Be a Combatant. This applies to Imperial and Rebel members only. I'm sure this is known to most everyone, but for any die hard pacifists here's what you do. Open your Character sheet ("C" key, for me) and switch to your GCW tab. This will tell you your current status as "On Leave", "Combatant", or "Special Forces". If you are On Leave, you need to switch to Combatant. You can do this by typing the following:

/pvp, that looks a little dreadful, doesn't it? Don't fear, as long as you are On Leave, this will only switch you to Combatant status, and it does so instantly with an NPC Comm Message and a HUD notice. Now, if you "think" you're On Leave, but you're actually Combatant, and you type /pvp you WILL be switched to Special Forces 30 seconds later, leaving you fully open to attack from enemy SF players, so know your Status! You cannot change your status once a status change is already in progress, so if you accidentally go SF you have to wait the 30 seconds and switch back. Switching from Special Forces to Combatant takes 5 minutes, and I know no chat code to go back On Leave. Now, if all of this makes your knees rattle, don't worry because your thoughtful superiors stationed Recruiters near the Officers in all 3 cities and their surrounding Camps.

Talk to the Recruiter and ask to "make a change" to your Status. If you are On Leave you get an option to Return to Duty, and if you are Combatant you get an option to Go on Leave. The Recruiter will oblige and give a Comm message telling you how long the process will take to complete. You cannot make any new changes until that time.

If you die and clone as a Combatant or Special Forces you will be placed On Leave and must switch back to Combatant to fight or do tasks like "Repair Damaged Vehicle", either by the Recruiter or /pvp command, so get used to the command.

(Note: SOE Forum Knowledge Base states, "Players who are killed and clone while special forces will spawn as a combatant, and can use the /pvp command to sign up for more PVP action." This is UNTRUE! If you are SF and you clone you will, with a message stating as such, be placed On Leave and must return to Combatant duty before returning to Battle and returning to SF status.)

Neutral Supporters, can switch your Status to Rebel Combatant, Rebel SF, Imperial Combatant, or Imperial SF by talking to a corresponding Faction Recruiter and offering to be a Mercenary. The Recruiter will ask you to confirm your choice and the request takes 1 minute to process. After this you can purchase GCW Rewards from that Faction's Recruiters. You can also access your Faction Helper options by typing the /FactionalHelper chat command, allowing you to change your status or resign from your current Mercenary role for that Faction. There is a 30 minute cool-down period from the time you cease helping one faction before you can help the other faction. Pick your side, pick your role, and welcome aboard!

(Note: my neutral toon still shows Status of "Civilian" after this but can Purchase Rewards, receive GCW Quests, and fight my temporary Faction's enemies. The Recruiter which set me to Mercenary gives no options for resigning from Mercenary status, but it's easily done with the /FactionalHelper chat command and takes 1 minute to process.)

*Make sure you're prepared. Have your tools, droid (check those batteries), room in inventory, and toolbars ready. For Offensive crafting, I recommend getting Components for both Offensive Patrol and Combat Vehicle Tools (4 total Components standard) as both use same Artisan skill. For Defense, I get Components for all 4 Tools (8 total Components standard), even though I will only be able to make 1 of them with good to perfect quality, based on my specific profession and skills at the time. While SOE and the Supply Terminals give profession requirements, they do not mention specific skill requirements. That data was obtained thanks to some players in-game and posters here on SWGCraft. These are the specific Experimentation and Assembly skills/suits which apply to each Tool Kit. Remember though, all Tools are made with the WDG Tool and Station, regardless of applied skills, making this a bit of a crafting oddity. If you have the crafting suits, use them, but you can make good Tools without them if you have your correct skill trees filled in. I did make some suits specifically for GCW crafting, but I only used sets of +7 Experiment (28 Power Bit instead of 32 Power) and +10 Assembly (30 Power Bit instead of 33 Power), no 3rd stats. Still get my 13 Experimentation points and +30 Assembly, which is all I was after for suits not related to my personal crafting needs, and they did not require any RE Power Bit "incrementing" to make.

Defensive Tools:
-Munitions-Weaponsmith: Turrets
-Engineer-Droids: Towers
-Structures-Architect: Barricades
-Domestics-Food: Defensive Patrols

Offensive Tool Kits:
-Artisan: Vehicles, Offensive Patrols

*Try to coordinate with the other traders, builders, and any others in the area, if they're willing. I'm on 2 Euro-servers so I'm sure there are some language barriers I'm unfortunately unable to cross. That said, anyone who can and will help translate for multi-lingual groups or crowds, cheers to you. Han had to do some Wook to Basic translating, I'm sure, and Threepio's translating skills helped the Ewoks and Rebels work together on Endor. Grouping makes it quicker and easier to get Tool Kits to and from people, and for experienced GCW participants to tell the builders which locations and pylon qualities are most vital.

*Put a Call Out on your Faction's chat channel a few minutes or so before Build phase begins, with basic info like number of traders present at which camps, or if you have an Ent for dropping Fatigue. You never know what will attract attention. Even if nobody replies, some might show up when the fighting starts and stick around once they see your impressive handiwork.

*Dropping a good Camp is not a bad idea when building Offenses, as it allows your side to get to the Offense camps quickly without running through enemy territory, especially if using the Group PickUp option. While I haven't tested it, I would suggest for large assaults a 1 hour camp with Shuttle, Cloner, Ent modules posted at a good strategic location and put the Call Out on your channel. This may help attract the right crowd.

B. During Build Phase:

*Find your Officers. The NPC Officers will tell you whether or not Trader jobs and/or Combat jobs are available, but you must select your jobs and get your Components from the nearby Supply Terminal.

*Find your Terminal. Tall, dark, handsome, kind of StarWarsy, and fulfilling all your Component needs, you will find 1 Terminal within blaster distance of the NPC Officers. The Officer can tell you what you can do, but you only need to talk to the Terminal. You will receive 2 stacks of different Components for each Tool you agree to build. Each stack has QTY:100, and I've never used up a whole stack so just get 1 each. Each Component will be created with a "Time Remaining: 60 minutes" stat and placed in your inventory. 60 minutes later it will disappear. You can get Components at any time during the Build and Battle phases. If you want to experiment with Tool making after the battle, make sure you get a fresh 1-Hour set of Components before the end of battle, as the ones you got at the beginning of Build phase will soon disappear. Crafted Tools also have the 1 Hour lifespan.

The Terminal can be Sliced by Smugglers to provide special material Enhancers or Boosters for Tools. The quality of Enhancers depends on the success of the Smuggler's Slicing, which I'm told consists of a mini-game requiring good reflexes and memory. It was reported that a fully Enhanced Defensive Tool has a Max Power 30, but I have gotten no confirmations on this yet.

Reminder, you must be CL46 before you will have the schematics, at which time you will receive them with your other learned schematics (they are listed on the Professions wheel). If you are not yet CL46, there is still plenty of (Quest Lvl 10) work for you building and repairing.

*Get your Components: Pick your projects based on what you can make well, but if not many traders show up your low-quality products are worth more than none at all.

Offensive building has 2 Tools, needing 4 inventory slots for Components +2 "empty" slots for finished products +1 "empty" slot to allow trade of "1 Set of Both Tools". If you have 80 inventory you will not be able to give kits based on the game's programming, but maybe somebody can talk SOE into rewriting it so "full" only applies to recipient. I found that out in the heat of building and it slowed down everything for everyone else, which comes to my only real problem... Chronicler Relics Level 1-4 can quickly fill you up. If you're a Master Chronicler, this alone may be reason for you to participate. If you're not a Chronicler, get ready to deconstruct a lot of Relics.

Defensive building has 4 Tools, and needs a minimum of 13 slots for Components, products, and trading of "1 Set of All 4 Tools". If you have a group of all needed skilled traders, line them up and each can craft just their specialty, and builders can line up to trade. Personally, I've yet to see a full set of traders working together, but maybe that will change.

*Start making Tools. Your team has 30 minutes to build pylons, and they need your Tools to do it. That makes you valuable, and the more efficient and skilled you are, the more valuable you are. Have at least 2 WDG tools in your toolbar, or 4 if you're making all 4 Tools for Defense builders. If you're making junk tools and not experimenting you can pump out the Tools pretty quickly. If you're Experimenting for quality kits you will likely notice "success" rates sub-par to your normal crafting experiences. Even my most skilled WS with full luck suit has to trash a handful of tools each battle. You will learn more about this during your Survival Training course, but it's good for all of you to understand that:

Junk Tools can be crafted quickly but typically contribute far less to Build and Repair tasks

Quality Tools are slow to craft but contribute much more to Build and Repair tasks

*Advertise! Try something like "/yell Making all 4 Tools, Line up to Trade." Give an updated report to your Faction Channel when Build phase begins, briefly saying who is working at what location, available perks like Ents or Smugglers, and enemy activity. As a lone skilled trader you can build a modest invasion force single-handedly, including CL90 Elite Soldiers and CL90 Boss Vehicles. If you have 1 or 2 Combatants available to build you can build a great Offense, hitting full force from one camp and support forces from the 2 other camps. A hard and fast Offensive win is key to getting multiple wins in a single Battle phase.

*Build some Pylons. You came to the battle and you supplied the troops, now go reap a little reward. Building Pylons earns you GCW Points for ranking up, GCW Tokens for buying some pretty cool stuff, and a Y8 Cargo Hold full of Collection Badges that show off your Faction support, even if you're a Neutral Supporter! (Note: You can Build/Repair while mounted or fighting)

If you want to work on Collections, let the builders know you'll make Tools the first 15-20 minutes if they leave you some of the Pylons you need to build, but limit it to working on 1 collection at a time. Chances are, there will be some Patrol and Vehicle Pylons that need completing anyway. I typically make Tools until the "5 Minute Call" from the NPC Officer. They don't actually say "5 minutes" but they do give routine announcements 5 minutes before Build phase switches to Battle phase, and 5 minutes before Battle phase ends (good to remember for you SF Traders, as it takes 5 minutes to switch off SF).

All Low-Level Traders, CL<46, have a value to the cause, as well. You cannot make the Tools, but you can use them and you can use them well.

Fatigue is the bane of all Builders, as it increases each time you spend a charge from a Tool, and the higher your Fatigue the longer it takes to spend a charge. It's like a diminishing return I suppose, but you can remove 5 Fatigue points with each "tic" of a participating Entertainer's performance. You can Watch a Dancer & Listen to a Musician at the same time for double the effect, and you can Watch/Listen while Building/Repairing and while Mounted if within range, which will drop your Fatigue much quicker than you can raise it. Traders only gain 1 Fatigue point per charge spent, but non-traders gain 5 Fatigue per charge spent. Simply put...
-A Trader and a Commando both have 0 Fatigue and some "Power 5" Tools.
-The Trader gains 100 Fatigue after building 5 Pylons from 0% to 100%.
-The Commando gains 100 Fatigue after building 1 Pylon from 0% to 100%.

Defensive Construction:

Barricades are vital to us, and valuable to all other friendly Players and NPCs within range. In short, a Barricade makes you Immortal. You cannot take damage while receiving the "Barricade Protection" buff (indicated by an icon like other buffs). It rebuffs quickly, but cools down just as quickly if you step out of range. You can repair Barricades in total safety, but sometimes you have to step up and run into unguarded territory to repair a Turret or Tower, and sometimes you have to make it from one Barricaded area to another with no protection in between. A little risk is required in war, and maybe you'll discover a little bit of hero within yourself. A 100% Barricade pylon produces a Barricade with 500000 HP, or as SOE states "5000 HP per resource added." A "resource" is 1% and a Tool's Power rating equals the resources added per charge spent, so a Power 5 Barricade Construction Tool will build a 100% Pylon in 20 Charges, and a Power 15 Tool will build it in 7 Charges.

(Note: As of HotFix 16.1 "Barricade Protection" Buffs are Fixed)

Towers draw enemy fire away from friendlies and buff nearby friendly NPCs. Towers receive the 5k HP per resource added, and provide different protection based on its Level (1-3). Its Level is determined by the Pylon % when it converted to a spawn point. 1-49% spawns a Level 1 Tower, 50-99% spawns a Level 2, and 100% spawns a Level 3. Towers gives the "Tower Intelligence" Buff: Factional Damage modified by 200%, with no indication of the effect of the Tower's "Level".

Turrets attack enemy Vehicles, NPCs, and Players, and receive the 5k HP per resource added. They are repaired using the radial "~" key.

Patrol Pylons spawn Soldiers. A Level 1 Patrol (1-49%) spawns CL60 NPCs, Level 2 (50-99%) spawns CL90, and Level 3 (100%) spawns CL90 Elite. Each level of soldier has its own kill quota Collection, with Badges adding to a Master Collection for an additional Badge in the same way that Housing Collections do. Considering the nature of Patrol Pylons, it "seems" better to put 1 Power 5 charge to 8 Pylons than to put only 8 Power 5 charges to 1 Pylon, but the final Patrol Point can take damage from a Enemy Player Spy's successful "Sabotage" Bomb Attack Quests and must be Repaired the same as a Barricade.

Offensive Construction:

Offensive Patrol Pylons info is the same as Defense Patrols, except these guys will fight their way to the enemy General instead of standing their ground like Defense Patrols.

Combat Vehicle Pylons spawn AT-XT's for Rebels and AT-ST's for the Empire. Level 1 (1-49%) spawn a CL60 Elite, Level 2 (50-99%) spawns a CL90 Elite, and Level 3 (100%) spawns a CL90 Boss.

Siege Vehicle Pylons spawn Hailfire's for Rebel assaults and AT-AT's for the Empire. Dearic and Keren have at least 2 static spawn points, Bestine has none. The Siege Vehicle Collection requires you complete 5 Build quests, with each "Build" meaning 10 charges successfully spent on the Pylon type, not completing 5 Pylons from 0-100%. Putting 20 Charges of Power 5 each will build to 100% and count as 2 towards the collection. The Siege Vehicles are too big to enter cities, but are good for battling border defenses within their path. The Siege Vehicle Pylon MUST BE 100% or it WILL NOT SPAWN during Battle Phase. Any less than 100% and it will spawn the Siege Vehicle Point, but the Point will not spawn the actual vehicle. Siege Vehicles are CL100 Bosses.

C. During Battle Phase:

*Repairs add Elite and Boss Vehicles to the assault and keep Defenses strong in the city. Repairing an object uses the same Tool type that built it. A structure must receive a minimum amount of damage before you can perform a "repair". You will get a message telling you if the structure does not need repair. If needed, be prepared to fight while repairing, especially when repairing Barricades.

Barricades are your friends. Don't forget it. You are their friends, don't let them forget it. Keep them alive and they will keep you alive.

Towers buff the nearby NPCs, so losing a Tower seriously weakens the surrounding Patrol spawns. A lone Tower will still "take aggro" and occupy invading forces, but without nearby NPCs it serves no other purpose. I've yet to receive a Repair Quest from a Tower... just wasn't near one that was damaged perhaps... and clicking on a Tower or using the Radial "~" only gives a "Use" option to activate the Tower's Defend Quest, unlike the other Structures which will allow you to attempt a repair but tell you it "does not require repair".

Turrets obviously add to the fight, so it's best to keep them up and running.

Patrol Points can be "sabotaged" by enemy Spies (Player Class) resulting in damage and destruction unless repaired. Patrols do receive 5k HP per resource, but it is still unclear how effective HP is against player Spy attacks.

"Damaged Vehicles" appear at static locations around the city borders, some being within range of enemy Turrets and Patrols. These are "repaired" with the Combat Vehicle Tool and will turn into Elite or Boss vehicles (AT-XT, or AT-AT).

Damaged Vehicles do not care about Tool Power. 1 Damaged Vehicle takes 4 charges spent to fully "repair" it regardless of the Tool's Power rating. If you have to make more Combat Vehicle Tools for repairs, either experiment for charges or stay mounted and do not bother experimenting. A Junk Tool repairs just as quickly as a quality one, and take very little time to build. If you've built up your Fatigue you should be able to complete 1 crafting session for a Junk Kit in the time it takes to spend 1 Charge. Like constructing Pylons, you can "Repair Damaged Vehicles" while mounted, fighting, and Watching/Listening to Entertainers if within range.

*Fighting: My strongest trader using the Mustafarian Distance Globe doesn't always take aggro from my CL90 Super Battle Droid, so as long as you don't pull a Han Solo and run headlong into a room full of Stormtroopers you might come out of this with your RE Arm still attached.

Basic Gear: Good Armor, Personal Shield, Droid, Weapon. I have to recommend rifles because of the range. Something with 1000 DPS or higher can usually be found for 50k credits or less. You do not need the best stuff to contribute, but the better your equipment the more effective you are. GU16 removed Professional Requirements from many weapons, allowing traders access to most Special Heavy Weapons. They do deliver area damage so you might attract more attention than you want if firing into a crowd, and it does use your Action Pool and leave you "Too Tired" to fight. A long range Heavy Weapon and good Rifle make a nice combo. A PSG, or Personal Shield Generator, is a commonly found and reasonably affordable armor "belt" which offers up to 2400+ Energy Protection, get one with an empty "socket" or appropriate Skill Enhancing "Attachment" (SEA). If you're considering a Crafting/Combat Suit I suggest Luck/Stamina/Constitution attachments for armor (not chestplate) and shield (uses armor attachment). This is a very well-balanced combo for hand sampling, crafting, and combat.

Basic Combat: Target, Toggle Auto Aim, and Toggle Repeat Auto Attack (check your Options/Keymap if you're unfamiliar with these), that's all it takes to fight. Make sure Auto Aim is ON (you will notice a round default targeting cursor instead of the yellow crosshairs), but you do not need to use this button while fighting. Target with your cursor, the default X key, or the Tab key and hit Repeat Attack button, or double click target to begin auto repeat. For the veteran hunters and fighters, the only difference on the battlefield is you can fight and work at the same time.

Whether in combat or not, begin your Build/Repair task and when you see your yellow progress bar pop up hit the ALT key. This hides the bar but does not cancel the repair. You can hit ALT again and the bar returns. When the bar is hidden you can easily rotate your character to select and fire upon targets. Just don't "step" in any direction or you will interrupt your repair. When the repair task has finished you will be notified by the chime, by the Quest Monitor, or by noticing the structures HP bar increase. Click on the structure again to begin next Repair cycle, and hit ALT again.

If you're using a Droid try using Attack and Follow commands rather than Guard. This helps you both focus on the same target and can keep it from running off after your attackers. If you are going t Repair Damaged Vehicles and an enemy NPC looks a bit too close, Target it before your repairs but don't attack, and if it does attack set your droid on it and hit Repeat Attack key. This can buy you time to finish your repairs uninterrupted. You can "pull" distant targets to you with your droid as well. Have your droid Attack your target, and when your target returns fire on your droid give the Follow command. Your droids new found friend should arrive soon after.

(Note: When being fired upon, even safely behind a Barricade, you may make an involuntary side-step movement that will cancel repairs. I assume this is a "dodge" animation. If the repair progress bar is hidden, you will still get the HUD notice when "movement" occurs, letting you know to re-start your Repair cycle.)

Well, the Battle's almost over and you kept your General safe behind your well maintained Barricades. It was a hectic Build phase, a heated Battle phase, and you just got your 5 Minute Comm from your Officer. How do you feel? Yeah, that's how I felt the first time, too. You're going to be alright, kid! Maybe next time you'll even take on that extra "Special" role.

D. After Battle Phase: Time to lick your wounds, break open the Corellian Ale, and brag about all the carnage you brought upon your enemies. Unless, of course, a General was killed.

If you're Defending and your General is killed early in the battle, consider heading to another city to Repair Vehicles or Structures.

If you were building Offense and your team crushed your opponents early enough, you can score a multiple win by traveling to and helping Defend one of your own cities before the end of the Battle phase. I know first hand it is possible to get 2 Offensive Wins and 1 Defensive Win in a single 30 minute Battle phase, and each Win is worth 1000 GCW Points even if you only build and don't fight. (walkthrough in How to get the most out of it training) However, all 3 Cities are not always active during each Battle, so check your /GCW Screen to see where you can go to Repair. Repairing Vehicles is a great Offensive contribution and can be done throughout the Battle phase.

III. How to do it: Most of you will know what to do from my previous "What to do" course, but those who still have basic questions should find your basic answers here.

A. Prepare Yourself: Efficiency is key, so don't start off slow & sloppy.

-Be a Combatant. If you are On Leave you will not be able to report to duty and receive GCW Quests, Build or Repair, or Fight.

Rebels and Imperials, check your current Status by opening your Character Sheet (C key) and clicking the GCW tab. Right beneath the words "Galactic Civil War" will be your current status. If needed, switch from "On Leave" to "Combatant" via the /PvP command or talk to a Recruiter.

Civilians, or Neutral Supporters, can talk to the Faction Recruiter of your choice or use the /FactionalHelper chat command to apply for Combatant or Special Forces Mercenary status, making you a target to that Faction's enemies... but don't worry, you're allowed to return fire.

*If you die and clone, Factioned or not, even if you were SF, you must return to Combatant Status before returning to the Fighting, Building, Repairing, or other GCW Quests.

-Organize your Gear, setup Toolbars, charge your Droids, and make room in your Inventory. Good things (if you use them) to have in your Toolbar are...
*2-4 WDG Crafting Tools (I've used +15's and -5's without noticeable difference)
*1 WDG Crafting Droid, 1 Combat Droid, 1 small fast speeder (Stap is "pylon friendly")
*Droid Commands/Macros for Attack, Follow, and Guard
*Ranged Weapons (Heavies eat action, so have a Small Arms backup handy)
*Statted Suits (Example: Chest/Shirt/Weapon sets for Chef & Artisan)
*/YELL Macro giving brief description of products (Say it, but don't Spam it)
-Clear your Inventory (7 empty Slots for 2 Tools, 13 for all 4 Tools, Non-Enhanced)
-Get to your Waypoint and wait for Supply Terminal to spawn
-Take Bio-Break or get a drink while waiting, it's going to be a long battle

B. Get Your Supplies: Talk to your Terminal. Say you want to help build, and pick which Tool or Tools you want to build. The terminal tells you which basic Profession is best suited for each Tool and asks for a confirmation but does not give detailed information that the following Skills make the best Tools:
-Patrols = Chef
-Barricades = Architect
-Towers = Droid Engineer
-Turrets = Weaponsmith
-Offense (Both Tools) = Artisan
+(Issued Trader Ring + Issued Trader Pendant = +10 Artisan Assembly)
Confirm you want to craft your selected Tool and 2 different Stacks of QTY:100 Components will be placed in your Inventory per Tool you select. Each Stack will expire 60 minutes after creation, as will the Tools you make from them.

C. Make Your Tools: Put your brain in factory mode and roll them out
-Use the WDG Stations near the Officers or call your WDG Droid if you'll be making Quality Tools. If you're not Experimenting for Power or Charges then no station or droid is needed.
-Find a nice work space where you can see Builders waiting to Trade with you.
-Close all your windows, and hit the ALT key. This will "free" your cursor and help you stay oriented as Crafting and Trading windows come and go. Hit the ALT key again to switch between Cursor Modes as needed.
-Equip any Skill Suits or Tools you may have. The Trader Ring+Pendant Combo is good for Offensive Tools. And I have seen +10 Assembly "Relic" Rings for Chef, Droid Engineer, and Weaponsmith.
-Use your WDG Crafting Tool and make your GCW Construction Tool, Experimenting for Quality or Charges when appropriate. If you're making Quality Tools and get a poor result, abandon the crafting session and start over. Takes more time making Quality tools, but they Build and Repair structures more quickly.

D. Share Your Tools: Support your team for that 1000 GCW Point "WIN"
-Make Sure you have at least 1 Empty Slot when you trade Tools to Builders or your own "full" status will Cancel Trade.
-Announce what you're trading and when you're ready. Tell Builders to Line up and wait for trade. Be quick and efficient, your team needs you.
-Announce how long you'll be making Tools, 15-25 minutes is good. Leave yourself some time for your Build Collections.
-Grouping helps coordinate Tool requests and distribution, as well as efficient and strategic Pylon construction, and lets a small group monitor a large area for enemy activity.

E. Build Pylons: On Foot or on a Mount, make sure you have the correct Tool and click on a Pylon with 0-99% Resources when you see the "hand" cursor. If you do not have the Tool or the Pylon is 100% you will receive a HUD message telling you.
-When you first Build, Repair, or Defend a Pylon or structure Point you will create a Quest, usually to complete the action 10 times.
-A Build begins when the Yellow Progress Bar starts counting down, and when the countdown is complete you will lose 1 Charge from your Tool, gain 1 Fatigue, hear a chime, and get an update in your Quest Monitor.
-A Build Quest for Collections considers 10 Charges of that type spent on any Pylons of that type to be 1 "Build", even if not in the same Battle.
-When a Build Quest is "complete" you will receive a notification window and your GCW Rewards, and your GCW Build Collections will be updated. Rewards are subject to SF status.

F. Repair Structures - Part I: If the following Structures have received enough damage, and you have the correct Tool, repairs will begin when you click on the structure with the "hand" cursor:

-Barricades: Repaired with Barricade Construction Tool

-Patrols: Repaired with the corresponding Patrol Construction Tools (damaged by Spies)

G. Repair Structures - Part II: The following structures require you to use the Radial/Tilde Key "~" and select Use or Repair.

-Turrets: Repaired with Turret Construction Tool

H. Repair Vehicles: Repairing "Damaged Vehicles" requires use of the Radial/Tilde "~" Key and uses 4 Charges to complete 1 Repair Vehicle Quest regardless of Tool Power. A good Vehicle Repair Kit will focus on Charges instead of Power. Using your Mount to find and repair will increase the rate and number of extra vehicles in the assault. Vehicles will have the blue Quest icon, show % of Repair received, and typically be located at Static Locations around the city borders and near Offensive Camps.

I. Monitoring and Receiving Rewards: Pillage Some Booty, You Pirate!

(Note: SF Status will earn you double GCW Tokens and Points for Quests, but does not double the end of battle Win/Lose Rewards.)

-Open your Character Sheet (C key) and click the GCW tab. This will tell you your Current Rank, Current Progress Towards Next Rank, Time Until Next Weekly Rank Promotions, Current GCW Points to be applied toward next Promotion, Lifetime GCW Points Earned, Current PvP Kills for the week, and Lifetime PvP Kills.
-GCW Points give a diminishing return, meaning the more you earn the less value they have, but the first several thousand points should yield full value. 50k GCW Points would NOT be twice as good as 25K Points. If you're playing different toons, consider balancing the GCW Points earned between them. A single lower Rank like Trooper/Corporal might be skipped in a single week with a huge number of points, but Officer ranks take more than 1 week. Points do not carry over to the next week, and you will not see a "Time Until Next Ranking" meter if you have not earned any GCW Points for the current week.
-GCW Tokens are deposited in your Inventory and can be stored in the yellow "Box of Achievements" from Rohak in Aurillia, easily obtained by a simple Quest for CL75 and up.
-GCW Tokens can be spent at any appropriate Faction Recruiter provided you are not On Leave.
-Civilian Mercenaries can purchase GCW Token Rewards from the Recruiter of the Faction you're currently supporting. If you are not currently a "Mercenary" you will see the option to become one. If you are one you will see the option to Purchase Rewards with your GCW Tokens.

IV. How to do it better: Technical Data for Skilled Crafters (see: Appendages)

A. Quality Control
C. Right Tools for the Right Jobs

V. How to get the most out of it: Sporting ways to earn good rewards

A. GCW Points for Ranking Up: Typically the easiest get, my highest 30 minute gain was 5600+ with "3 Wins" on a Combat toon after building Offenses and Repairing some vehicles with my Trader, but the same strategy (and RL luck) would apply to a Trader from start to finish. Here's an "ideal" scenario for a Triple Win, but know that this depends on the work and success of at least a moderate sized "team" and obviously involves traveling to all 3 Cities during the Battle Phase. For our study, we will use an Imperial Trader building & repairing Offenses against Rebels in Keren and Dearic and returning home to repair Defenses at Bestine:

(Note: While looking over the GU15 Release Notes again, I notice SOE states...

"Two of the three cities will be active during each invasion."

...this would explain why I noticed different Cities inactive across different servers, but this IS NOT ALWAYS THE CASE! It should read "At least two of the 3 cities..." as I am still seeing all 3 cities active during the same Battle. Your /GCW Screen will show you which cities are "active" once the Build Phase begins. If it becomes "routine" that only 2 cities will be active, this "3 Win" section will be condensed to a "2 Win" section.)

ATTN: /GCWSCORE chat command will show you who is currently earning GCW Points in the area for each Faction and their Profession for that Battle only, it is not an ongoing "scoreboard" and will not show activity on other planets. This did not sit well with one "friendly" Spy I contacted for information on Sabotage and Patrol Points. Word is out, everyone's cover is blown when participating in GCW Invasions. However, it will help lone crafters and small separate groups get better organized.

1) Group and Coordinate with your Builders. Put a Call Out on your Faction Channel letting them know a Crafter is at what Camp and City making Tools. Let Combatants, Builders or CL<46 Traders scout the area, look for other crafters or potential builders, report on City Defenses your team will be facing. Ask a builder to put a Call Out on the Faction channel, especially if you're building a strong assault against a poorly defended city, and certainly if you're trying to coordinate an Interplanetary Front for multiple wins. Even the paths of strangers may cross with good results.

2) Make Quality Tools at a strong Camp location (lots of Pylons and good path to enemy General), be fast and efficient so your Builders can get started. This truly is a team effort. A smuggler would be most helpful for slicing the Terminal and getting the elusive Manufacturing Boosters for Offensive Tool crafting.

(Note: You can get them from the Terminals after a Smuggler completes their "mini-game", and you will receive 1 Booster or Enhancer at a time, no stack, to be used in crafting 1 Tool. It was "reported" to me by one trader that an Enhanced Defensive Tool's Max Power is 30, or twice the Power of a Standard Tool's Max Power 15. The success of the Smuggler determines the Quality of the Boosters and Enhancers, so if you can make a Standard Defensive Tool with Max Power 15 but not getting the Power 30 using enhancements then the Smuggler may not be producing the best results. Still, Smugglers have been very rare on the scene, so appreciate the ones that do show up to help. Manufacturing Boosters are for Offense Tools only, and Material Enhancers are for Defense only.)

3) Give 1 or 2 "Roaming" Builders 1-2 sets of Both Tools with high Charges. CL<46 Traders are best for this job as they can finish more quickly and return to regular pylon construction. Have them go to the other 2 Camps and put 1 Charge on Each Empty Pylon, then build up a couple Combat Vehicles and Offensive Patrols to 100% at those Camps if time allows. Make sure they know they can build Pylons while Mounted, along with your other Builders. Jedi probably won't bother with Mounts, but Commandos and Medics don't have any typical "sprint" options. The purpose of the Roaming Builder is simply to make sure every possible Pylon will convert to a Patrol Point for the Battle phase, even if only spawning CL60's. This is your backup, but you still need a Main Assault Force. If you do not have other traders or many builders at your assault location you can just have your team focus on your chosen Camp sight.

4) Give regular Builders the Quality Tools with best Power and Charges combo you can craft (see How yo do it better training) so they can build more quickly at your chosen Camp. Do not give a low Power and high Power each to one builder, as they will have no control over which one is used when Constructing Pylons. Remember that a Pylon's % rating when it coverts to a spawn Point for Battle Phase will determine what it adds to the battle.

Offensive Patrols:
1-49% - CL60 Soldier
50-99% - CL90 Soldier
100% - CL90 Elite Soldier

Combat Vehicles:
1-49% - CL60 Elite Vehicle
50-99% - CL90 Elite Vehicle
100% - CL90 Boss Vehicle

Siege Vehicles:
0-99% - no spawn
100% - CL100 Boss
(Note: Anything less than 100% will convert to a Siege Point but will not spawn vehicles)

5) Build a Strong Assault, be smart and efficient. You only have 30 minutes from the time your Supply Terminal appears. With all Pylons ready to spawn the minimum CL60's, help your Builders work together on desired Pylons to prevent wasted time, charges, and resources added. Remember, if 3 people work to bring 3 Pylons from 5% to 45% each, you've gained nothing except "maybe" endurance against Spy Sabotage attacks.

Siege Vehicles are strong but cannot enter a City, and therefor cannot attack the enemy General or his immediate defenses. They can help remove border Defenses, allowing quicker and easier access into the city for your forces. I built 2 Defense Towers in one city during Build Phase for testing, 1 to 100% (Level 3) with minimum CL60 support on all surrounding pylons, and the other was 60% (Level 2) with CL60 supports. 5 minutes before Battle Phase, I rushed to an Offense Camp on another planet to finish my Siege Collection. As soon as the Battle Phase began I rushed back to monitor my 2 Towers for buffs given and other information, but when I got there both Towers were already destroyed by a Siege Vehicle.

CL90 Boss Vehicles are very deadly, very resilient, and can help clear a path right up to the enemy General.

Patrols obviously add to the fight, but they will not win it for you. Be smart in what you build and where. Try building 100% Pylons in the section of your Assault Line that will first reach the fight. This may be at one end or in the middle of a long line of pylons. Your strongest spawns can withstand being at the front of the line better than others, almost "tanking" for the CL60's. If you're building a long line such as the South Camp at Keren and have CL90 Elites at the ends but only CL60 's in the center, those 60's may not survive long enough for the Elites to arrive if the bridge is well defended.

6) Repair Damaged Vehicles once Battle Phase begins. Use the Radial "~" Key and select "Use" to begin repair cycle, which will count down like other repair and build tasks. The only difference is Vehicle Repairs do not care about Tool Power, at all:

1 Charge spent = 25% Repaired, 4 Charges Fully Repairs

Vehicle Repairs can spawn CL90 Elites and Bosses, seemingly at random, and Damaged Vehicles will spawn at static locations around the borders and up to the outermost buildings of a Defending City. Vehicle Repairs can potentially double the number of vehicles in the fight, and if destroyed will respawn at their static "Damaged Vehicle" location. They are recognizable by the floating Blue Quest Icons and a label showing % repaired. 1 Vehicle Repair Quest requires 4 charges spent repairing damaged vehicles, even if not on the same vehicle or in the same battle. You get GCW Points and Tokens for each Vehicle Repair Quest completed, making this a good way to earn points when others are fighting, but while still contributing to the fight and overall victory.

7) Pay attention to your NPC Officer Comm Messages for a notice on the enemy General being attacked. If possible, help with the fighting by setting your droid and your sights on reasonable targets while your main Combatants take the heat. Don't feel bad, you've earned it with that impressive Assault Force you provided them. If grouped you can get more kills towards your Collections, but for now we're focused on that Triple Win, right? So PAY ATTENTION! Bragging rights aren't handed to you, you have to earn them.

*Is the General destined to fall? Did your contribution help? Want to risk it all and play hero? You CAN help your team attack the General, but it is risky. This will eventually set you to Special Forces status, making you open to attacks from enemy SF Players which you would not likely survive, plus the General does extreme damage if he attacks you. If you do survive and the General falls, you just got your "Kill A General" badge! If you go SF, stay close to your fellow SF members and be careful. A good SF Trader can even hold back on the fighting and focus on monitoring other SF activity. If your SF Combatant members learn to rely on your reports, they can focus more on their own duties.

(Note: HotFix 15.5 states "Collection reward for killing the general is given to all participants within a 128 meter range of the general." so you don't actually have to attack and risk SF, but your firepower could still help with the kill.)

8 ) Once the General is Defeated the Battle is Won and you just got 1000 GCW Points. This usually results in a little skirmish between any remaining SF Players in the area. If this includes you, don't feel bad when you get stomped quicker than you can blink. Just Clone near a Starport so you can quickly get to your next City before the end of Battle Phase.

9) For a Triple Win you will need 2 Offensive Wins and 1 Defensive Win, or 3 Offensive Wins. We're going for the first option, so make your way to your next Assault Location. If you cloned, you are now On Leave. You can keep this status until arriving at the next battle scene making it easier to get through your enemy Starport and City in safety, but you must Be a Combatant by talking to a Recruiter or using the /PvP chat command 1 TIME ONLY before you can do any more GCW Quests or fighting. Once at your next Offensive Battle, get back to Repairing Damaged Vehicles, attacking Defenses, or attacking the General as needed. If you're lucky enough to arrive for the second General's demise then you just earned another 1000 GCW Points!

(Note: SOE Forum Knowledge Base states, "Players who are killed and clone while special forces will spawn as a combatant, and can use the /pvp command to sign up for more PVP action." This is tested and UNTRUE! Even as SF, if you clone you will do so On Leave and must return to Combatant and then SF status.)

10) Now rush back to your Home City and help Repair Defenses around your own General for the final stretch of the Battle Phase, making sure you are at least Combatant (or SF). If your General lives you will have your final 1000 GCW Points and your bragging rights. Good job, soldier!

Remember, you don't have to attack the General or deliver any specific damaging or killing blows to get your 1000 Points per Win, just be an "active" part of the Battle by being on location and on duty. However, for the Multiple Wins it's best that you contribute as much as possible. A 2 Win scenario is common if you do much Offensive Building and provided you have an adequately defended Home City.

B. GCW Tokens for Purchases: 100+ Tokens in a single 1 Hour Battle is reasonable, even if you only Build Offenses and Repair Vehicles for a losing Assault. Building and Repairing Defenses when nobody else shows up will not yield much in Tokens, as Repair Quests will be few and far between.

When Defending, your rewards will be limited to the amount of damage available to repair. If you don't expect a serious battle, then build light to moderate defenses at the City Border and repair whatever damage the random CL60 enemy spawns deliver. In a heavy battle you will have plenty of opportunity for Repair Quests and some Defend Quests.

C. GCW Collections are available for just about anything you can Build, Repair, or Kill.

-Kill Quota Badges are available for each of the 3 "Levels" of spawned Soldier Patrols (3 badges) and Combat Vehicles (AT-XT & AT-ST, 1 badge), and 1 Kill Badges are available for Siege Vehicles (AT-AT & Hailfire, 1 badge), and the General.
+All 6 of these can be collected for the "<insert faction here> Fighter" badge.

-Build Quota Badges are available for Patrol, Barricade, Tower, Turret, Vehicle, and Siege Vehicle Build Collections.
+All 6 can be collected for the "<insert faction here> Builder" badge.

-Repair Quota Badges are available for Barricades, Turrets, and Vehicles.

(Note: Patrol Points can be "repaired" if you're fortunate enough to catch a Player Spy in the act of "Sabotage". You will receive the "Patrol Resupply" Quest, but I've not managed to receive a badge for it. I've completed the Quest at least once. The Quest does not indicate a specific "quota" and no indication of a Badge is in the Collections Screen.)

(Note: Towers can receive damage, but clicking on them only activates a Defend Quest and using the Radial "~" Key gives a "Use" option but no "Repair". I've yet to perform a repair on a Tower, so I've yet to see any collection activated. Towers are the only Defend Quests I have received on a Trader, as they are typically Combatant Quests.
+You can "currently" get the "Defend <Faction> Towers" Badge after a total of 50 Vehicle Kills, but this may or may not be a bug, since it "seems" to deviate from all other rules and prevents us from repairing Towers. Submitted to SOE.)

-PvP Collections are now available to Traders. Yes, they were "available" before, but how many of us ever activated them? When you "assist" in a PvP kill you will get credit, even if you are not grouped with or "out-damaging" your fellow attackers. When you receive credit for a kill you will be notified on screen along with the amount of GCW Points earned, and you can receive a No Trade Collectible "Rank" (from Enemy Faction Players rank Lieutenant or higher) or a No Trade Collectible "Patch" in your inventory, presumably corresponding to the Rank of the Player you killed but I didn't stop to ask and I doubt any PvP veteran wants to answer the question...

"Excuse me, I'm a Trader and new to PvP. Sorry I killed you, but could you please tell me your Rank?"

+There is a <Faction> Patch Collection and <Faction> Officer Rank Collection found in your Slayer tab under subheading Creature Items upon activation.

More PvP Collections may be available, but these are the only 2 I've activated as a Trader doing GCW Battles.

*WARNING* PvP kills can result in a Bounty being placed on your head... I hope you're not too attached to it!

VI: Why you want to do it, or not: Community Support & Motivation

A. New Friends & Contacts
B. Galactic Control & Role Playing
C. Cool Stuff

VII. SPECIAL FORCES: SF for Traders. (see: Appendages)
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Re: GU15: GCW Crafting Guide

Post by DeathTrooper »

Announcements, Amendments, Attachments, and Appendages:

*GU16 removed professional requirements from many weapons, including most of the commando heavy weapons. Heavy Weapons have the highest DPS but do area damage and use up a trader's action pool, eventually leaving you "Too Tired" to attack.
-(added to Gear section in guide here)

*Barricade Protection Buffs are fixed with HotFix 16.1

*Towers still do not allow repairs, but do allow the typically combat-class Defend Quest to traders. A question was submitted to SOE, but no word on whether this is intended or not.

*Attacking enemy structures in a City Invasion may leave you stuck in combat, even when you cease fighting and no enemy npcs are nearby. Ceasing to attack a structure does not always cease combat in the same fashion as terminal mission bases and creature nests.

*15 April 2010: "Theory" for Smuggler slicing bonus updated in section IV.


IV. How to do it better: Technical Data for Skilled Crafters

A. Quality Control: Max ratings for Tools: Known/(Theory?)

Defensive Tool Max Power (Standard/Enhanced): 15/(25?)
Defensive Tool Max Charges (Standard/Enhanced): 30/(40?)

Offensive Tool Max Power (Standard/Boosted): 8/(18?)
Offensive Tool Max Charges (Standard/Boosted): 30/(40?)

(Note: Theory: Having since tested the terminal slicing as a Smuggler, it "appears" the success of the slicing, measured on a scale of 0/10-10/10, equals the bonus added to GCW tools when using the Enhancers/Boosters. Several Smugglers can slice a terminal at once, but the resources dispensed will use the rating of the most successful slice. A single level-10 slice is better than many level-5 slices. The power of the Enhancers/Boosters will decrease over time unless the Smuggler continues slicing. Traders who receive one of these bonus materials must wait 60 seconds before receiving another.)

B. POWER vs CHARGES: A Tool has 2 stats for experimenting, but like other crafting jobs you'll only get 100% on one stat. Most cases you will prefer Power for all tools so pylons can be constructed as quickly as possible or repairing structures can be as efficient as possible, but here are a few tips for when Charges deserve a little attention.

-Vehicle Repairs use the Combat Vehicle Tool to repair, but as mentioned in the guide they completely ignore Power ratings. For this reason, quality vehicle tools with Max Charges are ideal for repairs, as you will run out less often. Still, the tools are quick to make without any experimenting and the components are free so junk tools are acceptable.

-If you are a 10 to 11 Point Crafter in the appropriate Skill, you will not likely get Max ratings unless you have a lot of Amazing Results, and even then you may not quite get 100%. Spending more points into a stat when you will not increase that stat should be avoided, as the charges will be best spent in the other stat. In other words, don't waste points trying to get a Power rating you can't when those points can be more efficiently applied to Charges. Here are my suggestions for "less than perfect" non-enhanced tools:

Offensive Tools: to Power 7 (75%), rest to Charges (simple, only 1 less than Max)

Defensive Tools: to Power 13 (80%), rest to Charges (a Power 13 and Power 14 Tool both require 8 Charges to build from 0-100%, whereas a Max Power 15 only takes 7 Charges. In this case, Power 14 has no major benefit over Power 13 while the Power 13 can have more Charges. This applies to tools intended for building pylons. For tools intended for repairs, go for the Power 14 so each charge spent is more effective)

-Max Enhanced/Boosted Tools: to Power 20 or 25, rest to Charges. Powers 20-24 all use 5 charges to build from 0-100%. For repairs, go for best Max Power)

C. Right Tools for the Right Jobs:

-Constructing Pylons: Max Power or "Best" Power and rest to Charges

-Repairing Structures: Max Power

-Repairing Patrol Points and Damaged Vehicles, max Charges if desired but making junk (non-experimented) tools seems just as efficient.

VI: Why you want to do it, or not: Community Support & Motivation

A. New Friends & Contacts
B. Galactic Control & Role Playing
C. Cool Stuff

VII. SPECIAL FORCES: SF for Traders. The PvP community does not fully support the idea that a SF Trader is a PvP participant, presumably due to our lack of combat abilities resulting in a lack of competitive challenge. Being SF with a group may be respected, but being SF outside of an SF group may draw criticism. Without a basic heal ability Traders are left with the options of "chance to heal" buffs from Entertainers and various consumable stims received from vendors or NPCs. Some of these NPC stims may only be received by going to SF only areas. For a handy list of the available stims, what they do, and where to get them, see BadgerSmaker's "Combat Preparation" Guide: ... _id=265090
Moderators are free to moderate, update, or condense, and thank you Zimoon for recruiting me for the guide. May the Force be with you, always.
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Re: GU15: GCW Crafting Guide

Post by Zimoon »

Will read it in full tomorrow, so far it looks awesome but my eyes are ... Let's just say

Good night all :)
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Re: GU15: GCW Crafting Guide

Post by DeathTrooper »

Interesting thing happened on the way to the cloner today...

Okay, GU16 came out today, then all the servers went down for a while, when they came back up various cities across different servers failed to go into Build/Battle mode, and just now I was killed while repairing a barricade. The barricade was in good shape, but in need of repairs. My droid and I were both fighting off a group of enemies, and I started taking serious damage from 3 different ones (according to my Combat chat/tab). I was receiving the "Barricade Protection" Buff Icon the entire time I was being pummeled, incapacitated, pummeled some more, and finally sent to the cloners. Nothing in release notes to indicate an intentional change.

If anyone notices Changes, Bugs, Oddities, etc... please post here so the Guide and Amendments can be kept up to date.

*as of 6:01am CST the official SOE word on Barricade Protection buffs is "we do not know if it was intended or not, but the issue has been sent to the Developers for discussion." Will update when able.
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Re: GU15: GCW Crafting Guide

Post by DeathTrooper »

Yes, the guide is technically "finished" but of course as soon as I say that something else comes along...

SOE Notes on GU15 say "2 Cities" will be active for each battle, although I confirmed all 3 can be active at once. Now, at the last Battle on Chimaera, only 1 city became active, Bestine. Bestine was maybe 88% Imp, can't recall off hand what factions held other 2 cities, but one was about 66% control and the other was exactly 50%. Good thing the /GCW screen told me what WAS active, because I typically do not go to Bestine for battles. Can't say I'm in a rush to edit the guide right now for this, but if people start reporting "1 city only" battles then an amendment might be in order.
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Re: GU15: GCW Crafting Guide

Post by Sobuno »

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Re: GU15: GCW Crafting Guide

Post by DeathTrooper »

Had a chance to respec a trader to smuggler and got some good insights on slicing and boosters. Will be updating guide soon to include data and "theory" for Max Power/Charges, fix couple of typos and check for any missing info that can be added. Will add note in Appendages when changes are made.

*15 April 2010: Smuggler slicing info has been updated. Guide is as up to date as possible.
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Re: GU15: GCW Crafting Guide

Post by wrackspurt »

Might I add that the best way to get rid of fatigue is to log off of a character for about 15-20 minutes, even if you login with another. When you come back, it should be gone.

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