SwgEmu crafting resource percentages and caps.

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SwgEmu crafting resource percentages and caps.

Post by kostic »

I'm rewriting an old swg crafter application of mine with and new UI. I posted it here prob back in 2008-2009 iirc. I'm searching for some calculation information.

So after brushing up on Lunariels cap guide (haven't read it in a few years) I was wondering what the calculation for capacities and percentages is for the emu? This is to determine how much of the green box will be filled when adding a particular item in the crafting window. When the CU hit, it was changed to that min cap values were ignored.

is it still Stat*1000/Maximum Cap

which means that everything is normalized to a range of 1-1000


(max - min) - (stat - min) / (.5 * ((stat - min) + (max-min)) * 100 ? This is the formula for normalizing integer values and finding out the percentage between two numbers.
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Re: SwgEmu crafting resource percentages and caps.

Post by Savacc »

First, I should say, I dont know and you should ask at the Emu forums or the dev channel in mIRC.

What I do know, is that min and max stat caps are NOT considered in pre-CU. For a while, in the CU, both min and max caps were considered, then just max. Max caps were then considered for the rest of the game, through NGE till shutdown.

So I suspect neither of your formulas is correct.
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