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Mission Terminals

Post by sailorzeo »

Sooo I tried running crafting missions last night. The first two worked fine. The second two, one didn't spawn the starter NPC, one did. The next one I grabbed didn't spawn the NPC, either. If I open my quest journal, nothing shows. Is there a way to abort those missions so I can pick up other ones?
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Re: Mission Terminals

Post by Savacc »

open your data pad, click the data tab, click the mission and abort.

crafting and delivery missions are bugged. They work fine right after a server reset. The first person to run a particular mission works fine, the next time the mission giver tends to not spawn.

Survey missions work though. Survey near an NPC city and find a high concentration, preferably 90%, but 80-85 is good too. The spot where you survey must be 1024m from the artisan mission terminal to get paid. That is, the concentration could be closer, but if you can survey it from 1024m you're good to go. Keep hitting refresh on the terminal till you get 2 missions for that resource. Theed is a great place to run survey missions, because there are three artisan mission terminals and the east and west ones are right around 1024m apart. Swoops really help. If you are just starting out, send a mail to "Mi'to" and Ill give you a swoop.
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