SWGAide and galaxy transfers

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SWGAide and galaxy transfers

Post by Zimoon »

Because of the recent change regarding galaxy transfers I anticipate an increased interest in an improved support in SWGAide for transferring resource inventory. Don't you agree?

I just added and successfully tested an option that simplifies transfer from one galaxy to another galaxy without any hassle with export to and import from files. Now I just wonder if I should publish this right away or not, I guess I should :)

Remember that SWGAide has supported galaxy transferred resources already since 2008, but it involved export to file, possibly you had to edit the file for all resources that were unknown at SWGCraft, and then you switched to the other galaxy and imported the file hoping that nothing would screw up; a bit awkward but since galaxy-transfers did not happen every day it was OK I guess 8)

What I have added is this:
  • An option that is named "Galaxy copy..."
  • At next dialog all galaxies which SWGAide thinks you have characters at are listed (not those you have "hidden" at the Main window)
  • Select a target galaxy and click OK
  • SWGAide copies the resource inventory for the current galaxy, all of it, to the target galaxy and an assignee that is named as the current galaxy (notice that if such an assignee already exists and if it owns a certain resource that entry is not modified, but if any other assignee owns that resource it is not modified but the assignees will own each their own entry that can be merged, edited or deleted)
  • Switch to the target galaxy and edit or manage whatever entries, or delete unwanted resources
  • Back at the original galaxy you do the same, edit amount or delete those resources that are transferred to have the amounts up-to-date
Since the target assignee is named as the departure galaxy, such as "Ahazi" the copied resources are easy to find.

All of the source inventory is copied in an attempt to avoid having to go through lengthy lists of resources to select or de-select all those resources that should be copied, or not copied. In my case I will bring over all of my resource inventory, but I guess there are many ways to play the game :)

Please post questions about the use in this topic and I will try to reply as soon as possible. Until this is published you still have the chance to suggests improvements to the scheme I described, but please strive for simplicity, less is always more.

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