Zimoon's Tips on SWGAide

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Zimoon's Tips on SWGAide

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I plan to post hints and tips on SWGAide, one after the other but in no particular order, the bold and colored headline of each post will tell its content, so ... scroll on please, scroll on.

From an early start when SWGAide was a quite crude thing it has grown to contain the more features and options, sometimes hidden and sometimes an option is there but only if... . However, we all use applications differently and there is no right nor wrong in how to use an it as long as we get things done and that we are happy with that. This is my attempt to tell how I use SWGAide myself, which may be either tips or just noise for your ears.

Remember the topic SWGAide Tips & Tricks where you are welcomed to post your tips or hints. Also remember the famous help pages, usually a free utility like this does not come with much of help, but SWGAide does ... find the F1 button.


Quality Levels and Colors

Obviously this is not how I use SWGAide at a daily basis but I guess it helps new users. Let me first ask you if you are new to SWG? Or if you are an oldie with a huge resource stock? Both of you, read on and adjust accordingly, but a SWG beginner also wants to find Beginner's Guide For Traders.

At many, many panels that are about resources SWGAide use a color scheme that displays resource quality based on either the resource class of the resource in itself, or based on a parent resource class; the reason for the latter is explained in the section on resource caps in the beginner's guide.

Which color to use --- Fair, Good, or Great --- is based on the quality levels that are adjusted at the panel Display Options.
Display_Options.png (7.84 KiB) Viewed 15695 times
Default values are 800, 900, and 960 which is 80%, 90% and 96% of possible max for a stat.

An oldie with a good stock probably wants to adjust these values, perhaps to: 900 and 930 but leave 960 as-is. Why leave it at 960 when you have much better stuff in stock? Because with the "resource refinery" expertise anything above 960 will cap your stuff anyway, but this value is also used for other stuff in SWGAide where you perhaps want to see what is great and above. But, as always, we are all different and you do it your way.

A beginner rather wants to find decent resources right away and slowly adjust the values as resource stock improves over time, something that can take many months in SWG, not to say years. Remember this secluded panel and adjust the values now and then.

The colors in themselves can be adjusted to your personal liking, just click the Fair/Good/Great, which are buttons, and use the color chooser. These colors are used in many locations but always kind of mean the same: Great/alert, Good/minor-warning, and Fair/some-info; for the specifics you'd better read the help text for the particular panel.

Q: Where are these quality levels used?
-- At all panels that display resources, they determine the coloring of stats relative their caps.
-- At for example Today's Alert and its Show Great check-box, where the Great-limit is used.
-- At the create-guard dialog to preset the Threshold, where the Fair-limit is used.
-- At yet more locations and perhaps at features that will be added.

Q: At Current Resources, why does coloring change when I drill down the resource class tree?
-- Coloring is based on the resource class of the resource itself only if no class is selected.
-- Coloring is based on the selected resource class ... when you drill down you select a resource class and coloring is adjusted accordingly.

This is either exactly what you want, for example:
If you are interested in the best CD for Steel you drill down to Steel and see only a few current resources. But you are not really interested in seeing that the CD on a Rhodium Steel is tinted red, even if it is 100% capped at 85 it is still far from cap for Steel which is 650. And it is Steel you wanted, right? --- If you are confused now, read the section on resource caps once again and also have a look at the the Resource Info panel in SWGAide, drill down to Steel and see the column for CD.

Or this is is not what you want:
Maybe you just want reduce the overwhelming amount of resources but you still want see coloring as if no class is selected. OK, right click the tree of resource classes and select "Disable/Enable default coloring" which does .... ahem ... just that. This option is reset to default if you click Clear (Alt-C) or if you select a guard; this is a temporary option, not a permanent. Current Resources is is the only panel in SWGAide with this option --- at all other panels you do really want to see the best of what you filter for as you probably have a particular schematic in mind and then that schematic rules what resource class that determines the caps.

Summary wrote:-- Adjust the colors themselves to please your eyes.
-- Adjust the quality levels to suit your inventory.
-- Unless you have a good reason, let Great stay at 960.

Have fun

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