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Re: SWGAide --- version 0.7.85

Posted: Wed Feb 17, 2010 8:23 pm
by Zimoon
Version 0.7.85 of SWGAide is now available.

From the history file:
  • Augmented error handling for write/read to/from the DAT file.
  • Fixed a bug where ultra-rare but serious exceptions were not caught.
  • Fixed minor issues in submit resources for entries reported in parallel.
  • Now the harvester table properly supports sorting of all tables.
The first two items address the serious and weird problems Belisama has had with SWGAide. They do not fix the problem, but possibly it dodges one error and gives some feedback. I have profiled memory use by several methods and it turns out that saving and reading the DAT file peaks quite high, in critical situations more memory than what the JVM has asked for from Windows.

Memory consumption: at this time I suggest players to archive mails they do not use:
  • Trade/auction mails: use the option at Trade >> Edit >> Archive.
    The mails are moved to folders within the SWGAide mails folder and are no longer displayed in SWGAide and neither do they take up space in the DAT file, hence reducing the overall memory footprint, and definitely lowering the peaks when the DAT file is read from or written to.
  • Mails in general: move them out of SWGAide's and SWG's mail folders. SWGAide realizes that they are gone and automatically cleans the DAT file. The result is the same as for trade mails.
Item 3 was not reported by anybody and only occurred if a player (such as myself 8)) selected some resource class and wrote it to notes file, but while in-game augmenting the file somebody else submitted the very same resource which you find, behind your back so to speak. There was no error really, but possible confusion.

Item 4 was that bug report related to sorting at the harvesters window. In fact, sorting on all tables there was broken badly. While fixing that I also removed the superfluous column named Status, it just doubled the warnings displayed by the columns for maintenance, power, hopper, and the resource itself but added no further information.

Forgotten bug reports: now, if I have forgotten any report, please speak up now. Or if you find new issues with this version.

Future: I want this release to be as stable as possible before the next version which will be 0.8.0, the "schematics" version. Having a stable version allows users to stay with it until the next version is deemed OK by more people than myself. There will be no test versions but options and features will be added incrementally, in very small steps. Hence, the very first version will be more like a browser, not good for anything useful 8)



Re: SWGAide --- version 0.7.86

Posted: Thu Feb 18, 2010 6:48 am
by Zimoon
Hotfix 0.7.86 of SWGAide is uploaded.

This fixes a bug for when SWGAide tried to backup non-existing files. It is hard to do that and SWGAide failed 8)


Re: SWGAide --- version 0.7.84

Posted: Thu Feb 18, 2010 8:26 pm
by Zimoon
Zimoon wrote:...
passionfly1 wrote:... the scrubbed DAT file will NOT open up 07.75 - 07.84 version of SWGAide at all it just hangs so deletion is crucial)
Must check this, it should work.
Checked. Downloaded the most recent conversion tool from linked to in the nearby thread; took a number of DAT files from August, June, and May; scrubbed them; started the most recent version of SWGAide, no problem. This does not mean that you are wrong, just that I could not repeat the issue.

If SWGAide get stuck, most often there is lengthy traces in a log file, or both, depending on the nature of the problem. If not, or if you have to kill SWGAide via Windows' Task Manager, try to start SWGAide from a Command Terminal, it is described in the readme file under "Launching Problems".
Zimoon wrote:...
passionfly1 wrote:... the harvester pane (placed harvesters) have an import function now
There should be a file in the "transit" folder for the harvesters and users that you had defined in 0.7.33. Perhaps this scrubber-feature was added in an updated version of the scrubber ??-)
Tuesday, Oct 27 17:07:08 2009 CET, I added support for harvesters and harvester-users to the scrubber. Which date does your utility read in the ZIP file?
Zimoon wrote:...
passionfly1 wrote:... The new version takes about 11 restarts of the software to push any current resources to show.
Have you ticked the option for "auto-update" in the Options >>> SWGCraft? There you select your main galaxy, select the check-box, and set your user-name/password to this site. Sounds like you have not and the 11 restarts is perhaps the ½ hour between file exports from this site :)
passionfly1 wrote:... There is no function to force a pull-down of the current resource list from the server
With auto-update it is not necessary. Also, if you switch to another galaxy than your main galaxy it will update by itself within a few seconds, does it not?
Waiting for feedback.

By now I believe there are quite a few players that really must use the scrubber, and I know some took the easy way and just exported inventory and guards, killed the DAT file and replaced the JAR, and started from scratch. I in no way whatsoever want to talk over you but I suggest we move on and put our energy into what is now and tomorrow, do you agree?

If there is anything precious in the old DAT file that is not there anymore, please mail it to me and I am happy to extract the information and mail it back to you as soon as possible. It will take one or two days because I must tweak some stuff to work with the scrubber, but it is not too hard. I believe you have my mail address :)


Re: SWGAide --- version 0.7.86

Posted: Fri Feb 19, 2010 8:34 pm
by Zimoon
Passionfly sent me a lengthy mail with some issues about installing SWGAide, both from scratch and from a scrubbed DAT file. A error log pinpoints one issue which I must fix, it seems SWG's testcenter and SWGAide has diverged and I must make SWGAide to handle that gracefully.

While looking into that code I also noticed a few unexpected things related to background threads that multitasking. I have not touched that code in quite some time and possibly I implemented in a way that worked by chance back then and with the improved JRE (the Java framework from Sun) some flaws in my code have bubbled up and is now causing troubles under some circumstances, especially during initialization. It happens that the initialization got stuck for a lengthier period, hanging on the Internet connection for different files to download.

Reworking this initialization part will not only make SWGAide 'more stable' / 'less error prone' but it will also launch the faster, believe it or not. At least this is my hope and intention. This will not ask you to delete or reinstall anything, but it will postpone the schematics support somewhat. On the other hand, there are missing schematics, especially at the Munitions side with deconstructed weapons and lots of those new reward schematics from various sources, hence you have something to do while waiting 8)

If I find even other things related to the initialization phase I will fix that too. Comments and suggestions are welcomed as always. And remember to include the log files when you report errors.

Allayloo ta nuv :)


Re: SWGAide --- version 0.7.87

Posted: Mon Feb 22, 2010 2:11 pm
by Zimoon
SWGAide version 0.7.87 is available for testing purposes

This version addresses recent bug reports, from the history file:
  1. Reworked scheduling and execution of post-launch background tasks.
  2. Reworked parts of first-time initialization and error handling of SWG oddities.
  3. Now SWGAide bail out early if there is mail problems in Windows Vista/Windows 7.
Item 1 makes some background tasks start after initialization is finished and at a slower pace. Previously it sometimes begun before initialization was finished which could cause unexpected lockups.

Item 2 makes initialization not to emit an error if SWG test-center is empty or half-empty.

Item 3 makes SWGAide to bail out at the first mail it cannot manage; this is per character so there will still be several entries in the log file. Also, that kind of problem is no longer logged as an error but to the general log file.

The third at least helps players with Windows Vista / Windows 7 to continue decently, even if all features in SWGAide does not work. Mails is kind of off and hence it is not possible to submit resources to SWGCraft from ISDroid reports. This can be remedied if you manually copy all mail files from the mail folders SWG\profiles\ACCOUNT\galaxy\mail_namessss into the corresponding SWGAide's mail folders and flip between the characters to trigger a refresh.

With this version the ZIP file reads the version number which makes life somewhat easier for you.

Credits to Passionfly that reported some of the above issues and suggestions.


Re: SWGAide --- version 0.7.87

Posted: Wed Feb 24, 2010 12:20 pm
by Zimoon
From another report and discussion I took it SWGAide does not really tell if there is an error during launch, except for the red error bulb in the lower right corner. From next update an error dialog will make it clear though. No scheduled release at this point, that is determined if there are yet other error reports so it makes sense to post another bug-fix release.


Re: SWGAide --- version 0.7.87

Posted: Sun Feb 28, 2010 5:43 pm
by Zimoon
Per mail I received an issue with adding resources to inventory that are unknown at SWGCraft. This is a bug that is now fixed and is included in a future version of SWGAide.

Workaround: Add the resource to SWGCraft.

For old resources, use the link

Current resources are handled as usual.

I will not make available another version of SWGAide for this bug, the workaround is enough.



Re: SWGAide --- version 0.7.87

Posted: Sun Feb 28, 2010 9:05 pm
by Zimoon
Another mail reported an issue with aliases file, a bug I introduced months ago --- not many are using this feature obviously 8)

The bug is fixed but aliases will not work until another version. No workaround other than using a plain text editor but not SWGAide.



SWGAide --- version 0.8.0

Posted: Sun Mar 07, 2010 5:49 pm
by Zimoon

SWGAide version 0.8.0 is available

This version presents plain browsing of schematics, no bells, no whistles, but definitely a first step.

Feedback is welcomed, is as must-have and wishes. Even if you think of something that you believe I will add, perhaps it is something that never crossed my mind, a distrait fellow like me :roll:

This version also include some pending bug fixes communicated in the bug forum thread. From the history file:
  • Closed down galaxies no longer show up at the SWGCraft options panel.
  • Any error during launch now raises an error dialog, not only writes to log file.
  • Fixed a bug affecting resources with unknown ID, that is unknown at SWGCraft.
  • Fixed a bug the made SWGAide not find aliases files.
Any bug reports or whatever, post them in this thread please.
Wishes and whatever, use the forum threads linked to in the first post of this thread, thanks.


SWGAide --- version 0.8.1

Posted: Sun Mar 21, 2010 12:27 pm
by Zimoon
SWGAide version 0.8.1 is available

This version continues at the Draft Schematics panel and now presents you with shopping list and more. Now also the help file is in place, hit F1 for a look. This is from the history file:
  • Added drop down list with schematics in alphabetical order, filters apply.
  • Empty category nodes are no longer visible, added option to display all.
  • Added shopping list with factory batch size multiplier.
  • Added popup dialog for write/append to notes file.
  • Added popup dialog for copy to clip board.
  • Added used-in schematics list.
I guess hiding empty nodes in the category/schematics tree is a welcomed addition. If there are any questions about the other items, give me a shout.

A mix of features for the Draft Schematics panel and more panels. There is a pile of feature requests from you and myself, I need to sit back a day or two and figure out in which order to implement and add them so I do not begin to kind of stomp on my own toes 8)

Schematics data
As you probably have seen lots and lots of schematics spits out that UNKNOWN. And some schematics are categorized completely wrong. Etcetera. There is only one way to go, provide the correct data here at SWGCraft :mrgreen:
  • If not already, apply to be a schematics maintainer and add/complement/rectify what you come across
  • Post your input in
    --- the best input is a screenshot of the schematic from the datapad
    --- if it is a correction, also tell the schematics ID number, read in the link/address field
The better data here at SWGCraft the better for us all.
Notice that any edits or new schematics may take up to 24 hours until it is available for SWGAide.


Re: SWGAide --- version 0.8.1

Posted: Fri Mar 26, 2010 10:35 am
by Swedishoyster
Zimoon wrote:
  • If not already, apply to be a schematics maintainer and add/complement/rectify what you come across
Where do I sign up?

Re: SWGAide --- version 0.8.1

Posted: Fri Mar 26, 2010 1:02 pm
by Zimoon
Swedishoyster wrote:
Zimoon wrote: If not already, apply to be a schematics maintainer and add/complement/rectify what you come across
Where do I sign up?
The link was just above the sentence you quoted :D
but ... =18&t=2171

Re: SWGAide --- Your SWG Swizz Knife

Posted: Fri Mar 26, 2010 9:39 pm
by Zimoon
SWGAide version 0.8.2 is available

This version has enhanced browsing, from the history file:
  • Clicking at a component in the details view now navigates to the selected item.
  • Added buttons to navigate back and forward on the trace of selected schematics.
  • Added keys Alt+left and Alt+right for navigating back and forward respectively.
  • Added a feature to find schematics with some text in their names.
Plus that the help text is updated according to these changes.

This far I am quite happy with navigation and browsing, but if there is anything I have overlooked or something that is annoying or odd, please report it.

Next phase now is more focused around resources <----> schematics. I believe this will go into a separate tab under the schematics section, I have thought a lot about if it makes sense to have them at the first panel but could not find a good display or fashion to do that. If anybody disagrees, argue for your thoughts.

Have fun and update schematics as much as you can: >>> <<<


SWGAide --- version 0.8.3

Posted: Sun Apr 18, 2010 8:14 pm
by Zimoon
SWGAide version 0.8.3 is now released

After some weeks longer than expected the next step in SWGAide's history is true, now best matching resources are displayed. Still more is to come, but this is not a small step forward but quite a leap.

Make sure to go to "Schematics" and to "Laboratory" and then press F1 and read up on the stuff 8) I have tried to keep everything intuitive but you know ... :P

From the history file:
  • Improved scheduling startup background tasks.
  • Added favorite list and dialog to define/select assignees and add schematics.
  • Added schematics laboratory panel that lists best resources, notes field, etc.
  • Clicking at a component that is hidden now displays an informative dialog.
  • Improved table cell rendering for resources and other panels.
A lot more is tom come, some are mentioned in the help file so you have no excuses :mrgreen:

That said, I am sorry I have not been around for quite some time, work is too much right now and then SWGAide. There is no way I can tell you the hours I have put into this release, once again a big chunk of code is replaced with GUI supporting code that will make future new stuff a breeze to add. I just wish I knew half of what I know today a few years ago :)



Re: SWGAide --- Your SWG Swizz Knife

Posted: Mon Apr 19, 2010 10:56 am
by Tewon
First thank you for the update.

I have one small question: Is there a way to delete the created Favorites?

Thanks in advance

Kind regards