Starsider: Harmonious Creations, A Traders Guild

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Starsider: Harmonious Creations, A Traders Guild

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Borrowing a post from my guild leader:

Well everyone, I just got back a month ago from being over seas for a while, and Harmonious Creations was in tatters. It's taken a lot of work, but things have turned for the better. I've gotten the crafting house back up, and I've gotten a couple new members to add some spark to the guild. Now I know it's been a while since I've explained what we're all about, but let me try. <HRMNY> is a crafting and commerce guild, plain and simple. We're all here to help each other out, and to make sure that we're making the best possible products. We have a core group of traders, who are willing to help beginners start out on their journey to greatness. If any of you have any traders that really aren't doing anything, feel free to bring them over. My goal is in the end to have a core group of traders who make excellent products and have fun doing it; If you want to buy the best droid on the market, you find someone in <HRMNY> (Which is true right now. Just saying)

IC'ly, we're lead by Ponama Eenefa (My Droid Engineer), an Ithorian who is dedicated to finding the cleanest and most environmentally friendly means to manufacture his products. If that company sounds like something that you could see your trader (or other toon for that matter, but mostly trader) be a part of, please contact me. I'm not /anon so you can do a search for Harmonious Creations and I'll be there.

Thanks to everyone who's been a customer of ours. You are really what makes this work
And my two cents:

I just want to add that a chance meeting with a HRMNY member in Theed Cantina turned out to be the best thing that's happened to me since my return. Before, I had no one to ask for advice, help, or instruction. I could find tutorials and guides, but no one to help me understand them. I had no idea what made resources good, what capping meant, or how to get the best possible end product. I was just told "get high enough to make us brandy!"

The difference between that and joining HRMNY and getting actual help is like getting a textbook on astrophysics out of the library and trying to understand it, and getting to take an actual class with instructors willing and able to explain terms and formulas in plain Basic. I have learned SO much from Ponama and the other members.

We're actively recruiting. Our base is on Naboo, in Themisium. If you're interested, send a tell to ponama, niklev, carric, jekkir, nikovian', oada or ieroliria. We'll get the message. :)

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