Resourcetree XML file

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Re: Resourcetree XML file

Post by Zimoon »

Updated the file resourcetree2.xml to tell that Egg is not possible to harvest at Kashyyyk and Mustafar.

Seafoods was previously marked as non-harvestable at Mustafar, which I believe is correct. I have never tested at Kashyyyk, anybody?

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Re: Resourcetree XML file

Post by Arden »

Is this resourcetree2.xml current for preCU to build SWGAide using your new branch?

From the dev readme.

Code: Select all

## Generate Resource Class Files ##
The more than 800 resource-class files are generated locally. Now and after any
update download
Navigate to swg/tools/, open it, navigate to its
main method, and read the usage comment. In Eclipse, open "Run" -> "Run As...",
and open the "Run Configurations" wizard for the generator. At "Arguments", add
a TO path and a FROM path to the "Program Arguments". The TO-path is the path to
your project's location, not including "swg". The FROM-path is the path for the
XML file. Example:
"C:\Documents and Settings\Simon\Projects\SWGAide_0_8_00"
"C:\Documents and Settings\Simon\Projects\resourcetree2\resourcetree2.xml"
At the wizard, select "Apply" and "Run".

Now the generator creates swg/crafting/resources/ and the
more than 800 java files in the swg/crafting/resources/types/ package. Usually
Eclipse triggers a rebuild, otherwise you build manually.
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