Artisan Powerups - attributes and names table

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Artisan Powerups - attributes and names table

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Did some research and put together a table of the Artisan powerup attributes and their associated naming modifications.

Attached is a mysql dump of this table.
It is NOT optimized by any stretch of the imagination.

My motivation for collecting the data was to backend a tool to facilitate planning which powerup variant to craft for the desired effects.

This contains some records with only a question mark in one of the fields. These may be ignored. Why include them at all, I can hear someone asking. My first pass at construction was to name the powerup schematic, then add records for each of the four primary and four secondary attributes.
Not all schematics have all four variations. In practice, you'll probably want to remove those records.

Primary attributes and secondary attributes each got their own records, with an eye toward making the tool coding more simplistic. Combine them if you wish.

Feel free to use it, or not, as you see fit.
mysql dump of artisan powerups, attributes, names
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