Lyases enzymes

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Lyases enzymes

Post by TradeMaster »

So, I've been foraging up a bunch of these puppys. The colors, oh the colors, if only mushrooms were this vivid. But, anyway...from what I've been able to determine, only the 9,10 and 11 stat affecting enzymes are desired. Is this correct? Or, is there are use for the little itty bitty enzymes I have acquired - which I'll be blowing up (or selling) once I hear your opinions on this. The only enzymes that can be reprocessed are the creature DNA stuff is that correct?
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Post by xorbok »

The only enxymes that can be processed are the hydrolase enzymes, which require enzyme extractors. On the lyase, usually only the 9 10 and 11 are used simply because they will increase the most random stats, increasing the overall abilities of the creature being created. The lyase with fewer than 9 CAN be used also, they just wont effect as many attributes as the higher numbers. These are great for simple grind or starter pets and for mounts where the attributes are not that important

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