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the corpse of my monkey fetched resources

Posted: Sun Nov 07, 2010 6:43 am
by Oar
I found a silly bug. I reported it to SOE, under Character catagory thru the Ingame support feature, tonight.

My monkey, Heinypatter, is laying here dead, 'Corpse of Heinypatter', from some other event. He's only lv11 and dies from a stiff crosswind. I didn't realize it for awhile, that he was dead. Little guy was hiding under my bent knee. He managed to put that petskill, Sample Resources buff on me just fine, from his dead state. *raiseeyebrows* Bug #1

So as the popups that appear during sampling, came and went, and reappeared and rewent, I realized. Gee, this one here will get me more resources if I send out Heinypatter. So, I ordered my pet to fetch me some resources, like any good slave driver. He did this willingly, from his dead state. That's one amazing Woolamander, right there. Follows orders even after death! Bug #2

This is one of those occasions that really deserves a screenshot, I know. 'Corpse of Heinypatter' laying there, while Oar's chat scroll says, "Your pet has successfully located additional resources." I'm really sorry I can't provide the 1000 laughs, that picture would've. But you have to understand, its my sincere belief, the person or the team that needs to read this, won't.

Prove me wrong. But I can honestly tell you, bugreports to SOE do not get read. SWG still is showing a Jawa image, when we fly into Coronet, Corellia, during the loading screen, however the description says Selonian. This mistake was reported in late 2003. It still persists. It should show a picture of a Selonian, not a Jawa, if its going to describe a Selonian.

Come on SOE, there has to be a picture of a Selonian available in all that TCG art, nowadays. Fix it, plz.

Cya, Oar

Re: the corpse of my monkey fetched resources

Posted: Sun Nov 07, 2010 6:51 am
by Oar
One other thing, I forgot to mention, in original post. The petskills, Forage Enzymes and Sample Resources, show a toggle capability that is able to be toggled on, but fails to work. When current buff expires off the owner, the pet with these two petskills will never recast/rebuff its owner. Bug #3.


Re: the corpse of my monkey fetched resources

Posted: Sun Nov 07, 2010 9:10 pm
by Zimoon
I had one such pet and believe me or not but all by a sudden, one day it was alive again.

Bug??? Reported it??? I though it was a feature :twisted:

Re: the corpse of my monkey fetched resources

Posted: Mon Nov 08, 2010 6:54 am
by Oar
Zimoon wrote:it was alive again.
Yeah, sometimes when I recall mine after it dies, it comes back alive. I have this same thing happen to me, a lot in City Battles. It might have something to do with PvP or Turrets. *shrug*

Maybe your right, mentioning this to SOE might be a bad thing, look at how they ruined Kessel with those Frigates, in the name of providing a solution to the Gunboat situation. Lord only knows what might happen to Heinypatter if they 'try' and fix this undead pet resource retrieval 'FEATURE'. :wink:

Working 'from the grave' as intended! LOL