Mutant Pet.

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Mutant Pet.

Post by dareninger »


I rolled my first pet and to my suprise I rolled a Varasquatyl with 60 points. I was wondering what something like this is worth?

The stats look pretty good

ver3.JPG (37.36 KiB) Viewed 12615 times
Thanks for your input.
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Re: Mutant Pet.

Post by Zbignew »

Can't help with the price, but I would think the Bria trade forum ... rum_id=478 would get you a quick response. Good luck.

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Re: Mutant Pet.

Post by fridge33sam »

Grats! I know of several mad scientists that have been trying to get that one, but haven't been able to! If you were on Flurry you could get several mill.
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