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Be the Best BM

Post by Zanex »

For the best BM components, try this:

1.) Dexterity(4)>Hypothisis(4)>Advanced Theory(1) gives an additional experimentation point.
2.) Resource Processing(2)>Advanced Resource Refinement(2)increases resource qualities.
3.) Fill in the blanks for what else is necessary to you.

Now you have an extra experimentation point. As it becomes possible, make or purchase a few 32 power bits (I believe 32’s will cap experimentation boosts)
You will need a minimum of 3 power bits to make 3 SEA’s

Domestics needs Tailor Experimentation.(+8 is capped)
DE needs Droid Experimentation.(+8 is capped)
AS/WS needs WS Experimentation. .(+8 is capped)
Structure trader needs structure Experimentation. .(+8 is capped)

Install your experimentation power bits on your Chest armor, Shirt, and Weapon. If possible, also add Luck to these three items AND add luck to your other armor or clothing pieces AND have 3 Power Up’s made for Luck.

You get 1 extra experimentation with expertise, and TWO more with SEA’s.

Luck will add to your chance to have an AMAZING experimentation.

Bespine Port is your friend when experimenting, along with LUCK PU’s.

When ready to experiment Quality, fill the bar completely up and experiment the WHOLE LINE once.
If you get an Amazing, it will take one more point to complete that experimentation line.
Dump the rest in Potential (Mutagen)
Occasionally you will get 3 amazings in a row, this is your schematic =)

Try to find schematic makers for your sub components that do it with these abilities and experimentation points and you will make the best possible items with the resources at hand.

If you are a Structure Trader, find a public Diner, as you get ANOTHER experimentation point from that!

In making BM components only two things matter besides resources. Experimentation points and Luck!

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