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Schematic Details:

Skill NeededDomestic Arts I: Simple Cooking
Complexity3 - Requires Generic Crafting Tool
Schematic Size1
Resources Needed6
XP Gained12
XP Per Resource2.00
Crate Size25
Quality level Low Quality
ScreenshotsNo screenshots - Add Screenshot
Server groups
Shopping List:

6 Flora Food
Resource List:

  1. Requires 6 units of Flora Food
Experimental Properties:

Not Available
Additional info:

A sticky syrupy substance fortified with carbohydrates. Used as a sugary basis for many foods.

Best resources for:

Current resources:

Flora Food: No resource available

All resources:

Flora Food: No resource available

Used in Schematics:

Domestic Arts I: Simple Cooking
- Blob Candy

Domestic Arts III: Basic Desserts
- Caramelized Pkneb
- Kanali Wafers

Novice Chef
- Air Cake
- Blap Biscuit
- Blap Biscuit

Desserts III: Complex Desserts
- Gorrnar

Desserts IV: Delicious Creations
- Cavaellin Creams
- Vagnerian Canape

Entrees IV: Creative Dishes
- Bivoli Tempari
- Rakririan Burnout Sauce
- Vegeparsine

Master Chef
- Deneelian Fizz Pudding

Spices III: Stims
- Gunjack


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