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Kerro, Dathomirian Leathery Hide (Basilisk)

% of cap (Cap)3% (1000)12% (1000)50.5% (1000)94.9% (1000)66% (1000)
PlanetAdded atAdded byMarked unavailable atMarked unavailable by
Dathomir12:00:07 30-07-2021SWGCraft Parser12:00:51 11-08-2021SWGCraft Parser
This resource can be harvested from the following creatures:

a baz nitch
a bolma
a bolma calf
a bolma female
a bolma male
a bolma pack master
a bolma youth
a brackaset
a brackaset female
a brackaset male
a bull rancor
a craggy bolma
a disturbed bolma
a domesticated brackaset
a female Kwi
a female malkloc plainswalker
a foul desecrator
a giant baz nitch
a gnarled rancor
a kamurith defiler
a kamurith snapper
a kinad baz nitch
a kwi
a lowland brackaset
a lumbering bolma
a malkloc
a malkloc bull
a malkloc plainswalker
a mature reptilian flier
a monstrous brute
a mutant baz nitch
a mutant rancor
a Nightsister bull rancor
a Nightsister enraged bull rancor
a Nightsister enraged rancor
a Nightsister rancor
a nocuous kamurith
a rancor
a rancor youth
a reptilian flier
a reptilian life stealer
a rhoa kwi
a rhoa kwi guardian
a rhoa kwi hunter
a rhoa kwi pack leader
a Singing Mountain clan rancor
a surefoot brackaset
an alpha bolma
an ancient bull rancor
an ancient reptilian flier
an angry baz nitch avenger
an enraged bull rancor
an enraged rancor
an enraged reptilian flier
an infant brackaset
an injured Kwi
an injured verne
Bolma Prime


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