Schematic Category

This category is a subcategory of the Top category

These categories are subcategories of this category:

1-Handed Melee Weapon
2-Handed Melee Weapon
Melee Weapon
Special Heavy Weapon
Thrown Weapon

The following schematics belong to either the Weapon category or a descendant of the Weapon category and can thus be used in a slot that requires an item of the Weapon category:

Novice Artisan
- CDEF Carbine
- CDEF Pistol
- CDEF Rifle
- Survival Knife

Engineering I: Tinkering
- Wood Staff

Engineering II: Hardware Design
- Reinforced Combat Staff

Engineering III: Advanced Concepts
- Dagger

Engineering IV: Complex Systems
- Heavy Axe

Lightsaber Master
- Double-Bladed Fourth Generation Lightsaber
- Fourth Generation Lightsaber
- Two-Handed Fourth Generation Lightsaber

Lightsaber Novice
- Double-Bladed First Generation Lightsaber
- First Generation Lightsaber
- Two-Handed First Generation Lightsaber

One-Handed Lightsaber II
- Second Generation Lightsaber

One-Handed Lightsaber IV
- Third Generation Lightsaber

Double-Bladed Lightsaber II
- Double-Bladed Second Generation Lightsaber

Double-Bladed Lightsaber IV
- Double-Bladed Third Generation Lightsaber

Two-Handed Lightsaber II
- Two-Handed Second Generation Lightsaber

Two-Handed Lightsaber IV
- Two-Handed Third Generation Lightsaber

Wookie Species Features
- Bowcaster

Novice Weaponsmith
- C12 Fragmentation Grenade
- D18 Pistol
- Metal Staff
- Sword

Intermediate Firearms Crafting
- DH17 Carbine
- DL44 Pistol
- DLT20 Rifle
- DLT20a Rifle
- Scout Blaster

Intermediate Melee Weapons Crafting
- Gaderiffi Baton
- Lance
- Two-handed Axe

Intermediate Munitions Crafting
- C22 Fragmentation Grenade
- DRX Mine

Advanced Firearms Crafting
- DH17 Short Carbine
- DL44 Metal Pistol
- Featherweight FWG5 Pistol
- FWG5 Pistol
- Striker Pistol
- Tusken Rifle

Advanced Melee Weapons Crafting
- Curved Sword
- Vibro Knuckler

Advanced Munitions Crafting
- CryoBan Grenade
- Glop Grenade

Expert Firearms Crafting
- DH17 Pistol
- E11 Carbine
- E11 Rifle
- Launcher Pistol
- Power5 Pistol
- Scatter Pistol
- SG82 Rifle

Expert Melee Weapons Crafting
- Ryyk Blade
- Two-handed Curved Sword
- Vibroblade

Expert Munitions Crafting
- XG Mine

Master Firearms Crafting
- Beam Rifle
- EE3 Carbine
- Heavy Particle Beam Cannon
- Laser Carbine
- Laser Rifle
- Light Lightning Cannon
- Lightning Beam Cannon
- Spraystick
- SR Combat Pistol

Master Melee Weapons Crafting
- Stun Baton
- Two-handed Cleaver
- Vibro Axe
- Vibro Lance

Master Munitions Crafting
- Anti-Vehicular Mine
- Proton Grenade

Master Weaponsmith
- Acid Stream Launcher
- Berserker Rifle Schematic
- DE-10 Pistol Schematic
- DX2 Pistol
- DXR-6 Carbine
- Elite Carbine
- Executioner's Hack Schematic
- Flame Thrower
- Geonosian Sonic Blaster Schematic
- Geonosian Tenloss DXR-6 Schematic
- Heavy Acid Rifle
- Imperial Detonator
- Jawa Ion Rifle
- Long Vibro Axe
- Modified Republic Blaster
- Nightsister Energy Lance Schematic
- Power Hammer
- Republic Blaster
- Rocket Launcher
- Scythe Blade Schematic
- T21 Rifle
- Tangle Pistol