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These categories are subcategories of this category:

Arm Armor
Armor Core
Armor Layer
Armor Segment
Body Armor
Foot Armor
Hand Armor
Head Armor
Leg Armor
Misc Armor
Personal Shield Generator

The following schematics belong to either the Armor category or a descendant of the Armor category and can thus be used in a slot that requires an item of the Armor category:

Novice Armorsmith
- Mabari Armorweave Boots

Layers I: Basic Enhancements
- Energy Protection Armor Layer
- Kinetic Protection Armor Layer

Personal Armor I: Chitin
- Chitin Armor Boots
- Chitin Armor Left Bracer
- Chitin Armor Right Bracer
- Ithorian Guardian Boots
- Kashyyykian Ceremonial Armor Segment
- Kashyyykian Ceremonial Chest Plate
- Kashyyykian Ceremonial Left Bracer
- Kashyyykian Ceremonial Leggings
- Kashyyykian Ceremonial Right Bracer

Deflectors II: Mk 1 Technology
- Personal Shield Generator

Layers II: Blast & Heat
- Heat Protection Armor Layer

Personal Armor II: Tantel
- Kashyyykian Black Mountain Armor Segment
- Tantel Armor Boots

Deflectors III: Mk 2 Technology
- Personal Shield Generator Mk.2

Layers III: Cold & Shock
- Cold Protection Armor Layer
- Electrical Protection Armor Layer

Personal Armor III: Ubese
- Advanced Kashyyykian Black Mountain Armor Segment
- Advanced Kashyyykian Ceremonial Armor Segment
- Ubese Armor Boots
- Ubese Armor Left Bracer
- Ubese Armor Right Bracer

Deflectors IV: Mk 3 Technology
- Personal Shield Generator Mk.3

Layers IV: Exotic Protection
- Acid Protection Armor Layer

Personal Armor IV: Padded
- Composite Armor Segment
- Ithorian Defender Boots
- Kashyyykian Black Mountain Chest Plate
- Kashyyykian Black Mountain Left Bracer
- Kashyyykian Black Mountain Leggings
- Kashyyykian Black Mountain Right Bracer
- Kashyyykian Hunting Armor Segment
- Padded Armor Boots
- Padded Armor Left Bracer
- Padded Armor Right Bracer

Master Armorsmith
- Advanced Kashyyykian Hunting Armor Segment
- Composite Armor Boots
- Composite Armor Chest Plate
- Composite Armor Gloves
- Composite Armor Helmet
- Composite Armor Left Bicep
- Composite Armor Left Bracer
- Composite Armor Pants
- Composite Armor Right Bicep
- Composite Armor Right Bracer
- Ithorian Sentinel Boots
- Ithorian Sentinel Bracer (Left)
- Ithorian Sentinel Bracer (Right)
- Ithorian Sentinel Chest Plate
- Ithorian Sentinel Gloves
- Ithorian Sentinel Guard (Left)
- Ithorian Sentinel Guard (Right)
- Ithorian Sentinel Helmet
- Ithorian Sentinel Leggings
- Kashyyykian Hunting Chest Plate
- Kashyyykian Hunting Left Bracer
- Kashyyykian Hunting Leggings
- Kashyyykian Hunting Right Bracer
- Personal Shield Generator Imperial Test Prototype
- R.I.S Armor Helmet
- R.I.S Armor Leggings
- R.I.S. Armor Boots
- R.I.S. Armor Chest Plate
- R.I.S. Armor Gloves
- R.I.S. Armor Left Bicep
- R.I.S. Armor Left Bracer
- R.I.S. Armor Right Bicep
- R.I.S. Armor Right Bracer
- R.I.S. Armor Segment
- Stun Protection Armor Layer

Engineering II: Hardware Design
- Bone Armor Boots

Engineering IV: Complex Systems
- Bone Armor Left Bracer
- Bone Armor Right Bracer