Looking for resource info

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Looking for resource info

Post by Ibaum » Fri Mar 07, 2008 1:12 am

It was just suggested to me that I learn what qualities each profession needs in their resources. I thought this was a good idea, but thought it may have been done already. Is there a list somewhere that notes what is important to each type of trader?

Some of this will be fairly narrow, like most foods look at DR, OQ, and a few include FL. Shipwrights on the other hand, look at HR, OQ, and UT for armor but OQ, UT, PE, and CD for boosters.

Any ideas about whether or not this has been done? If so I'd rather not remake the wheel (so be lazy and find it rather than run through so many schematics). Any help is appreciated.


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Re: Looking for resource info

Post by Zimoon » Fri Mar 07, 2008 7:10 am

I believe the very best place to look at in this case is each profession's FAQ or if there is a thorough guide.

Unfortunately not all professions can pride themselves with such FAQs at this forum. Yet. So I have to refer you to the official forums.

Remember that many schematics were reworked when NGE came about and even after that, so always peek at the submit and the edited date.

Even if it is possible to read the schematics that is not a good way for all professions. Many components and even readied items have the same quality using top resources as recycled stuff, and you must know which need no stats.

From your question it looks as if you are going the path of a Miner. A noble "profession", indeed. I don't know if you must know all professions from start, perhaps concentrate on what you know to begin with and expand over time.


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Re: Looking for resource info

Post by Laidbacca » Fri Mar 07, 2008 4:02 pm

With architect/shipwright the vast bulk of stuff needs just steel or ore, aluminium etc etc... the downside to this is that we need large quantities of them all. When you start to go into muntions or domestics though this changes greatly, the majority of there schematics start to look for named resources ie...plumbum iron or tatooine fruit, they however need very little in the way of resources per schem. Imagine the cost of harvesters or ship parts if structures traders started applying domestics cpu pricing to there goods :)

Most blaster weapons etc look for oq/cd at 50/50%, melee weapons are 100% on sr if memory serves. Be prepared though to also learn not only the required % per schem but the caps on each particular resource as well, the likes of ditanium and duranium steel or doonium iron are a few that spring to mind from my WS days pre JTL. Being a dedicated miner is hard work, the rewards for being on top of the mining game though are huge. One thing that every server should have is a dedicated miner who knows what to mine and what to leave well alone.

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Re: Looking for resource info

Post by Rommel » Fri Mar 28, 2008 12:20 pm


I'm gonna start research on this stuff as well being that I'm in the mining business, it's very important for predicting what to get on before the contracts start rolling in.

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Re: Looking for resource info

Post by Onyx » Fri Mar 28, 2008 7:25 pm

For chef, there are two common types of combos.

Almost all foods and drinks are weighted 66% on the PE and 33% on the OQ. The DR and FL are also important, but PE is the most important followed by OQ.

All tissue ingredients are based 50% on OQ, 30% on PE and 20% on FL.

There are a handful of times when SR is important too--that is when the schematic calls for hides and bones mainly.

For inorganics, hide, bone, and wood, you want an OQ as close to 1000 as possible. A high DR is also desired.
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Re: Looking for resource info

Post by Aegean » Mon Mar 31, 2008 1:07 am

That's a very good question. It's also a complicated one to answer :)

I'll share what I look for as a Shipwright.

With metals, I look for OQ and CD, with UT as a bonus. If you have some understanding of the resource caps then you might have recognised that the most important metals to look for are Phrik Alum, Polysteel or Platinite Copper, Kammris Iron and Duralloy or Carbonite Steel. This is also because Shipwrighting generally does not ask for specific resource types in the same way that e.g Weaponsmithing does.

For Shipwrights, OQ is always needed. CD relates to energy use, e.g Energy Drain, Reactor Generation and Weapons Energy per Shot. UT is used for Mass, MA and HR as used for Chassis Mass. SR is used for Shield Hitpoints and Droid Speed. The most used metal is Steel. OQ is the most important thing for metals, then CD, then UT and SR.

Getting back to why I recommended Phrik, Polysteel, Kammris and Duralloy ... These will always have a high CD, MA, HR, SR and UT, usually in the 90%+ range. All you're relying on then is getting lucky with the OQ stat. If you see any of these metals with a high OQ, mine them like they are going out of fashion!

For Gases, OQ is the only stat to worry about. Any kind of Reactive or Inert gas with high OQ should be mined. The most used gas is Inert.

Chemicals are pretty straightforward too. Liquid Petro with high OQ and PE, Fiberplast with OQ and SR, and also with UT and MA as a bonus for Chassis Mass. Lubricating Oil with high OQ. I tend to use more Lubricating Oil than any other chemical.

Radioactive with high OQ and PE. Type 6 and 7 Radio gives the best chance of high PE.

Siliclastic Ore with high OQ and SR. Carbonate Ore with high OQ and UT as a bonus. I use both of these pretty evenly. I use Fermionic Siliclastic and Zinsiam Carbonate as these have the highest secondary stats. But any Carbonate Ore with high OQ is useful.

In a way, the most valuable resources for a Shipwright are the JTL types:

Perovskitic Alum: I don't use this myself personally.
Conductive Bocarb Copper: CD and OQ over 900.
Crystallized Bicorb Steel: CD over 650 with high OQ is very valuable.
Organometallic Reactive Gas: High OQ
Gravitonic Fiberplast: OQ and UT over 900.
High-Grade Poly Radio: OQ and PE
Fermionic Siliclastic Ore: Principally high OQ, but the other stats can come close to 1000 (regular Siliclastic Ore cannot) So also look for MA, SR and UT.

And of course Asteroids, any Shipwright would give their right arm for a good Asteroid supplier.

A professional miner has the potential to make far more money than the crafters they are supplying. About 40% of my revenue comes from selling off my 'second-tier' resources. And up to 20% of my revenue is spent on Asteroids every month.

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Re: Looking for resource info

Post by Ibaum » Mon Mar 31, 2008 11:02 pm

Aegean wrote:A professional miner has the potential to make far more money than the crafters they are supplying. About 40% of my revenue comes from selling off my 'second-tier' resources. And up to 20% of my revenue is spent on Asteroids every month.
I just put a bunch of my second tier resources up for sale (still hoarding the prime stuff). Within hours I had made nearly 10m credits, much more than I would have made if I had crafted with them.


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