what to do with resource crates?

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what to do with resource crates?

Post by uta' »

I currently have 20 of the 30k resource deeds.

Should i use them to get the better resources on my server (starsider) or sell them at the current server price of 6-7mil to see if i can buy some of the more expensive transfered resources?

which would be the best thing to do to as a weaponsmith looking for better resources?

any input would be greatly appreciated
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Re: what to do with resource crates?

Post by Savacc »

Well, if the resources you want are selling for 200 cpu or less, then sell the crates and buy the resources.

However, if the resources sell for more then 200 cpu, or are simply not available at any price, use the crates.

Save at least one though to look up resource stats with.
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Re: what to do with resource crates?

Post by Zimoon »

Yes, see this guide and see why you should not sell it or use it, at least not until you have a second one :D

How to Update SWGCraft - a Guide

It is the final section of the first post.


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