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Quick question...

Post by Monty Burns » Wed Jan 27, 2010 6:25 am

I am making an INS-444 droid as a storage unit but it asks for a "Droid service module harness" as an optional item.

Does any one know what this unit is as I can not find it in my schematics anywhere.

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Re: Quick question...

Post by Zimoon » Wed Jan 27, 2010 8:59 am

This is the Starwarsy category designation for a set of DE modules.

If you had clicked the link at the web page reading the schematic it would have taken you to http://www.swgcraft.org/dev/schematics_ ... php?id=448 where all modules that fall into that category are listed, quite a bunch as you see. The categories are a science in itself and we are currently walking it through to 100% align it with the game, after that I will continue with SWGAide and schematics again.

Perhaps some categorizations are not 100% accurate, but first we must fix the categories themselves ;)



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