*ULTIMATE GUIDE TO REing* including luck/RE Chance guide.

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*ULTIMATE GUIDE TO REing* including luck/RE Chance guide.

Post by Papillion » Mon Mar 26, 2007 3:10 pm

A great guide copied from the official SWG Forums. Thanks TheDarkness4u

Link: http://forums.station.sony.com/swg/post ... _id=275729

This guide will explain how to get the highest amount of luck/RE chance that is possible, how to reverse engineer, how to make power bits and modifier bits.. everything you need to know if you want to start making attachments. It is also a work in progress, if I am missing any information, please reply and tell me to write the information that you need to know.

(forgive the colors and sloppy html, the forum is messy)

Luck mod:
420 - armor/belt/shirt/weapon (+35 Armor/Clothing attachments in each piece)

125 - Jewelry (+25 bracelets/rings/necklace)

90 - Base (what u have at lvl 90)

150 - Entertainer buff

50 - Spice (not craftable anymore)

+71~ - Fizz Pudding (food)

+35 - Bandolier (can't wear backpack though)

+200 Shard Of Retaliation (quest item on mustafar)

+100 Cube Crafted Luck Stim (u know.. the glowy loot)

1241 luck

Luck has been confirmed that it is just as important as "RE chance" mods. A RED name [/size">on the forum has confirmed this. However we do not know how much Luck = 1 RE chance. So it is best to stack as much as possible. Some people claim that all you need is RE chance, this is unconfirmed.

you can also use Luck powerups, however its better to use the "RE chance" powerups (since you can only use 1 power up at a time and RE chance > Luck)

RE Chance mod:

+3 "Chest Plate Attachment" in chest plate (use a +30 power bit + Re chance modifier bit)(made by armorsmiths)

+3 "Shirt Attachment" in shirt (same as chest) (made by tailors)

+3 "Weapon Attachment" in weapon (same as chest) (made by droid engineers)(requires a socketed weapon, which cannot be crafted)(UPDATE - Crafted weapons now come with sockets!)

+10 (expertise)

+10 chest powerup. (+35 power bit + RE chance mod bit) (made by armorsmiths)

+10 shirt powerup (same as chest powerup)(made by tailors)

+10 weapon powerup (same as chest powerup) (made by droid engineers)

+100 (granted at lvl 90)

+149 RE chance

Powerups - To craft a +10 powerup, you NEED A +35 POWER BIT and LUCK and RE MODS! You cannot get a +10 powerup without first creating a +7 powerup, then use it to make a +9 powerup, then use it to craft a +10 powerup.

Much like leveling in combat, you cannot be Lvl 10 without first being Level 9, and you cannot be level 9 without being level 8...

Loot Needed for "Reverse Engineering Chance" modifier bits:

Medical Console + Circuit = Reverse Engineering Chance (10)

Medical Console + Droid Memory Module = Reverse Engineering Chance (10)

Used Notebook + Differential Regulator = Reverse Engineering Chance (10)

Used Notebook + Electronics Module = Reverse Engineering Chance (10)


Easiest (in my opinion) will be "Used Notebook" + "Differential Regulator". See the quotes at the bottom of my post for a different perspective.

"Used Notebook" drops from many mobs, easiest for me was the Warren POI on dantooine. Kill the Huurtons and the Imperial NPCS inside the warren, it's rare but it drops, I got about 10 of them in 5 hours...

"Differential Regulator" drops from random "Dantari" Npcs on Dantooine. The Dantari POIs do not spawn dantari npcs, so don't waste your time driving to them. Just circle around mining outpost and kill the random Dantari spawns. Also you can get Dantari missions from the mission terminal.

Once you have these 2 pieces of loot, put them both into the "Reverse Engineering Tool", bring up the radial menu, and click "reverse engineer" and it will make the "Reverse Engineering Chance" modifier bit.

Now you need a +30 (or more) power bit. +30 is all you need to get the +3 Attachment. using a +35 power bit will not make it +4 or +5. It has a factor of /10, so +30/10 = +3 attachment. The only way to get a +4 attachment would be to use a +40 power up, which is impossible so don't try.

for more recipes for different "modifier bits" go here:

http://www.swghuntersguild.com/JunkYard ... t.aspx?s=4

How To Reverse Engineer (for newbies):

First, you need a "power bit". A power bit comes from looted items with a stat (like a "chetplate of agility" that you loot from a stormtrooper that has +18 agility as a stat on it). You put the Chestplate of agility into a "reverse engineering tool" (which can be crafted very easily using your Weapon/Droid crafting tool & standing near a Weapon/Droid crafting station for best results). Statted items drop from just about every npc in the game. Higher level NPCs drop higher level statted items.[/size]
Then you need a "modifier bit". Modifier bits are the result of 2 "Junk items" (example: software module and hyperdrive unit). You put 2 pieces of junk into the "reverse engineering tool" as I described above, and reverse engineer them; this creates a modifier bit. Junk items also drop from just about every npc in the game, meatlumps are a good source for these (they spawn in coronet on corellia). all "junk items" are the same, there is no "level" on junk items. However, higher level npcs drop higher level junk (which meatlumps and low level npcs do not drop). Higher level junk usually makes higher level "modifier bits".

The above link will tell you which specific "junk loot" makes specific "modifier bits."

Now once you have a "power bit" and a "modifier bit" you can put them both into the "reverse engineering tool" and select "create skill enhancing attachment" and it would make an attachment which you drop in your armor. The stat/power of the "Skill enhancing attachment" is based purely off of the strength of your "power bit" and the stat on the "modifier bit".

Now let's have an example:

You loot a "Chestplate of agility" from a stormtrooper which has +18 agility.

You RE this and it makes a power bit with +18 power (or more than 18 or less than 18. LUCK and RE CHANCE make it higher than 18, the more LUCK and RE chance you have, the higher the power bit will reach. if you have 0 luck and 0 RE chance, you will probably LOSE power, meaning it would turn into a +17 or +16 power bit).

Now you have your powerbit. Now we need to make a modifier bit. Let's say you have a "Chassis Blueprints" junk loot, and a "medical console" junk loot. If you RE these 2 specific items together, you get a LUCK "modifier bit".

Now we take our +18 power bit, and our luck modifier bit, and put them into the reverse engineering tool, and it makes a +18 Luck attachment which is ready to be dropped in your armor (if you're an armorsmith) or clothing (if you're a tailor) or weapon (if you're a droid engineer). To drop an attachment into your armor/clothes/weapons, it requires your equipment to have 1 socket.

How to RE (advanced):

So you made your attachment with +18 luck, but now we want to add Agility and Con to it too! No problem. Each attachment can have up to 3 stats (3 *different* stats).

Well here's what you need:

A 2nd order power bit (for adding the 2nd stat). A 2nd order power bit is simple to make. Instead of REing a "chestplate of health" all by itself, you add ANOTHER piece of statted loot into the RE tool ALONG WITH the "chestplate of health".

And a new "modifier bit" (with a different stat).

for example:

"chestplate of health with +18 con" + "boots of luck with +10 luck" + Reverse Engineer them together = 2nd order power bit with +18 power (or more or less as I described above).

Now, you take your pre-existing "skill enhancing attachment" (which we made in the newbie section), AND the 2nd order power bit, AND another "modifier bit" but with a different stat than the "skill enhancing attachment" has. Reverse Engineer these *3* items together and it creates a NEW "skill enhancing attachment" with 2 stats (stats based on the power of the powerbit, and the stat on the modifier bit).

it's simple.

Now let's say we wanted to add a THIRD STAT to that "skill enhancing attachment".

Well you need a "3rd order power bit". This is exactly the same as making a 2nd order power bit with 1 important exception: You need to have an item with 3 or 4 stats on it. (there is another way, but this is the easiest - to see a different way to make 3rd order power bits, go to this link: http://forums.station.sony.com/swg/post ... _id=258439

for example: "shirt of the Jedi" that has +15 con +15 agil +12 stam (3 different stats).

you take your "Chestplate of Stamina with +18 stamina" and put the 3 or 4 stat item in the RE tool along with that, then reverse engineer them together and you get a "3rd order power bit" with +18 power (or more or less as described above).

now you take your "skill enhancing attachment" which has 2 stats on it, AND the 3rd order power bit, AND a new modifier bit (with a different stat than the "skill enhancing attachment". RE those 3 items together and now you have a "skill enhancing attachment" with 3 stats that can now be dropped in your socketed armor/shirt/weapon. This is the final product and you cannot go any further with it.


Guide to making high-end power bits (elite):

Well this is more difficult. You need to have a statted piece of loot to start with, you normally want to start with something high-end (for example, a chestplate of agility with +24 agility). And you need to be pumped full of "Luck" and "reverse engineering Chance". RE the +24 item and you will get a power bit with +28 or +27 or +26 power (stats are based on your luck and RE chance mods).

+28 not high enough on your power bit? Want to get it higher? it can be done... very time consuming, but it can be done.

Lets say you're an armorsmith and you have a +28 power bit, but you want to get it up to +35 (the maximum).

Well first you need TONS of "junk loot". Probably a few stacks of 50 wouldn't hurt. because you need to make a lot of "modifier bits". The modifier bits you need HAVE to be 1 of the 6 basic stats (con, agil, stam, str, prec, luck). and CANNOT be anything special (like "rifle action cost" or "engine experimentation" - more on those later).

Now you need to make crates of socketed armor. Bracers are the easiest, just set up your factory to make 300 bracers.

Once you have your modifier bits and junk loot, and you have pumped up your luck and RE chance mods, you can get started.

take your power bit and modifier bit and make an armor attachment out of it. drop that armor attachment into one of your socketed bracers. RE that bracer and get your power bit back. the power bit you get back *MIGHT* be higher, or it might be the same. (if you have no luck/RE chance mods, then it will be lower, and you might as well stop reading here because it would be impossible for you to achieve +35).

Let's say your power bit is the same. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat until the power bit goes up to +29, then repeat repeat repeat until it goes to 30.. etc etc etc all the way up to +35. This process is very time consuming and can probably take upwards of 100 tries (that would be 100 bracers). I said it was difficult and I'm not lying. This is currently the only known way to boost the power on an existing power bit.

That should be all the information you need to get started. Just keep trying, experiment using garbage loot you buy on the bazaar for 5k. You will get the hang of it in about 45 minutes of REing.

A guide to advanced "modifier bits" on the way.

Informative quotes on luck/RE mods:

Aerec_Krouse wrote:

Doesn't the Revitalization Pack (drops from one of HK's flunkys) also add +200 luck? I don't think it clashes with the Retaliation shard either

TehMightyOne wrote:

Don't forget the Lucky Trinket. I believe it adds +30 Luck.

Masont wrote:

It's possible to get more than +71 on the pudding; I've gotten 75, Still 4 Pts

JoeDShadow wrote:

You could also stack +100 on to that if you have a Smuggler with a GCW banner.

Aerec_Krouse Wrote:

Revita Pack from Musty will not stack with Shard of retaliation, just tested

BruSwillis wrote:

Circuit + Med console is by far the easiest way to get the RE mod.

Med consoles from Geno cave/ Gnarled Rancor/ NS Ranger/ NS Sentry/ Ewoks/ Feral Wookies/Blacksun

Circuit from the DWB/Dantari on Dantooine/Exogen Class Dark Troopers in Bestine.

I got about 12 circuits in 20 mins, endless med consoles whenever.

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Post by Dartt Dooley » Mon Mar 26, 2007 4:58 pm

This was very helpful to me, I just came back to SWG.

I also thought this was funny.

"all "junk items" are the same, there is no "level" on junk items. However, higher level npcs drop higher level junk (which meatlumps and low level npcs do not drop). Higher level junk usually makes higher level "modifier bits". "
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Post by Mavrick'd » Mon Mar 26, 2007 5:42 pm

Yeah, I know it's still possible to obtain +35 on the pbs, but how long does it generally take you? And will the 3rd bit pbs be even harder to do? I stopped making them after chap5.3 and have about 7 backpacks full of 1st 2nd and 3rd pbs atm. But I know I'll need more eventually.

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Post by Papillion » Mon Mar 26, 2007 6:33 pm

I have not tried this post 5.3 but i read that is really needs 140+ RE skill and ppl have said over 75 peices of manufactured items were needed to get from 25 to 35!

Lol widh i has backpacks full! I managed about 5 first bit, 6 second bit and 3 third bit prior to 5.3 but then i did not start until the day before.

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Post by Jamys Farstrider » Mon Mar 26, 2007 7:51 pm

I know that a guild member of mine has gone through a ridiculous amount of parts working on leveling bits out.
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Post by Virusghost » Tue Mar 27, 2007 1:09 pm

This guide has been extremely helpful to me as I just moved from Ent to tailor.

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Post by LONEO » Tue May 01, 2007 12:55 am

wahoo im active

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Post by xorbok » Wed Aug 15, 2007 1:04 am

I understand how to get a 2nd and 3rd order power bit, but will they stay 2nd or 3rd when you RE then to increase the power, or is it luck of hte draw if you get them to end up 2nd and 3rd?

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Post by Bangalore007 » Thu Aug 16, 2007 3:38 pm

xorbok wrote:I understand how to get a 2nd and 3rd order power bit, but will they stay 2nd or 3rd when you RE then to increase the power, or is it luck of hte draw if you get them to end up 2nd and 3rd?
I've been having the same problem and it seems to be an uncontrollable part of the process. However, I have heard that you can multi-RE up to +35 (regardless of the Order) and then "force" the order to the one you want using the technique from FeralMonkey's RE FAQ.

This is just hearsay, though, as I have yet to get a bit to the +35 level. :wink:
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Post by xorbok » Thu Aug 16, 2007 6:13 pm

Thats what i am hearing as well. Work up to 35 power bit, put it on an item (as an attachment), place the item (i use gloves) and a 3 or 4 statted item into the RE tool and there you have it

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Post by xorbok » Fri Aug 17, 2007 11:54 am

The mention aboved is confirmed, just fyi

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Post by Feralmonkey » Sat Aug 18, 2007 10:22 am

What I do to make a three stat item is keep a lot of the lower level 2nd order btis and make a two-stat clothing item. Then RE it with a two-stat loot item.

How it works:
a +35/+20 crafted item with a +18/+18 loot item= +35 3rd Order

Or you can do two crafted items.

+35/+20 and a +10/+10= +35 3rd order

Basically there is a use for all those +4 and +5 loot items, save them to make throw-away attachments to make 3rd orders.

As fas as your 2nds and 3rds Iterating into a 1st Order, remember that as soon as you turn your 2nd or 3rd order bit into a 1 stat attachment, place it and RE it, it REs as a single stat item.
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Post by mikey10104 » Tue Aug 28, 2007 6:24 am

Actually, for the Armoursmith, Making Mabri Armour Belts is cheapest on recs, and easiest to mass produce. The AA's do work on them.
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