SWG - TCG Ewok Festival of Love - 02/06/2009

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SWG - TCG Ewok Festival of Love - 02/06/2009

Post by Zimoon »

Original thread
Star Wars Galaxies™ Trading Card Game Ewok Festival of Love Scenario - 02/06/2009


The Star Wars Galaxies Trading Card Game Ewok Festival of Love scenario begins February 10th.Just log in to the Star Wars Galaxies™ Trading Card Game, and give this free scenario a try! The first time you defeat the scenario you will receive:
  • One (1) Lady Valarian (2P9) promo card
  • The Small Indoor Fountain (2SWGP3) loot card
If you defeat the scenario again with a different avatar archetype, you'll receive an additional Lady Valarian promo card (limit 4)!

The Ewok Festival of Love scenario will only be available through Tuesday, February 16, 2009 at 3 p.m. PST, so don't miss out!


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Monty Burns
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Re: SWG - TCG Ewok Festival of Love - 02/06/2009

Post by Monty Burns »

This was a surprisingly hard game to win by contrast to the xmas game they put in, I know a large number of people that were unable to complete it.

I think I won 1 out of about 25 attempts but that isnt surprising given I had no idea how to set up a winning deck.
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Re: SWG - TCG Ewok Festival of Love - 02/06/2009

Post by Sac »

After several attempts on each of my accounts, which ended in abuse and disgust, I re-tweaked my deck to included better units and a better level 6 quest. I used Fate of the Galaxy (damage to opposing combatants each turn) on one account and I think it was March of the Tuskens (all cards cost -2 to use) on the other.

Both of these gives the owner (you) excellent benefits each round which turned the game around for me. The only drawback is that you have to get 3 quests completed yourself before it comes out. To do this I went heavier with units and abilities. I don't know wth I'm doing in the game half the time though, but this worked for me.

Other than that have a look at what's bringing you down and maybe change your avatar or revise your deck accordingly.
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Re: SWG - TCG Ewok Festival of Love - 02/06/2009

Post by busymalla »

Yeah, after trying several times to beat the scenario I just put the highest-level ability cards I had into my deck and concentrated on out-questing her.
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Re: SWG - TCG Ewok Festival of Love - 02/06/2009

Post by Feralmonkey »

I managed to beat her 3 times, one time with a lot of luck, and twice with a serious high damage imperial deck, and a 'blitz' sith deck
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