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Re: Plexite Amorphous Gemstone

Posted: Sat May 17, 2008 2:22 am
by exhibit69
well, i disagree. Sadly there has not been enough spawns to make any kind of statistical analysis accurate. Note however, that Kelsaka, an excellent tailor, was convinced that plexite amorphous was an ultra rare spawn. She was only surveying 2 of the class 1 <starter> planets.

Re: Plexite Amorphous Gemstone

Posted: Sat May 17, 2008 6:01 am
by Savacc
I would be interested in hearing your theory on how this occurs. I have been accused in the past of having a limited imagination, so Im sure Im just not able to picture it. For instance, do you believe resources are flagged as "rare", "average" and "common"? Then "rare" flagged resources, when they do manage to spawn, are give a higher priority to spawn on "adventure" planets, while "common" flagged resources are given higher priorities for "starter" planets?

My theory on how resources spawn can be found in this document:

Here is a relevant quote from the above link:
Spawning new resources

There can be an interval between a despawn and its replacement. Prior to Publish 10 the interval was just a few minutes. Now it can drag out over a few hours due to the stretched out shift. You can even catch native resources missing since the new one hasn't spawned yet. Don't worry, it will show up eventually.

A new shared resource will spawn on all its target planets on the same shift. This should happen almost instantenously.

The resource name and the stats are selected at random. Some stats have lower and/or upper caps depending on the combination of resource type and resource stat. See this link for a list of all the caps.

There are maximums for resource types which mirrors the ones the minimum pool. But they are so high that it's extremely rare to reach them. And with the current size of the random pool it's a non-issue.

Statistically there doesn't seem to be any preferences for any planets. Statements like 'Rare resources spawn mostly on adventure planets' are more psychological than factual.

Planet Selection:

- The following spawn on 1 pre-selected planet: All Native resources except bonus Water.
- The following spawn on 1 random planet: All JTL resources and bonus Water.
- The following spawn on 1 to 3 random planets: Iron, Intrusive Ore, Extrusive Ore, Solid Petro, Liquid Petro and all Unknown types.
- The following spawn on 8 random planets: Non-JTL Steel, Aluminium, Copper, Carbonate Ore, Siliclastic Ore, Crystalline Gemstone, Armophous Gemstone, Known Radioactive, Polymer, Lubricating Oil, Known Inert Gas and Known Reactive Gas.

Re: Plexite Amorphous Gemstone

Posted: Sat May 17, 2008 6:23 am
by exhibit69
What i mean is, the sample set of spawns we have to work with.. approximatly 260 or so shifts. and such a huge range of available spawns.
a Useable, Statistically significant sample size has not really been reached. a search of the database shows me 50 spawns of plexite in the database. I dont seem to be able to access which planets this mineral spawned on.
is it possible that the system spawns the gemstone on available planets perhaps by an algorythm similar to <select 1 class 1 planet, select 2 class 2 planets, select all class 3 planets.>
Or maybe i am just deluded.

Re: Plexite Amorphous Gemstone

Posted: Sat May 17, 2008 6:31 am
by Savacc
I think I was editing my post to include Lunariels guide when you responded.

I also edited out a section you seem to be responding to. I didnt realize you were online and reading my post before I had it finalized. Now I need to explain dont I? I had a section where I suggested we had a database here that went back nearly five years and we could make a statistical analysis if we wanted. But on second thought I remembered we dont keep the record of where a resource spawned, as Exibit has noted. I also felt I was being too condescending and didnt think it added to the discussion, so I deleted it.

Re: Plexite Amorphous Gemstone

Posted: Sat May 17, 2008 9:42 am
by Zimoon
Don't know if this has any impact on the suibject or any importance, but these are the only 4 qualities that is listed in the "you know what files" used in SWG:

Maximum # types
Minimum # types
Minimum # Pools
Maximum # Pools

Interestingly, there is also a "Random Name Class" that possibly affects the resource names, not that I have seen any difference of importance.

I would suggest, as exhibit said, the statistics set is simply too small to say anything at all. But using Find Resources for Gorath and looking at the popup under "Av?" I instantly see Plexite Amo Gem as a random at any planet, Tatooine as well as Dathomir. Unless I was unlucky and sampled to few to see a pattern?

If there should be a pattern to planets I strongly believe we should have heard of that long since. I have not seen any consistent posts on the matter. I might be blind though ;)