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Current bug with vendors -- random NPC

Posted: Thu Dec 20, 2007 7:58 pm
by Zimoon
Posted at the SOE/SWG forum Dec 20, 2007. Very informative:
Jaffy_Jafster wrote:Vendor random NPC type bug, creates 'you are already creating a vendor' loop

I am posting this to help anyone experiencing the same bug, it gets you into a loop of not being able to create a vendor, exiting the game on different planet for 15 mins allowed me to create a new vendor and make sure you don't choose NPC > Random race.

Message from GM is:

Thank you for contacting Star Wars Galaxies In-game Customer Support. This is GM-xxxx. I understand that you are unable to create vendor. I apologize for the inconvenience caused. Please be informed that the ‘random NPC' option to create vendor is currently bugged. We have forwarded the matter to the Development team and they are working to fix the problem. As per now you may create ‘Terminal' and ‘Droid' vendors. Hope the information clarifies your doubts. Your understanding with the matter would be highly appreciated.
If you happen to come across any new in-game issue, feel free to contact us.

Hope it help anyone doing a search on this subject.

Re: Current bug with vendors -- random NPC

Posted: Thu Jan 10, 2008 7:49 pm
by Onyx
Some new (or perhaps additional) information on this topic and a question.

At level 14, you gain several NPC vendor types. From some research and testing, I think I know part of what is going on.

At level 14, 18, 20 and at least all the way up to 28, if you try to create an NPC vendor you only get the option for "random". You do not have the choice of any of the vendor types you are able to create.

At level 90, when you try to create and NPC vendor, you get the option for "Random Player Race" and the entire list.

Creating using the "Random Player Race" option works fine for a level 90. I can do it over and over and over.

It has been a long time since I tried to place a vendor on a lower-level crafter. I swear we always had the option to pick the NPC races that we have been granted access to, not just a choice for "random." And notice that at 90, the option is "Random Player Race" and in my other tests, it is just "Random". It's like the list has been truncated.

So, if you try to pick random, it is conceivable that it's creating with a race you haven't unlocked.

The first reports of failure to be able to create a vendor cropped up around the time chapter 7 went live. There was a vendor issue on test center regarding the inability to pick a gender of several species. That issue was resolved in the last patch before 7 hit live I believe. Is it possible that another issue was introduced and that the ability to choose a race before you've unlocked them all was broken?

Can anyone confirm that you were able to choose the race of your vendor at lower levels once you had unlocked some of the NPC races?

Re: Current bug with vendors -- random NPC

Posted: Sat Jan 12, 2008 11:23 pm
by Onyx
Elyssa found this chart which shows the vendors and the levels at which you obtain them:

It seems that at the old Novice Merchant skill, you had access to the first group of vendors but could only choose random. You couldn't specify until you got the Hiring 1 skill.

I just went through and compared the old (i.e. pre-NGE) artisan and merchant skills to what we have now. Here's the result:

Artisan Business III = +10 to Hiring = CL 7

Artisan Business IV = +10 to Hiring = CL 10

Novice Merchant = +10 to Hiring = CL 14 <---first NPC vendors gained (the player races)

Merchant Hiring 1 = +20 to Hiring = CL 34 <---can pick the race of NPC vendors

So, it would indeed seem that from level 14 through level 33 you should be able to place an NPC vendor, but only via the "random" selection. Since that selection is somewhat bugged, you will most likely be limited to terminals and droids for the time being.

I'm pursuing why the name in the selection box is different -- perhaps this is where the issue lies. At higher levels, the selection is "Random Player Race" and lower ones it is merely "Random".