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Start Here --- Useful Links --- Guides --- F A Q s --- etc

Posted: Sun Nov 25, 2007 5:33 pm
by Zimoon
Here you find a collection of useful links, guides and FAQ:s for general crafting topics. New links, updates or corrections, and suggestions are welcomed.

Beginners Guide for Traders

Beginners Tips & Hints Compiled
Advanced Tips and Hints Compiled

Lunariel's Guide on Resource Shifts --- Condensed
Lunariel's Guide to Resource Shifts
Lunariel's Guide to Resource Caps

Master Merchant tree and Vendors
Recyclers 101
Creature Resources Guide
Irregular Odds and Ends

How to Update SWGCraft, tutorial and videos
How to deal with resellers

@ SOE/SWG web site

Professions Overview
Trader Guide
Trader Expertize Introduction


Collections & Traders
Crazy Durni, Inc. --- images of many craftable items.

Reposted material

If you find great material you are welcome to repost that at this forum if you have the permission to do so. Normally reposting is OK as long as you give full credits to the author and have links to the original.

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