Heavy vs. Elite

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Heavy vs. Elite

Post by gelgamesh » Tue Nov 06, 2007 8:04 am

Am I missing something here? A fellow guildsmate swears by elites and I can't figure out why.
Seems to me that with the expertise bonuses that 3 heavy's will produce a higher BER than an Elite. I planted a heavy on an 90% yield site that was giving me a ~22 BER. Those cumulative bonuses surely outstrip the 44 BER of the Elites. Are my calculations off, am I not considering something? The only advantage i can see from an elite is the footprint factor that would put you closer to max, still...

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Post by Savacc » Tue Nov 06, 2007 8:58 am

The max rating on a Heavy Harvester is BER 14, while the max for an Elite is BER 44. Three Heavies would then total to BER 42.

As you have noted the "rating" for a harvester is quite different then the "Actual BER" because several bonuses can be added to the base BER. The most notable is that every harvester gets a 50% bonus to BER. The reason is long and involves ancient SWG history, but it was a comprimise. SOE took something away from us, and the consolation was that every harvester would get a 50% bonus. In addition is the expertise box that adds 10% (or is it 15%?) and there is an entertainer buff that can add 5% (I think).

If you were getting an actual BER of 22 with a Heavy Harvester, an Elite harvester on the same spot would probably be getting around BER 72.


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