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Craftable & TCG Dressable Mannequin, what do you think?

Posted: Thu Mar 25, 2010 6:19 am
by DeathTrooper
First off, I should ask... Is there already a section for suggesting ideas for new items here? Is there a section specifically for this on the SOE forums? Every now and then I get a good idea, or I assume it's good because other people tell me it's good. This may be one of those ideas, and I wonder how a "suggestion" can hope to find its path to existence.

My idea is a (likely Domestics/Tailor/Misc item) craftable version (and maybe even a TCG version) of a posed "Mannequin" decoration on which you can place any clothing/armor/weapon/etc in your possession (including Katarn Armor, Jedi Robes and lightsabers, Acklay Armor, Faction Armor, Bio-Linked Items, No Trade items, etc) and still be able to retrieve it. Think of it as a "dress form". The equipping of No Trade items could prevent trade of the mannequin until the objects are removed, just like with wearable and furniture containers. The Mannequin can be classified as a container, and "dressing" it could be as easy as opening its inventory and adding removing items with the "rule" that 2 objects of the same specific type (such as Left Bracer or Necklace) could not be placed in the "container" at the same time, using the same rules as the appearance items. The mannequin could be "customizable" by species and a few different poses (ranged weapon pose, melee weapon pose, dancing pose, etc) set permanently while crafting (like the different Gungan Head Statues), whereas a TCG version could have a radial allowing any of the craftable species or poses. Might need to make it so you have to "undress" it before changing species or poses, as it might cause major issues if you change it to/from an off-species like Wook or Ithy while clothed/armored, or change from ranged to melee pose while holding a gun.

So, what do you other crafters think of the idea, specifically regarding practicality and usefulness, and if it's good... what do I do with it?

Re: Craftable & TCG Dressable Mannequin, what do you think?

Posted: Thu Mar 25, 2010 5:20 pm
by Savacc
My first impressions are that it is already possible to do most of what you are asking. Clothing and armor can be displayed by "dropping" them from your inventory. Vendors serve as "manikins" in that they will wear clothing and armor that you give them. I imagine your issue is with "no trade" or linked items that can not be given to a vendor, nor dropped in a house you do not own.

Re: Craftable & TCG Dressable Mannequin, what do you think?

Posted: Thu Mar 25, 2010 10:07 pm
by Zimoon
The idea as such has been suggested regularly at the official Domestics board, and unless I am more senile than usual I think I saw it at Munitions too.

Savacc is correct though, it is doable either as drop-where-you-stand to get a hollow display, or use a vendor.

The latter has the benefit that it does not take a dozen storage slots from the mall. But the items are lost.

One interesting idea addressed the storage thing, a mannequin that took just one storage slot no matter the number of wearable items. Especially for AS it is a pain having a number of suits on display. At least it was before the storage upgrade kits, but a dozen items a suit quickly adds up.

I am definitely for the idea with mannequins. I imagine two or maybe three classes: cheap and inflexible, just a few arm positions; medium and with vendor-barking-animations; complex, programmable moves and a few patrol points. But, dream on, yes, I will :|


Re: Craftable & TCG Dressable Mannequin, what do you think?

Posted: Thu Mar 25, 2010 10:18 pm
by DeathTrooper
Obvious problems with vendors is you cannot reclaim the items, so who would put a "special" outfit or weapon on one even if they could? Also, for players like me who craft for personal use and switch to combatant at times, vendors aren't very practical as they will go bye-bye without my trader abilities to maintain them. Switching to non-trader means I can no longer relist items that fall from sales, so if I had any special outfit I would lose it. Which reminds me, I need to make sure my medic's vendor is still doing well, as it has a really nice Bossk set up i don't want to lose. You CAN create a vendor, dress it, but don't initialize it, and it will act as a mannequin, but you cannot create any more vendors until that one has been initialized or destroyed. Non-traders of course don't have that option. That's just one reason it might be a good idea to have some "display" option rather than dropping the closes for the standard arms out pose.

Thanks for the feed back, and I'll look for those other threads on it and see what people had to say.