what to wear to avoid a hasty demise

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what to wear to avoid a hasty demise

Post by ecky » Tue Oct 13, 2009 2:17 pm

Hello fellow traders,
Firstly can i say this site is a fantastic resource for new traders such as myself, i applaud your efforts.
Now down to business.
I have just levelled my first alt, a Domestics Trader, and i am currently entering the murky world of Reverse Engineering.

Now i know everyone makes RE and crafting suits luck suits etc.
But what do you guys make for yourselves when you plan on going on a resource hunting foray to somewhere wild and unsavoury.

Basically what do you put on a suit to make you stay alive when dirty great Rancors don't want to give up their hides easily?
I know i should probably buy armour ( can Traders wear armour ? ) but i would really like to craft myself something, it seems more sporting.
Thanks for any advice, i know nothing much about combat other than i spend a lot of time in the cloning station.
Oh, and did i mention great site by the way ?

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Re: what to wear to avoid a hasty demise

Post by NaeBliss » Tue Oct 13, 2009 2:36 pm

I use a armor on my trader (no aa's ), but for getting animal resource i use my main toon with a harvesting droid.
And nowadays i use my trader on 1 account with a harvesting droid, and my main toon (other account) also with harvesting droid, and the trader on follow, droids on autoharvest.

works rlly great.


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Re: what to wear to avoid a hasty demise

Post by Zimoon » Tue Oct 13, 2009 3:31 pm

Welcome around ecky :D

Yes Traders can wear armor, but we have no inherent heals so....

Out in the woods I use my armor plus my defender droid. Do not group with it since that will increase spawn size on the lair, and you don't want that if it is to put down a harvester you are out for. And vice versa if you actually are using your crafter as a hunter :shock:

In the stickied thread with "useful links" there is a link to a "creature resources"-guide, and one section is some tips on how to stay alive.

My second best tip is to take it a tad slow when you arrive at the location. Stay at your vehicle until everything has spawned around you, prepared to take off when your bottom is flamed at. A n00b error is to drive in and start doing things, only to face the inside of a rancor bellow 5 seconds later :lol:

However, my best tip is to be in a good guild which panders to its crafters and always help you out in the woods, cleaning out the area so you can put down the harvesters you want plus take a few on their lots while by your side. You put them down for the bonuses, load them up with maint and power, and /structureTransfer to your guildies :mrgreen:

Have fun


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Re: what to wear to avoid a hasty demise

Post by fridge33sam » Thu Oct 15, 2009 7:27 pm

I certainly agree that with the new bots available, we crafters can go further in the muck than before, but let's not forget the aid of a pet! They can save your back and have a personality as well!

oh, btw...

I'm baaaaaaaaaaccckk! :mrgreen:
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