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Posted: Sun May 24, 2009 7:32 pm
by Memnoc
I have two crafters an armoursmith and chef. I have a full +35 luck suit. I'm working on getting a luck arm and use the luck buff as well and I still can not get my luck past 1200. Even with fizz and the buff and a full luck suit I reach 800. The luck arm only adds 150 luck so how do ppl get there luck up too 1500 so I've been told by other crafters.

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Posted: Sun May 24, 2009 7:54 pm
by Zimoon
The Reverse Engineering 101 lists how that can be done, Appendix B. Not all items in the list can be used simultaneously so you need to make the puzzle from the pieces mentioned there.

Possibly that guide needs an overhaul again, anybody is welcomed to update me :)

Good luck

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Posted: Mon May 25, 2009 12:02 pm
by kissakias
jewelries with 25 luck
and some ppl respec to a combat toon to make the heroics they need to get the set with 30 luck on them

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Posted: Thu Jun 25, 2009 5:37 pm
by Memnoc
I've read the link Reverse Engineering 101. Since I'm trying to increase my luck I have a few questions.

1-Do some of the character have more 'basic' luck then other characters. Is that what you mean by + 90 Trader CL 90 (more for the races Bothan, Mon Calamari and Twi'lek)

2-What is a smuggler 'off the books' buff

3- How tough is it to start and finish the 'Shard Of Retaliation' as a trader.

4- How tough is it too get a smuggler GCW Banner if your a trader.

5- And what is meant by this + 455 Wearables + weapon (13 items with +35 SEA on each)

6- How important now is artisan assembly or adv assembly too crafting if everything is based on Luck.

+ 90 Trader CL 90 (more for the races Bothan, Mon Calamari and Twi'lek)
+ 40 Charmed Artifact
+ 50 Smuggler "Off the Books" Buff
+ 75 Denelian Fizz Pudding
+ 100 Smuggler GCW Banner
+ 100 Buy a kiss in booth next to Meatlump King (sometimes a -100 Luck kiss, see below)
+ 110 Cybernetic Deconstruction Arm
+ 125 Regular Jewelry (5 items with +25 each), or ...
+ 150 Heroism Jewelry (5 items * 30)
+ 150 Entertainer buff
+ 200 Shard Of Retaliation
+ 200 Chu-Gon Dar cube stims: Styptic Powder v3 + Willpower Boost Stim v3
+ 455 Wearables + weapon (13 items with +35 SEA on each)
(+ 50 Smuggler Spice (pre-NGE))

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Posted: Thu Jun 25, 2009 6:40 pm
by fridge33sam
5- And what is meant by this + 455 Wearables + weapon (13 items with +35 SEA on each)

You can equip and hold 13 (maybe even 17?) items with the potential for each one to have a socket that can be filled with a +35 luck bit. Since luck isn't exotic it can be put in everything.

Helmet Left Bicep Right Ring
Necklace Left Bracer Weapon Core?
Shirt Left Bracelet Weapon Socket?
Chest Piece Left Ring BackPack?
Belt Right Bicep
Pants Right Bracer
Boots Right Bracelet

WEAPONSMITHS: with the new core builds, how would you benefit from putting luck in the core AND luck in the bit? +70, right?

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Posted: Thu Jun 25, 2009 7:06 pm
by redwhitenblue
1 - Yes, if you strip the characters down to nothing with no buffs some races will have more luck than others.

2 - If you have a smuggler friend you can ask him to come group with you while you RE and he can call a junk dealer then tell it to leave giving the group a 50 luck bonus (it is an expertise pick so not all smugglers may have it). If he is of captain rank or higher he should have a gcw banner to drop also, giving another 100 luck. This lasts a little over 10 min and is on a half hour cooldown, so good to use for pups.

3 - If you have some friends that are willing to take a trader through Mustafar it is possible for you to get the shard yourself. It is also possible to buy one that has not yet been biolinked or have one of your combat toons earn it and give it to your trader. There is also a stim that drops in HK that has the same bonus but is no trade so your trader would have to be there to loot it, again not too bad if you have friends that will take you but it isn't a guaranteed drop.

4 - Trader banners give no bonus, the banner you are rewarded is based on your profession. To get the smuggler banner buff see answer 2.

5 - This is your luck suit, which you said you already have.

6 - Assembly only matters in making socketed clothing/weapons/armor, the higher your assembly the greater the chance of your item having a socket.

I personally have seen 1384 as my highest, although after buying better fizz pudding I'm sure I can surpass 1400. Since I do not yet have the shard of retaliation or my husband's smuggler gcw banner I estimate I will have over 1700 luck once I get those.

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Posted: Fri Jun 26, 2009 4:56 am
by Savacc
Memnoc wrote: 6- How important now is artisan assembly or adv assembly too crafting if everything is based on Luck.
Artisan Assembly only covers low level schematics (and some higher level Engineer schematics) that use Artisan Skills. It is next to worthless. I would never pay money for a SEA with Artisan Assembly and even it given one for free would not put it in a crafting suit.
Advanced Assembly is a Shipwright skill that covers the Assembly of Droid Interfaces and Capacitors. I do not have any Assembly Skill SEAs in my Shipwright Crafting Suits, but other Shippies do.

It is not a true statement to say that "everything in crafting is based on Luck." Crafting is still very much based on the quality of your resources. Luck has a demonstratable affect on crafting in that you can get a "Lucky Break" while crafting. The RE process has a more tangible benifit from high Luck, which is what I think you are referring to, but even there, RE Chance is much more important then Luck.

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Posted: Fri Jun 26, 2009 6:41 am
by Zimoon
I am in agreement with Savacc here, Luck is just yet another modifier and is neither king nor a showstopper in crafting.

Resources are still the be all and all in normal crafting, but not for casual LQ items, RE, and the Chu-Gon Dar cube stuff.

Power crafting still depends on those factors listed in Beginners Guide for Traders, whereof Luck is just one part.

However, reports indicate that Luck has an impact, not only do they randomly emit a "Lucky Break" which is more powerful than an Amazing, but they are said to increase the number of Amazings as well.

It is debated whether assembly has an impact at all after the initial assembly phase, or not, but IMHO as long as you manage to get 29% in the initial assembly it does not matter after that point. And by then you also have the socket, should that be a requirement.

I am all ears though, things have changed in the past and can be changed. One interesting thing now is what the Devs will come up with when they found the flaw in the crafting stations, will they nerf something else to really make it worthwhile to go for the best? I mean, today it is a no-brainer to get top notch result anyway, perhaps some wasted attempts but it is still no problems; then there is not much to add to that from working crafting stations, is it? Oops, this went OT.


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Posted: Mon Jun 29, 2009 12:48 am
by Memnoc
I think luck plays a larger role in the game then what is believed. If you get a luck buff you have a better chance of catching a rare fish for collections then having no luck buff and trying to catch a rare fish. And theres a better chance for better loot with a luck buff and as many know a better chance too at getting 'amazing' roles rather then just 'great' roles.

I've asked asked a few players what is the max luck a player can have. Many will say max luck a player can have is 2500 luck. I'm not sure if thats true or not I believe maybe 1300 luck. And at that point when does great roles turn to amazing. Even if you could reach 2500 I still think assembly is needed just because luck only propels certains stats leaving a gap for other skills like assembly.

And if luck is the only thing a crafter needs too cap an item is it really considered crafting in swg style or cheating. The SOE devs may remove a few caps on certain items like crafting stations so luck can push the mark from 44.9999 to 45.0000. But even at that point even some crafting items will need higher luck then what is in game atm. And if that happens new crafters entering into the swg arena may find themselves out done by what is needed too craft with luck.

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Posted: Mon Jun 29, 2009 5:55 am
by Savacc
I will admit that I am taking a break from the game for the summer and do not have my accounts active, but the crafting I recall, from as little as a month ago, had very little to do with "Luck", whether the game stat or fortune in general.

My five plus years of crafting in this game have led me to the conclussion that the Luck stat does not come into play when the game determines wither you get a "great" or "amazing" role in Assembly or Experimentation. Luck can give you a "Lucky Break" that is better then a "great" or "amazing" success. Crafters with high Luck scores are getting more "Lucky Breaks" then they would without Luck. They are not getting more normal "amazings".

Speculation that Assembly skill somehow had an affect on Experimentation rolls has a long history in SWG. Lunariel, the earliest of the "Crafting Gods", saw no connection between Assembly and Experimentation and in the years since Lunariel has gone on from this game, I have seen no evidence that anything has changed.

Your example of Luck and Crafting Stations has me very confussed. I wrote the guide on making Crafting Stations and I can tell you Luck, whether the game stat or fortune in general, has nothing to do with the bugs involved or how to cap them. Luck will never push a +44.999992 Station to a +45 Station. The game just does not work that way.

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Posted: Mon Jun 29, 2009 10:00 am
by Zimoon
Since my time is spent on other things I have not completed the series of statistical runs I once planned for, hence I have no hard data.

However, there are players out there, Senator Onyx for one, that claim that they notice when the Luck buff wears off due to less amazings. If that is true or not, I have done no statistical tests.

On the other hand, there are always players that could kill for their opinion, whether true or false. Some of these players credit Luck for everything around them, continuing doing so even after proved wrong.

So, until statistical dataon the Luck topic is up and possible to review for anybody I rest my case 8)


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Posted: Tue Jun 30, 2009 5:13 am
by Savacc
I recall that discussion with 0nyx. Later in the thread she admitted she had never seen the fly text for a "Lucky Break" and could not tell when or if she had ever gotten one.

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Posted: Tue Jun 30, 2009 10:21 am
by Zimoon
But was the discussion about "Lucky Break"?

Some crafters say they have seen it, I believe I have seen it myself but since it so long ago I might blur it with something else. The problems for crafters is all those windows we have at the screen while crafting and the fly-over would be covered most of the time, I guess.

I do not want to turn this into a religious thread but awaits somebody having the time to check it out. I guess any crafter could do, at any level. One setup would be naked out in the no-where, no droid nor crafting station, a plain tool rated around 0, and recycled resources. Craft the very same item 100 times, buff up high with Luck and do the same thing. Enable chat logging before you begin so you can review it later on. Report and tell all the details, including what item etc., so anybody can try to repeat would they question the result. Good luck