Tought about Ditanium Steel Max Cap for the stat UT...

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Tought about Ditanium Steel Max Cap for the stat UT...

Post by Akshaag » Fri May 22, 2009 8:36 pm

Hi, i tought about this...but perhaps i'm wrong.

Currently, there are on Chimaera server :

Carbamidewsis, Ditanium Steel (Entered by Soxna_Burafett)
CR=531 (90.9%), CD=459 (96.6%), DR=822 (95%), HR=879 (98.5%), MA=269 (92.1%), OQ=346 (34.6%), SR=846 (97.8%), UT=838 (100%)

The UT stat is scored with 838, the max cap is 838, so 100%. But, if i craft the fishing pole schematic, the Experimental Properties is Experimental Effectiveness QualityUnit Toughness 100%. So, when i try to combine the resource with the schematic, i expect to get a full green gauge when i try to experiment but it is not.
Hum...i wonder if the max cap for ut stat should be near 1000 than 838.

What do you think about ?

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Re: Tought about Ditanium Steel Max Cap for the stat UT...

Post by Zimoon » Fri May 22, 2009 9:11 pm

Beginners mistake :)

Here is the explanation:
The schematics calls for Chemical, Inorganic, and Metal, in 4 different slots. You try to fill the Inorganic and Metal slots with Ditanium Steel, right?

Caps are decided by the schematic itself, in this case Metal and Organic, and not the resource you try to squeeze into the slots :)

The caps for Metal and Organic on UT is 1000, that is, no cap at all.

Should the schematic really call for Ditanium Steel in one or more slots, and UT, then you are blessed :)

I suggest you read chapter 8 in the Beginners Guide for Traders, it deals with this topic in detail, stickied in this board. And resource caps for an overview of the caps.

Finally, you do not need any quality whatsoever for you fishing rod. I have fished successfully for years with mine and it is at 19%, so save the good resource and use recycled or at least something less blessed. Your steel is great for many other use cases, but not fishing rods.


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Re: Tought about Ditanium Steel Max Cap for the stat UT...

Post by Savacc » Sat May 23, 2009 3:49 am

It is an extremely common mistake that nearly everyone makes. :D

I remember when we discussed adding the "consider caps" line to the "Current Resources". My concern was that it would cause misunderstandings like yours. Everyone else wanted it because once you know how the caps work, it really helps. Their argument was that it is easy to see that 838 is only OK for a UT on metal, but who is going to remember that 838 is the cap on Ditanium Steel?


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