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Free Crate of Resources

Post by mysterymantis » Tue Jun 10, 2008 8:18 pm

Hey all,
I am a SW on the bfin server, and I have run into a bit of a pickle. I specialize in making engines, and the high end radioactive i had is starting to run dry. I have been looking for a replacement for it for some time now, and the best I have seen is the mustafar stuff, which I can't get becuse I never bought that expansion. Not that it would matter, I wouldn't be able to get enough to really do much anyway.
So I though, "How am I going to do this?" And then I was like, "Oh yeah! Resource crates!"
So I hit the bazaar to check prices on them, and the cheapest I could find them at was 18million credits.
WTF! I thought. There is no way in hell they are worth that. I would have to exponentially have to raise my prices to justify using one of those. They're like old packs of OOP magic cards, they are worth more in the package then they will ever be out of it.
So I was curious, what are these going for on your servers? And are their cost equally as out of touch with the value of what you get out of them?

Also, slightly unrelated, when you sample rad, it says something about dangerous effects. Does this actually do anything? And if so, is there a way to get around it?

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Re: Free Crate of Resources

Post by Sobuno » Tue Jun 10, 2008 8:32 pm

I believe the resource crates are one-per-account, which is what makes them that expensive.

An old post of Zimoon's:
Here comes a handy trick. As soon as your account grows 6 months old you can choose a Resource Crate, commonly named the 30k Veteran Reward Resource Crate. The crate is once per account. Yes, indeed, people sell it for several million credits (mainly Jedi use them to get the best ever light saber resources, hence those humongous prices). However, read next paragraph ...

The 30k crate is better used as an all-time resource stat "sample tool". That is. for your galaxy you can browse all resources that ever have existed and those existing at the time you browse the tool. Thence, at any time you will be able to browse the resources currently available and READ THEIR STATS, sitting in your favorite cantina or at your own porch.

Many seasoned crafters send out their ISDs, wait for the reply, somehow find out what is new and use their 30k crate to read the stats. As long as you never click OK (or double click the window) at the screen with the stats, then you are safe. Now I use the ESC keyboard button to back out, a few crates of lousy resources of training costs :(

That is, as soon as you read the stats, note them down and back out. Never pop the crate and you will have a nice "distant sampler" forever.
As for the radioactives, I believe they used to give you wounds back when I played (Pre-NGE). I don't really know what they do now though, if anything.

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Re: Free Crate of Resources

Post by Zimoon » Tue Jun 10, 2008 8:48 pm

As Sobuno said :D

Mainly Jedi wannabees and high-end WS buy these for resource best in uber weapons, therefore the prices.

Use ISDroids and SWGAide, linked to in my signature, the best use of the crate ever.


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Re: Free Crate of Resources

Post by Savacc » Wed Jun 11, 2008 12:47 am

sampling radioactives no longer harms the player. The NGE has a different "wound system" then the old game and the wounds incurred by sampling radioactives were never converted into the NGE.

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Re: Free Crate of Resources

Post by Kexi » Mon Jun 16, 2008 3:49 pm

mysterymantis wrote:Hey all,
So I was curious, what are these going for on your servers? And are their cost equally as out of touch with the value of what you get out of them?
On Flurry they go for 16 million on average, but I occasionally see them going for 15 or 18 million every few weeks.

For structure traders I don't think it's worth it. You have to use so many resources in everything you craft, you'll only get a few uses out of the crate.

But for the other 3 traders it's an awesome feature.

For me to make a full recon suit, for example, I need about 400 Lokian Leathery Hide, which for some reason just doesn't spawn much on Flurry, and when it does the stats suck. (right now I'm farming it, but it only has about 800OQ and 780SR, which is nowhere near the cap). A single resource crate would supply me with enough to make almost 10 full suits, which I can sell for 10 million each. If I take the time and put SEA's onto them, I can sell them for 30-50 million each - so I can get about 10-15x return on investment. Add in full energy layers to make the anti-jedi suits that everybody wants, and you can easily clear 75-100m/suit.

I don't bother using them for weapons, as I have the server capped resources in huge supply. I can make pretty much every weapon capped about 100 times with my current stock, so I'm not going to waste a crate on it. But each rifle only uses about 20-50 of a few select resources, so a resource crate could be very useful.

Can't say much about Domestics or Engineers as I've never played them, but they don't use alot of resources in their stuff either from what I can tell.

For structures, you really should be looking at asteroid resources, as you can mass farm them and they are always really high quality (and you need asteroid resources to make just about every ship and ship component at higher levels anyways).

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Re: Free Crate of Resources

Post by Wasahi » Tue Jun 17, 2008 1:50 pm

I've been known to hand sample radioactives. As near as I can tell It does have an effect on your action pool, but thats about all I've noticed, except maybe some hair loss and nausea. Wait a minute....



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