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NAME CONFLICT Importing Interplanetary Survey Droid

Posted: Wed Jun 04, 2008 4:40 pm
by fredguilmette
Here upload resuits from my servey of Naboo in Naritus server

Importing Interplanetary Survey Droid for: Center CorelliaDantooineDathomirEndorKashyyykLokMustafarNabooRoriTalusTatooineYavin 4All Planets

Date of ISD Mail: Wed Jun 04 15:40:17 2008

ADDED: Class 7 Solid Petro Fuel [638]

EXISTS: Class 1 Radioactive [166]

ADDED: Rhodium Steel [287]

EXISTS: Duranium Steel [283]

ADDED: Carbonite Steel [278]

EXISTS: Hardened Arveshium Steel [707]

EXISTS: Plumbum Iron [275]

EXISTS: Axidite Iron [269]

EXISTS: Bronzium Iron [270]

EXISTS: Kammris Iron [274]

ADDED: Kammris Iron [274]

EXISTS: Unknown Non-Ferrous Metal [165]

ADDED: Duralumin Aluminum [291]

ADDED: Desh Copper [299]

EXISTS: Beyrllius Copper [296]

ADDED: Diatium Copper [300]

EXISTS: Mythra Copper [302]

EXISTS: Platinite Copper [303]

ADDED: Polysteel Copper [304]

EXISTS: Oridium Intrusive Ore [702]

NAME CONFLICT: Zinsiam Carbonate Ore [706] What's this?

ADDED: Tertian Siliclastic Ore [645]

EXISTS: Baradium Amorphous Gemstone [142]

ADDED: Plexite Amorphous Gemstone [143]

EXISTS: Kerol Fire-Gem Crystalline Gemstone [151]

EXISTS: Seafah Jewel Crystalline Gemstone [153]

Re: NAME CONFLICT Importing Interplanetary Survey Droid

Posted: Wed Jun 04, 2008 4:53 pm
by Sobuno
Inauris has already been entered on your server with another resource class than the one your mail contained. This means, if you haven't tampered with the mail, that somebody entered the resource with a wrong resource class before you uploaded your ISD report.

By looking at the link in my post, I can see that you've entered it as Chromite Carbonate Ore manually instead of Zinsiam Carbonate Ore (Which is what the ISD reports it as).

I've fixed it for you this time around

Re: NAME CONFLICT Importing Interplanetary Survey Droid

Posted: Wed Jun 04, 2008 5:06 pm
by fredguilmette
Ty just start make good use of Interplanetary Survey Droid for save me time of typing out names. :)
Now can make good use of resouces I set a side for Interplanetary Survey Droid crafting as Master Droid Engineer.
For what Interplanetary Survey Droid use for, I'm better off going to planet to planet get stat at same time before start to help with get database updateed on this sete.

Now if can find someone to tranport me around to resoceces repawn spots on Mustafar, i can get all stat there. :?:

Re: NAME CONFLICT Importing Interplanetary Survey Droid

Posted: Wed Jun 04, 2008 5:12 pm
by Zimoon
I moderated the .com site's extensive list for edits a few months ago. The number one issue was of course some stat slightly off, for example 589 for 598 and the similar.

Number two most common problem was misspelled resource names.

If person A submits a Desh Copper named Hansolo at some point, but the correct name at the time really was Hansola, then perhaps nobody reacts due to the similar looks of the two names and Hansolo remains untouched in the database for months or years.

Then person B tries to submit a Polymer named Hansolo and this time the name really is Hansolo. Then person B will face a name clash, a name conflict, since Hansolo is already present in the database, which it should not.

The correct thing to do, if possible is to
  1. Use Find to retrieve the misspelled, old resource, Hansolo in this example.
  2. Notice its class, its resource type, in this example Desh Copper, and take notes on the stats.
  3. Use your un-popped 30k Veteran Resource Crate to look up Desh Copper and see if it is possible to find a resource with a similar name and check if the stats are the same.
  4. EDIT the resource to have its proper name, Hansola in this example.
  5. Manually add the new resource as usual, the Polymer.
If 3) is not possible (your account is too young or you unwisely popped the reward), rename the resource to something such as Hansoloedited, add the new resource, but post a message at the forum. I guess there are two boards that are interesting, the Resources Discussion and the Galaxy Specific Discussion. That enables others to find the proper name of the resource.

Why not just delete it? Since it is better to have a full database. But its stats look awful? Yes, you can delete it if you are sure that the resource class is not capped and the "lousy" stats may be awesome for that class.

Cumbersome? Yes, indeed, that is why it is so important to ensure that the name is 100% correct. I care less if one or two stats differ on a digit or two, but the name is crucial.

A good tool/utility for utilizing the ISDroids you mention is SWGAide linked to in my signature and it has a thread at this forum.



Re: NAME CONFLICT Importing Interplanetary Survey Droid

Posted: Wed Jun 04, 2008 5:29 pm
by Sobuno
Oh, and by the way, you can set your default server and planet on