SWG-Europa is live !

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SWG-Europa is live !

Post by ameo » Tue Jul 28, 2015 10:19 pm

Players from Europe... Welcome home

Dear Star Wars Galaxies players,

If you had always wanted take a big part in a server life and economy the brand new SWG-Europa server is for you .
But not only. Also for all the people that want to join a brand new server located in Europe (Paris, France) with low ping guaranteed.

If you want to invest some gaming time in a server that will not close 2 month after opening you’ve just found one.
If you want to know more about us you can browse our forums.


Feel free to post a message on the forums or ask the staff if you have any questions.

About the server.
The server will always stick to the latest SWGEmu version.

Here are some features of the SWG-Europa server.

The server config will be the same as the SWGEmu unstable branch pre-cu9.
Publish 7
3 characters per account / One account per IP.
24 hours delay between creations.
Jedi enabled
TEF on

Special welcome package:

1000 in cash and 10000 credits in bank account
Solo XP x1.5 / Group XP x2
Small buff available on character builder terminals:
Mind 500
Duration: 1h30

Special message for all players of the old swg-europe server that shut down without any warning. You are all invited to come.
Once you arrive on the server, contact the staff to see if they can help you to regain the level you had before the non-professional swg-europe was closed.

Players from Europe... Welcome home.

Register Now ! http://swg-europa.com/register.php
SWG-Europa Admin

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