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Re: SWGAide --- Your SWG Swizz Knife

Posted: Mon Sep 06, 2010 4:24 pm
by Zimoon
Thanks, what a guy you are to make my day just before going home from work :D

Two things, both could be be better handled in their separate threads though.

Yes, much of the GUI is of course influenced by my own crafting and way of thinking, as long as the "team" is not bigger than it is even though the door has been wide open for quite some time now. That means that ... if anybody finds anything backwards or annoying, please tell me. A forum thread, a PM, a mail, anything that fits your personality the best.

I have tried to make SWGAide intuitive and with a "work-flow" so the buttons or whatever is kind of lined up in a logical way. I have tried to use right-click popup menus rather than clutter the place with buttons and drop-downs for this and that. And I have tried to explain details and Yoda knows what in the help-texts which are no further away than F1. But ... me is me and you is you ... and if we think differently I am willing to a) discuss, b) ponder over, c) reconsider, and d) redo whatever is worth it. Over time I think more and more of SWGAide is modular and quite easy to move around, but not everything ... either way, it is no cost to at least think a second time.

I am way into making SWGAide mobile and at the same time resolve some of the Windows 7/Vista problems some non-computer-savvy users are facing. This means that mails will no longer be moved, not even copied anywhere. That comes with a faster launch but a somewhat slower view when switching between characters. It also comes with some kind of change to what the Trader panels can display, if moving from computer A with 1000 mails to computer B with only 200 of A-mails plus 50 B-unique mails, how to display that? There is a trade-off between mobility and data availability. I have some solutions in mind and intend to discuss them in some "mail-thread" (which I in fact think I started half a year ago).

Either way, now I am heading home for some ISDroid reports and testing before another update is about later this week. Schematics and Resources are a lot more integrated now and ... nah ... you will see 8)


SWGAide --- version 0.8.15

Posted: Sun Sep 12, 2010 3:12 pm
by Zimoon
SWGAide version 0.8.15 is available

This version chiefly bridge together the resources and the schematics section with new right-click options to filter or select something at the other side of the gap. More is planned for but these new options makes it easier to review what can be done of what, etc.

This upgrade also adds a safe guard that makes SWGAide to abort from submitting a resource to if a current resource has a very similar name. This addresses double entries and false mark-unavailable caused by minor spelling errors. You must still correct or post a message about the error here at SWGCraft. Please, report any troubles you run into with this new feature.

Remember that the spelling error could be either in the resource that is already listed here at SWGCraft, or it can be the one you try to submit. Either way, the older of the two should be corrected and retained, doubles are never good, and neither if a later submission for the same resource marks the existing resource unavailable (all organics and fiberplasts). Hopefully not too many different resources with similar names exist at the same time 8)

From the history file:
  • Added various minor options to Draft Schematics
  • Added find-schematic menu to the Laboratory panel
  • Added create-guard to more panels at the schematics section
  • Added option to filter schematics on HQ/LO/All at some schematics panels
  • Added option to correct resource names via Submit Resources, see help text
  • Added select and filtering options to more panels at the schematics section
  • Added so navigating to component for a schematics and back scales batch size
  • Added so submit-resource aborts if a cached resource exists with similar name
  • Fixed an issue with coloring of stats for JTL resources that surpassed a cap
  • Fixed an error at update-inventory-from-notes which could add double entries
  • Fixed a nasty error for resources which are removed-and-replaced at SWGCraft
  • Fixed so a backup is made before writing inventory to in-game notes file
  • Current resources without stats are now rendered at a red background
  • Current resource that is being harvested no longer triggers a guard
  • Made space resources static, as for recycled resources
The new right-click options are quite self-explanatory but at some locations they behave slightly different determined by the context, what is under the mouse, then hit F1 and find out what and why.

The Submit Resource panel has a new feature with the in-game notes file. In SWG, while scanning through the notes file you perhaps find a spelling error at a resource name --- I find a few a month and usually I made them myself. Until now I have had to go to SWGCraft and correct the name at the resources page. Now it is done via the notes file, at this format:

Code: Select all

=oldname=editedname, ...
Notice the leading = sign that denotes "edit mode". Anything after the second name is ignored.

Any bugs or issues, please report them as soon as possible. If I have forgotten something, please report that too and bear with me.


SWGAide --- version 0.8.16

Posted: Sat Oct 16, 2010 11:41 am
by Zimoon
SWGAide version 0.8.15 is available

This version improves the logic for "similarly named resources" but it will be even further improved and adjusted. Now a dialog displays your want-to-submit resource with a similarly named resource and you have the 3 options to
  1. send anyway --- your resource is OK and it is a false alert
  2. send the name of your resource to correct the one that is listed at SWGCraft --- the logic found a misspelled resource and you can correct the error right away
  3. do nothing --- you want to look into this a bit more before you decide
Sending a full volley of ISDroid reports may yield something between none and 5 alerts, usually false alerts but please give them a glance before pressing "send new" 8) Unfortunately this logic still gives a false impression of safety which I will address shortly.

Another new item is the options to display information on which creatures that drop a selected resource or resource class. Right click a creature resource or such a class and there is an option named "Creature harvesting" which has two sub-options:
  • Harvested from... which opens a dialog that displays a condensed list of creature types that drop that resource/class
  • Browse which opens that site in your standard web browser
Finally, it was possible to type notes for a selected schematic at The Laboratory panel, now these notes are made visible and possible to edit at Draft Schematics. At the laboratory panel, remember to save the notes, they are now red until you save them but there is no alert if you switch to another schematic without saving, then the change is lost.

The list of changes:
  • Added support for user notes to the Draft Schematics panel.
  • Added dialog about which creatures drop what to resource panels.
  • Improved scanning of resource name similarities, not yet finished though.
  • Added dialog to ISDroid and Submit panels to manage similar resource names.
  • Fixed null pointer error at launch if a hidden notes file was selected.
  • Improved error handling for some Internet-SWGCraft mishaps.
This list does not include some internal changes that improve whatever I have come across while playing with other stuff, hopefully some stuff is now more stable and hopefully you won't notice a difference .)


SWGAide --- version 0.9.1

Posted: Wed Dec 15, 2010 6:05 pm
by Zimoon
SWGAide version 0.9.1 is available

Now you can have SWGAide on a USB stick that you move between different computers, also to computers without SWG. If you already have SWGAide, just copy its folder to a USB stick and all your resource inventory and more stuff are available as usual.

SWGAide no longer moves any mails from SWG to the "mails" folder. However, if you have SWGAide on a USB-stick you probably want to select the option to copy mails to the "mails" folder so that you have them with you always, also at a computer where you have not /mailsaved a certain character, etc. At the mails panel, press F1 and read on.

Some early alerts and safe guards are added to warn you if there is anything wrong with the Java installation or if Windows have odd ideas on how things should work, this will prevent much tears and sorrows.

The history file:
  • SWGAide is now host independent and possible to move between computers.
  • SWGAide no longer moves any mails away from SWG profiles to the "mails" folder.
  • SWGAide no longer requires SWG to be installed, except during installation.
  • Improved and reduced content of the SWGAide.DAT file for speed and size.
  • The screenshot Album is simplified and no longer provides sub-albums.
  • Fixed a bug that ignored Alarm for guards so that it was ignored.
  • Improved the logic for submitting similar names and enhanced the dialog.
  • Added info about food&drink buffs to Draft Schematics' middle-bottom section.
  • Added all professions to list of assignees at Today's Alert for massive display.
  • Added inventory amount column to The Laboratory's table of matching resources.
  • Added option to The Laboratory to adjust max amount of displayed resources.

Notice: read the UPDATE_README.txt file that come with the ZIP file. The update should not cause any problems but better safe than sorry: Keep the older ZIP file around and make a copy of the DAT file.

Also, once the DAT file is updated it cannot be used with the older version, you must have a backup file. On the other hand, you have several already, in the "backups" folder.


PS: If you wonder where 0.9.0 went, that was the non-public test version :)

Re: SWGAide --- Your SWG Swizz Knife

Posted: Thu Dec 16, 2010 8:28 am
by Zimoon
ATTENTION -- do not download SWGAide right now, in spite of all exhaustive tests an error has slipped through which makes it won't work.


SWGAide --- version 0.9.2

Posted: Thu Dec 16, 2010 10:32 pm
by Zimoon
SWGAide version 0.9.2 is available

Two most embarrassing bugs are now fixed -- I am truly sorry for all inconvenience and promise to broom all Bantha I can find in Wayfar this weekend :oops:

The history file:
  • Fixed a bug with incompatible versions while loading the DAT file.
  • Fixed a bug that made the ISDroid panel not populating itself.
Again, I apologize

Re: SWGAide --- Your SWG Swizz Knife

Posted: Fri Dec 17, 2010 12:14 am
by Zimoon
I have removed any update-files from the download site.

Please revert to your backup files, that is an older DAT file from the SWGAide\backups folder and version 0.8.16 ( ... )

Sorry for the inconvenience


Re: SWGAide --- Your SWG Swizz Knife

Posted: Fri Dec 17, 2010 5:27 pm
by ziso
I updated fine with older version earlier today (im always the kind that if its not broken dont try fixing it lol) but i think i can speak for others and say thank you Zimoon for looking into the issue. Being so close to Xmas im sure you had other things you would rather do, so on behalf of us all, thank you and merry Xmas

(ps check farstar forum on official forums for event tomorrow night, Wookiee and Kashyyyk quiz night, your more than welcome to attend)

Re: SWGAide --- Your SWG Swizz Knife

Posted: Sat Dec 18, 2010 6:40 pm
by Zimoon
I believe I have tracked down the issues that were causing the errors, however one issue I found no reason for but cannot force it to happen again.

The reason for the upgrade problem was that I removed some superfluous stuff but while doing this I without thinking too cautiously happened to slowly update my testing DAT files so they no longer contained stuff from the older version. Going back to a really old DAT file triggered this also at my place.

What caused the ISDroid panel not to populate properly I could not really figure out but while debugging this I did several small adjustments to simplify some code and now everything seems to work again. I will run some final tests once again and do a full volley of ISDroids at Chimaera tomorrow morning (beating the other submitters I hope :lol:) and if that works we will have a working version later tomorrow.

Again I apologize that I was too eager to get this improved version out to quick; thought I'd be done in good time for X-mas vacation but :P


SWGAide --- version 0.9.3

Posted: Sun Dec 19, 2010 2:44 pm
by Zimoon
SWGAide version 0.9.3 is available

The new and improved versions includes all new items announced above for 0.9.0 and the two severe bugs reported by several players are now fixed. Both were the results of poor testing and there is none to blame but me :oops:

The history file:
  • Completed the half-fixed bug with incompatible versions loading the DAT file.
  • Simplified internal mail handling which corrected errors for ISDroid reports.

SWGAide --- version 0.9.4

Posted: Mon Jan 10, 2011 10:37 am
by Zimoon
SWGAide version 0.9.4 is available

This version adds another gadget, a floating window (dialog) that for a given resource displays HQ schematics that can use it ... if its quality rate is above a selected limit. At a window that displays resources, right-click a resource and select "Schematics Viewer" at the popup dialog.

This version also adds some minor items and fixes several bugs that were introduced while making SWGAide more flexible in regards of files and the location of SWG and itself.

From the history file:
0.9.4 Beta, January 9, 2011
  • Added viewer for resource-quality versus schematics for resource panels.
  • Added option to ignore Creature Resources for Organic at Today's Alert.
  • Added dialog about which creatures that drop what to schematics panels.
  • Added option to merge inventory entries/amount to selected assignee.
  • Added option to move inventory entries from one to another assignee.
  • Fixed several bugs introduced by making SWGAide host independent.
  • Fixed several bugs with notes files, same cause as above.
  • Fixed a flaw with "Filter current" at Schematics panels.
  • Simplified several internal logics in schematics panels.
-- The "ignore-creatures for Organic" is meant to reduce clutter because it is always easier to harvest Flora than to hunt&harvest thousands of creatures for a reasonable yield.
-- For more info on the "merge/move inventory-entries" you'd better go to the inventory and press F1.

Remember, SWGAide is still in beta --- this means that between versions new features are added and existing code is changed and both of these may introduce new bugs, certainly when existing code is changed. So why change it? To make room for future options/features, to improve safety or performance, to simplify old-n-clumsy workarounds or quick fixes, etc.; but it is not done just for fun :)

Please report bugs and issues when you find them --- an unreported issue is a loss for both you and me and everybody else, I do care and I try to help as soon as possible. Just one thing: do not rashly post logs at the forum, some files may contain your account name (no password though ... never) because they may be part of some file path --- verify that no such info is published, rather mail me the logs in private.


SWGAide --- version 0.9.5

Posted: Sun Feb 20, 2011 4:04 pm
by Zimoon
SWGAide version 0.9.5 is available

This version adds a wanted gadget, a schematics Test-Bench. Go to Schematics >> The Laboratory, select a schematic: either double click the schematic or a resource from the table of matching resources to open the dialog. Fill it with resources by double clicking them and the numbers update to display the end result. This window is only available at The Laboratory; please suggest ideas and improvements.

The test-bench is quite simplistic but does its job. Open it and press F1 to find out how to empty slots, to specify which slots to fill, etc. The help text also explains what the numbers really mean but essentially it refers to Beginner's Guide For Traders.

The following example shows the result for Advanced Melee Weapon Core, I chose it on purpose to display that even with less than ├╝ber resources you can yet get a result better than the magical 960 (I am not into WS (yet) so my stock is limited ;)).
test_bench.png (13.14 KiB) Viewed 16870 times
From the history file (0.9.5 Beta, Feb 20):
  • Added a schematic's Test-Bench to The Laboratory for testing resource qualities.
  • Now Draft Schematics display which schematics lacks screenshot at
  • Simplified several routines all over the place for performance and maintenance.
  • Now SWGAide properly identifies itself while communicating with
  • Made numbers to be displayed according to the computer's locale.
Please report bugs and issues to this forum or by mail, thanks in advance.


PS: If anybody has a cool icon (64x64) for Space Resources that is not too dissimilar from the others I appreciate that. Thanks in advance. DS.

Re: SWGAide --- Your SWG Swizz Knife

Posted: Thu Mar 10, 2011 7:44 pm
by Edra
In the latest build of swgaide (0.9.5) I'm having a small issue with using the delete key. After updating a server I delete the emails. But sometimes using the delete key doesn't work. I have to right-click and select delete.

Re: SWGAide --- Your SWG Swizz Knife

Posted: Thu Mar 10, 2011 8:21 pm
by Zimoon
I will see if I can find a reason, wonder what that could be because I have not touched that stuff in a long time. On the other hand, SWGAide auto-deletes ISDroid reports that are older than 20 hours so... 8)

Thanks for the report anyway.

While typing, I have found and fixed an error at the Today's Alert, the %% over best-of-inventory is way off as a result of adding localized formatting of numbers, a silly mistake. So, today you'd better just compare the rate of the alerting resource and the rate for best-of-inventory.

I have also fixed and updated several glitches with the Harvesting tab so that sorting and colorization of cells work. This also improved performance a notch, hardly noticeable at today's computer though.

These things will be fixed in next version plus I am making the Today's Alert tinting its own and the Schematics knob yellow if a pre-selected assignee alerts for better-than resources. Another week or so.


Re: SWGAide --- Your SWG Swizz Knife

Posted: Fri Mar 11, 2011 12:29 am
by Nautillus
While updating Musty resources today, using the resource tab and the Rem.txt i think it is, I noted the following:

1. The notes say when replacing a spawn to just overwrite the resource name, and add stats. This works but the old resource remains in the file. So in the case of Mustafar, where like the JTL resources and Highlander, there can be only one.
Which led me to

2. When deleting the resource tab (right click, mark as depleted) it just froze and did nothing. I had the hourglass till I tabbed to something else 1st.

Can you make SWGAide automaticly delete the old Mustafar resource? In Rem.txt marking depl , resourcename works fine, but will need to add the new resource and mark old resource depl.

Annd similar to the res.txt can SWGAid automaticly delte the old file after the submit button is used?