Cybernetics Question

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Cybernetics Question

Post by Mifasa » Fri Jun 27, 2008 9:36 pm

After installation, should the cybernetic apendage (arm in this case) still show in inventory?

My story:
I have been wearing a cybernetic arm sence they first came out (ROTW I think). I ***believe*** it has always shown in inventory, in a white "equipted" box this entire time.
Today I completed the collection for the RE Arm and trotted off to the closest Cybernetic specialist (in Theed). After removing the old arm succesfully I checked to make sure it was still in inventory because I had heard stories of people loosing the arm durring removal, both old and new arms was still there.
I then proceaded to have the RE arm installed. Everything seemed to go smothly, new arm showing on character... all that. But when I open my inventory. . . the RE arm is no longer there. Am I incorrect in expecting it to be?
Thanks for your time, and sorry about the long story. lol
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