Wanderhome - a short introduction to TOG

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Wanderhome - a short introduction to TOG

Post by Belisama » Tue Jan 01, 2008 12:26 pm


i just want to tell a little bit about my guild :)

TOG (Traders Of Goods)

We are a guild of crafters and their suppliers. So you don't have to be a trader to become a member of TOG - if you are a combat type you just need free lots for some harvesters or time to hunt creatures for their resources (mostly hide).

All members of the guild are allowed to place one or more vendors at TOG Mall (founded 2003).
All members can get the resources of our resource merchant for his purchase price. (Yes, Arnaud usual offer his new bought resources first to the guild before he put them for sale in public.)

We expect that our members help update SWGCraft or SWGCraft Project (they exchange data - so it does not matter where you update). This is no requirement to update new resources (we would love to see that but you don't have to) - but if you saw that a resource despawned you should mark it unavailable at least.

Of course we have some rules too:
- have fun and be nice: We don't play to grief others.
- be fair to the customers: TOG Mall have a reputation we don't want to loose.
- usual we are helpfull especialy to people inside the guild - but nobody has a right for the time of others (=help).
- if you are broke - remember: we are traders. Many of us buy things. For example: Arnaud and Belisama buy resources = easy money SMILEY:)

Crafter and/or supplier to our crafter - no matter what faction.
There is no language requirement anymore (formerly it was german chat only ). Members to contact: Belisama or any other of the Lotham family (Arnaud, Datura, Renko)

Your domestic trader at Starsider TOG Mall: Tat WP -5101 -3308
You have resource for sale ? Check the TOG Holonet Channel for my offer
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