Chimaera - Another returning veteran (Armorsmith)

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Chimaera - Another returning veteran (Armorsmith)

Post by Vanoun » Fri May 22, 2009 8:05 am

Hello everyone. Figured I'd come out and say hi since I've registered to be able to update resources. I used to contribute some from time to time on the old SWGCraft.

Been away from SWG for 3.5 years, left a month or so before the NGE hit. But feeling fed up with the behemoth of WoW, I decided to reactivate my accounts to check things out. And what do you know, the game (especially the wonderfully complex and challenging crafting) draws you in just like it did before. And as I managed to recover my old resource stockpile, starting up my Armorsmith business again is in the works.

Now, since the Chimaera of today is totally different from the one I left 3.5 years ago. I'm could use some tips to get caught up.

Anyone got any insight into what are the natural population hubs these days? As I want to put up a shop in a populated area. Coronet is practically a ghost town, I've seen some activity in the Dant Mining Outpost but not like in the CU days. Someone suggested Mos Eisley, Bestine or Theed to me.

- Vanoun, Elder Armorsmith

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Re: Chimaera - Another returning veteran (Armorsmith)

Post by Swedishoyster » Fri May 22, 2009 10:17 am

Welcome back, i myself came back to SWG from 3 years wasted in Wow and it's indeed refreshing.

Being on Chimaera myself I think the most populated places are Mos Eisley, Restuss and Theed, always lots of people on Lok too. But with the new Bazaar search function, location isnt as important anymore, people tend to search on Bazaar and choose the cheapest vendor, my mall is in the middle of Nowhere, Corellia but still have at least a customer/hour.

Good prices, high quality and good stocks will make people travel from far to your store.
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Re: Chimaera - Another returning veteran (Armorsmith)

Post by Zimoon » Fri May 22, 2009 11:37 am

Totally agree with SH on this one, ensure your vendor is registered with the planetary map and enable "search" (on your "storage vendor", do the opposite, nobody wants to see your 99,999,999 cr stuff).

Welcome back to game. For a refresher you may want to scan the guides, the beginners guide for one.

See you at Chim one day :)


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