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* Starsider * Attention Role Players

Posted: Mon Oct 06, 2008 4:07 pm
by Choctaw Tyvarr
Server Starsider

Town Sakopeh Ouye -2986, 24, 3813 (North West Talus)

Contacts Dyyvim Tyvarr (Mayor), Cheerokey Tyvarr( City DE ), Choctaw Tyvarr( City SW), and Pawnee Tyvarr ( City Mill )

We are working on making a major RP hub on talus
We are Imp and Freelance , NO REB's
We are associated with (SECTR) The Galactic Sector Rangers ... ID=1418497

We are looking to add citizens to our new and up coming town if you are interested in joining our fine city or would like more info please send a tell or mail to 1 of our contacts in game.