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Moving on from SWG. Good Bye it was fun :)

Posted: Sun Dec 11, 2011 10:45 pm
by Gawo
It's hard find replacement for SWG, look like it's EVE with Space, Trade and Battlefeild Free to Play for ground PVP.
Both EVE and BF F4P, I'll be in I'll still be with WARR stay in connect with everyone.

SWTOR have some element to igame with game rating ?PG-17? is what benn talk about behind sceen and see the red light zone for quest area as clean as looks gives me ideas what be behind sceen talk of ?PG-17? rading. On most part SWTOR like Star Trek Oniine with some upgrade. I had fun with Testing and all work great. Space is more like Coin-Op Game. Talk with a father in WARR we both agree this nothing for under age kids.

It may be bit late but gone head and marked my prices down to 1cr and got all my stock or stuff I real don't wont, take up space for stuff may need for long shot of SWG come back. Still may have start from Begin if they then bring back SWG.

Have fun and I'll miss everyone from Naritus/Furry. :(