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Re: What Do You Think?

Post by HydroTek » Mon Apr 12, 2010 11:33 pm

Sorry if I am late to this conversation, I seem to have overlooked this thread :oops:

I vote 1D(1A) and 2B

Personally I do not need to go anywhere else to get my information, with the excellent information here and with Zimoon's app ..I can do most anything I need to do.

Question 1: Reality check ..once the compiled and refined data is available to the i-net, all the hours spent by individual players entering data can be used by anyone at anytime ...makes me want to change my vote to 1A, with the exception of approved sites/apps. Now, ...anyone can recreate the data from the game and come up with a site much as this one, but why would any wish to do that?

As far as other apps, Zimoon's SWGAide is the most handy for me, tho there may be others that I do not know about.

Question 2: Links and banners back to this site should be required, credit for information, where credit is due :!:
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Re: What Do You Think?

Post by Akshaag » Thu Apr 22, 2010 9:29 am

Without goal to debate about the subject, but just discuss in a postive way, I just wondered if this issue fell through ? if a decision was taken about other data files. Public, Private, Limited use ? :( it didn't seem to be a big problem for everyone but for us, i think this issue should be clarified instead of sinking into oblivion. :roll: Don't you think ?

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Re: What Do You Think?

Post by Zimoon » Thu Apr 22, 2010 2:52 pm

As most replies to the two simple questions kind of derailed the topic it is fine with me either way.

My concern is about this site, nothing else.

Personally I have always liked openness, but in all fairness, at my age I have also seen it abused.
However, in this case this is less of the big topic. The bigger problem is if people is lured away from here because of data from here is re-distributed elsewhere.

Everybody knows that I also potter with SWGAide, but this is not the matter here (btw, SWGAide in this regards is individual use, it does not publish stuff at any network but at your home).
-- "But, does not SWGAide keep people away from here?"
-- "Fair question! Yes, maybe, but SWGAide is also the only tool (I think?) that provides several means to submit resource data to here. So, it is a dual edged sword, yes."

I believe the question as such is discussed, but I am not part of the development team of this site so...

On the other hand, why the concern?


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Re: What Do You Think?

Post by Sobuno » Tue Apr 27, 2010 4:01 pm

Personally, I believe that the content should be free to use. Other developers might come up with awesome tools based on our data that we would never have come up with ourselves. One could argue that it might draw people away from our site, but no other SWG site in existance has the benefit of having a database with over one million different resources in it.

Besides, if people start going to other sites, it probably means there are features we need to improve here which might help motivate us in improving said feature.

I stand by the current Data Export rules we have.

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