Water spawns - only 1 at a time per planet, right?

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Water spawns - only 1 at a time per planet, right?

Post by Larkie » Sat Sep 05, 2009 3:01 pm

I'm pretty sure this is true, I used to update water all the time but it was several years ago. I did try doing a search on here and on the swg forums but I didn't have any luck.. I wanted to make sure that I'm not incorrectly marking old water as unavailable when I update with new water.

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Re: Water spawns - only 1 at a time per planet, right?

Post by Zimoon » Sat Sep 05, 2009 10:33 pm

There can actually be several water in parallel at some planets. Or rather, there is water in the bonus pool for a galaxy, see Lunariels guide on resource shifts, it is linked to in the sticked thread with links.

I have seen two concurrent waters but I never seen more than two water at a time on any planet. However, I have not scrutinized Lunariels "bible" enough to say that it is impossible. Talus seems to be blessed more often than not, or I just fool myself.


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Re: Water spawns - only 1 at a time per planet, right?

Post by Savacc » Sun Sep 06, 2009 2:52 am

One Water spawns on every planet, from what Lunariel called the "native pool", then there is a chance for additional water to spawn on any planet, from what Lunariel called the "random pool". The "random pool" is obviously weighted to give some resources a higher chance of spawning then others. The additional water seems to be one of the lowly weighted resources because it rarely occurs. Way back in the early days of the game, Talus Water was an important resource in medical crafting, so when there were multiple Talus Water spawning it was always noticed. The weighting of resources in the "random pool" is one of the things the devs have tweaked throughout the years. My observation is that the additional water does not spawn as often now as it did in the past. In fact, I could easily see how someone observing the resource spawns for the past two or three years could come to the conclusion that no additional water ever spawns from the random pool. My info, and understanding of how resources spawn, tell me that the additional water can still spawn, it is just that the devs tweaking has reduced the chance to very very remote.

You may notice that for resources that only spawn from the "native pool" and thus there will only be one per planet, that if a new resource is reported here, the old one is automatically marked as "unavailable". Water, because it can spawn from the "random pool" does not do that. We recognize that there can be more then one water per planet and let them stay "available".

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