New NGE server - Stella Bellum

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New NGE server - Stella Bellum

Post by Jek »

Hi! I was an old NGE player who used to update this and the original SWGCraft with religious fervor. I wasn't able to figure out how to recover my account so I created a new one. Missing the game and not really feeling an affinity for pre-CU, I abstained until I stumbled onto the Stella Bellum project, which is about to go live. Right now, I've been roaming around their TC, called Red-Dwarf, and I was shocked to see that it's all there. Even the latest NGE stuff. Heroics, stupid zombie village on Dath, Chronicler - but more importantly, Deep Space and Kessel. Everything is there and it all works.

I intend to play there a bit. The devs seems devoted and straightforward. What does it take to get a new emulator server listed here on SWGCraft? lol. Maybe I should ask the devs at Stella Bellum, but I don't get the impression that any of them were crafters.

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Re: New NGE server - Stella Bellum

Post by Igotchu »

I agree, Jek.
Stella Bellum is listed in Galaxy harvester, but this has no comparison to SWGCraft. Stella has shown great promise, and remains the best place if you miss piloting. I've been playing it and it's like $OE never dumped us. Stella would benefit from SWGCraft's support.
Some might argue that as Stella is not "pre-CU", it has no place here. I disagree. We were all screwed by the same company, we are all striving to bring back something that was beautiful. Incorporating Stella will make SWGCraft stronger.
I'll get off my soap box now.

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Re: New NGE server - Stella Bellum

Post by Sobuno »

If they are using the leaked/stolen source code, the server will not be added.

Silent Guardian's post here seems to indicate they are using the leaked source code: ... 13#msg3213

If this is incorrect, it can be added.
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